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http://www.askdavetaylor.com/3-blog-pics/donesday-book-open.jpgTHE DOOMSDAY BOOK
Facebook is suing a company called Teachbook  , which operates a social networking site for teachers, apparently because it has "book" in its name and "competes" with Facebook. Teachbook is described as "a professional community for teachers". Sounds like a threat to Facebook's existence doesn't it?  Well we know of a book that predates Facebook and tells us all about Essex . Yes "The Doomsdaybook! The Domesday Book was commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066. The first draft was completed in August 1086 and contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees (the border with Scotland at the time). Read about Essex in The Doomsday Book
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Save Our Children First
A damning indictment of the UK's dismissal of their obligations to its own children as well as its vulnerable disabled.  Whilst children in the UK are plunged into poverty and near starvation, the UK government pretends to be 'saving the 3rd world' from starvation and injustice.  The ultimate and cruel hypocrisy of today's Britain as one of the world's richest economies, we join the USA in hiding the truth of what really is happening.  We too have soup kitchens, and church charities providing food for hungry families, 200 of them within 60 miles of where I live..  Save the world's children dismiss your own.  The UK gave £80m to Africa recently, that was to buy influence away from China.  Madness, and completely immoral.
In the 30’s and 40’s, we fought for children’s right to adequate nutrition in the UK. Our campaigning was a success: the Education Act of 1944 made it compulsory that all schools in the UK provide milk to children under the age of 18. We continue fight for children in the UK today by supporting some of the most vulnerable children and families. Right now, 1.6 million children live in severe poverty in the UK. Our programmes make sure children living in poverty get off to the best possible start in education, and we’re making sure they get the essentials they need - a hot meal, blankets, a warm bed.

The Saxons Have Landed
The Angles & Saxons came here for a visit 1515 years ago and liked it so much they have stayed.
(All Our Sites are based on England's Anglo-Saxon Heritage)
According to sources such as the History of Bede, after the invasion of Britannia, the Angles split up and founded the kingdoms of the Nord Angelnen (Northumbria), Ost Angelnen (East Anglia), and the Mittlere Angelnen (Mercia).  Confirmation is afforded by English and Danish traditions relating to two kings named Wermund and Offa of Angel, from whom the Mercian royal family claimed descent and whose exploits are connected with Angeln, Schleswig, and Rendsburg. Danish tradition has preserved record of two governors of Schleswig, father and son, in their service, Frowinus (Freawine) and Wigo (Wig), from whom the royal family of Wessex claimed descent. During the 5th century, the Anglii invaded Great Britain, after which time their name does not recur on the continent except in the title of Suevi Angili.

The Kingdom of Essex: Principal Towns and Boundaries

The kingdom of Essex was established as an independent Saxon Kingdom in 527.

The principal towns in the kingdom were:

  • London
  • Colchester

The Kingdom covered the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex. The kingdom was bounded by:

  • To the north, the River Stour and the Kingdom of East Anglia (Ost Angelnen).
  • To the south, the Kingdom of Kent and the River Thames.
  • To the east, the coast and the North Sea.
  • To the west, the Kingdom of Mercia (Mittlere Angelnen).

The original population was made up of Germanic Jutes and Celtic Britons in equal proportions. The first king of Essex was Aescwine 527 - 587. Essex remained a kingdom until 812, when it became subordinate to Wessex.

The Saxon peoples that were part of the Kingdom of Essex were:

  • The Middle Saxons - Essex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.
  • Prior to the Roman invasion, the area was the territory of the Trinovantes in the east and the Catuvellauni in the west.

The Kingdom of Essex: A History

The establishment of the kingdom was by Aescwine in 527; the capital was London and the Royal palace was near what is now called Cripplegate.

King Saebert established the kingdom's first monastery in 606 in the area of St Paul's, the church (site) surviving the monastery. He was killed in a battle against the forces of King Cynegils of Wessex in 617, and is reported to have been buried in Westminster Abbey Church which was also founded by King Saebert.

This may not be the end of the story. In 2003 a Royal Saxon burial was discovered near Southend. It was in the village of Prittlewell, 39 miles south-east of London. Near the Saxon church of Saint Mary's there was a burial in a four-metre square, timber-lined chamber, originally covered with a barrow mound. Buried in a pagan style, the fact that the man was a Christian was shown by the two gold crosses on the body. It is speculated the grave could be that of King Saebert.

The first documentary evidence of the Kingdom of Essex is in the Venerable Bede's work the Ecclesiastical History of the English People written in 672. In this he noted the establishment of the Bishopric of London in 602, and the first Post-Augustinian Bishop Mellitus.


The Kingdom of Essex prospered until the reign of King Sigeric 758 - 798. He abdicated in 798, in favour of King Sigered. Shortly after this the Kingdom of Essex was annexed by the Mercian King Beornwulf. In 812, Sigered of Essex was demoted from a king to a duke by his Mercian overlords. The Mercian control of Essex was short and was ended when King Ecgbert of Wessex defeated the Mercian forces at the Battle of Ellendun in 825, and Beornwulf himself was killed while dealing with a rebellion in East Anglia.

In 870, King Alfred of Wessex entered into a treaty with the Danish King Guthrum. As part of the settlement of this (the Treaty of Wedmore), much of the territory that was the Kingdom of the Essex was given to the Danes as part of the Danelaw.

Offas You Cant RefuseThe Kings of Essex

  • Aescwine (527 - 587): He claimed descent from the God Saxnot; he reigned until his death in 587.
  • Sledda (587 - 604): He was persuaded to convert to Christianity by Aethelwald, king of East Anglia.
  • Saebert (604 - 616): Saebert was a convert to Christianity and reigned until his death in 616.
  • Sexred (616 - 617): He was a convert back to Saxon paganism; reigned until he was killed in a battle against the forces of Wessex in 617.
  • Sigeberht I the Little (617 - 653): Reigned until killed in a battle against the forces of Wessex in 653 AD.
  • Sigeberht II Sanctus 'the Good' (653 - 660): Saint Cedd was sent on a missionary errand to Essex to convert its people to Christianity. In 660, Sigeberht was murdered by his brothers Swithelm and Swithfrith.
  • Swithelm (660 - 664): He was persuaded to convert to Christianity by Aethelwald, king of East Anglia.
  • Sighere (664 - 683): He reigned until his death in 683.
  • Sebbi (664 - 694): Joint ruler with his brother until 683, after which time he ruled alone. He abdicated in 694 to enter a monastery in the area of St Paul's, London.
  • Sigeheard (694 - 709): He reigned until his death in 709 AD.
  • Swaebheard (695 - 709): Joint king with his brother Sigeheard; he abdicated and travelled with King Cenred of Mercia to Rome.
  • Offa (709): He also abdicated and travelled with Swaebheard and King Cenred of Mercia to Rome.
  • Swaefbert (709 - 746): He ruled along with Saelred of Essex (709 - 746) who appointed him provisional king in 715.
  • Svvithred (746 - 758): He reigned until his death.
  • Sigeric (758 - 798): He abdicated.
  • Sigered (798 - 825): In 812, Sigered was reduced from a king to a duke by his Mercian overlords. In 825, Mercia was defeated by King Egbert of Wessex and the kingdom of Essex became part of the Kingdom of Wessex.
Brythnoth of Essex, Man of Valor
An Example Of Bravery Against The Vikings

© Anastacia Prisbrey   Mar 27, 2008
Fight or Flight, every man faces it in his lifetime. In that choice we define the rest of our lives. For Brythnoth that moment was 993 AD, against the Vikings.

The Long Serpent made it's appearance over the horizon despite the prayers of the British, on the Essex Coast, “Save us, O Lord, from the fury of the Northmen!” A prospering country, divided into tiny kingdoms that were undermanned and under defended, stood a ready prey for the Vikings of the 10th Century.

Already a victim of raiding Northmen, the forays into Britain's coast had increased both in number and intensity. The people fearing not only for their lives and their country, had sacrificed enough gold, food, and men to last a lifetime. It was time to stand against the Sea Dragons, or War Wolves.

It was the year 993 AD, and this resounding defeat at the Battle of Maldon, resonates down to our day for it's meaning of what men everywhere consider to be their greatest possession, their freedom to live in peace and follow the dictates of their conscience.

It began that morning with the arrival of just under a hundred Viking ships. The day erupted with decorous threats from the Vikings. “Swift striking seamen...bid me say...send them rings and bracelets...rather than engage us in cruel combat...we offer a truce in exchange for gold! ...Render to the Vikings what they think is right...and we will... hold you as friends.” Friends indeed!

Brythnoth, the Earl of Essex, was ready to defend his land to the last man. Being of Viking descent himself, he called back to those “Sea Wolves” with these words. “Hear Sea Wanderer what this nation says. These men will give you spears as tribute...it would be a pity if you were to take our riches without a fight...first point and edge will sort things out between us!”

In October 2006, a new statue of Brithnoth was erected in Maldon on a site at the end of the Promenade looking down the river estuary towards the nearby battle site. The statue is very impressive being nine feet high and cast in bronze. Not only is it an attraction for visitors enjoying the Promenade on foot, but also makes a notable landmark for those in boats navigating the River Blackwater into Maldon.
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Town Hall, Market Place, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3YG
Tel: +44 1376 550066    Fax:+44 1376 344345  
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Open throughout the year: Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm Saturday 10am – 4pm 

Tourist Information Centre

County Hall, Market Rd, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1GG
Tel: +44 (01255) 686633    Fax: +44 (01255) 686412
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Tourist Information Centre

Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE
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Visitor Information Centre
1 Queen St, Colchester, Essex, CO1 2PG
Tel: +44 1206 282920    Fax: +44 1206 282924 Email: vic@colchester.gov.uk

Tourist information Centre

 Iconfield Park, Harwich, Essex, CO12 4EN
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Tourist Information Centre

 Coach Lane, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4UH
Tel: +44 1621 856503    Fax: +44 1621 875873
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 Saffron Walden
Tourist Information Centre

1 Market Place, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1HR
Tel: +44 1799 510444 

Tourist Information Centre
 19 High Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1JE
Tel: +44 1702 215120    Fax: +44 1702 431449

  Waltham Abbey Tourist Info Centre 2-4 Highbridge Street, Waltham Abbey, Essex
Tel: 01992 652295   Email: tic@walthamabbey-tc.gov.uk

Open all the time
April to October: Monday to Sunday, 1000-1600. November to March: Monday to Saturday, 1000-1600; closed on Sunday.

Witham Tourist Information Centre Town Hall, 61 Newland Street, Witham, Essex
Tel: 01376 502674      Email: ticwitham@braintree.gov.uk

Open all the time
Monday to Thursday, 0900-1230 and 1300-1630. Friday 0900-1230 and 1300-1600. Closed Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

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T was designated as a  new town after World War II in 1948 to accommodate the London population overspill, created from the conglomeration of four small villages, namely Pitsea, Laindon, Basildon and Vange. Basildon celebrated its 60th birthday in 2009. For the 60th birthday celebrations, planning was approved for a £35 million pound casino and hotel complex. That is why now driving in to Basildon there are signs up welcoming you to BASVEGAS. Put up by the construction company to subdue community fears about such a big project coming to Basildon.

The local government district of Basildon, formed in 1974, encapsulates a larger area than the town itself; the two neighbouring towns of Billericay and Wickford, as well as rural villages and smaller settlements set among the surrounding countryside, fall within its borders.Basildon town centre is a large pedestrianised shopping precinct that includes the Eastgate indoor shopping centre - home to Debenhams department store, H.M.V. and a host of other top retail names - and the recently completed Westgate Shopping Park. At Pitsea is Tesco Extra, and there are also a number of retail parks like Pipps Hill and Mayflower. The town also has two markets. Basildon, which operates every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Pitsea, which operates every Wednesday, Friday (second hand only), Saturday and Sunday.

Basildon Town Centre

Basildon Plaza

Festival Leisure Park Basildon Essex

Plenty of parking and good access ensures Festival Leisure will provide a perfect skating home for this winter. With plenty of restaurants to choose from the leisure park provides a fantastic family day out for all.
This year the ice rink and its facilities are covered by a fantastic marquee allowing skating whatever the weather. On good days the sides can be taken down.

Festival Leisure Park
Festival Way
Essex SS14 3BW

Tel: 01268 764437

Essex Horse & Pony Protection Society

The Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society has been fighting equine cruelty across the County for the past twenty years. Our policy is to rescue, rehabilitate and, where possible, rehome horses and ponies under our Fostering Scheme.   Every horse re-homed in this way creates a space for another needy case to be admitted into our care.

Please come along and see our work for yourselves. 

Essex Horse & Pony Protection Society
Pitsea Hall Lane, Pitsea, Essex, SS16 4UH


Tel: 01268 584603
Glide3 Hovercraft Experience

Get your adrenaline rush here…Fly your own luxury hovercraft!
A unique experience to remember!Imagine the thrill of flying your own luxury hovercraft. Whizz & slide at speed across land & water on a cushion of air spinning 180 and 360 turns – heart pounding, pure adrenaline! Only 40 minutes from Central London.Ideal for that special occasion - birthdays, valentines or simply entertaining special friends, family or clients.

Glide3 Hovercraft Experience

tel: 0845 226 0748
Langdon Hills Nature Trail
Langdon Visitor Centre
Langdon visitor centre is found on Lower Dunton Road, 2 miles south of A127, west of Basildon Town Centre. Bus services operate from Basildon town centre to Laindon BR station (on the Fenchurch Street to Southend line) less than 1/2 mile from the reserve and to Langdon Hills. Langdon visitor centre is set in a stunning nature reserve of 461 acres which comprises of woodland, meadows, lakes and former plotland gardens.  There are beautiful wildlife gardens at the back of the visitor centre and a museum of Plotland Life.  The nature reserve  offers some stunning wildlife and a history of the plotland way of life. The Langdon visitor centre has a display room, gift and bookshop, and refreshments. A full schools programme is available. Toilet facilities, including disabled. Nearby is The Haven Plotland Museum, a 1930's bungalow, ideal for a trip down memory lane. The Langdon nature reserve is the largest inland reserve managed by Essex Wildife Trust.  The nature reserve occupies some of the highest land in the county, has some commanding views and offers miles of excellent walks, where an abundance of wildlife can be enjoyed. In the summer there is the opportunity to enjoy Turtle Doves, Nightingales and Woodcock, while in the winter thrushes and finches can be enjoyed.  There are thirty butterfly species at Langdon including White Admiral, Green Hairstreak, Marbled White and Grizzled Skipper, making this a spectacular reserve for butterflies in Essex.  Langdon also offers seven species of wild orchids in bloom in Many and June.   Over 350 wild flowering plants have been recorded.  Badgers,  Foxes and Weasels all thrive in the meadows.  The nature reserve offers walks through many different areas and habitats and can offer the visitor a really interesting day out.
Langdon Visitor Centre
Langdon Visitor Centre
3rd Avenue, Lower Dunton Road, Basildon, Essex SS16 6EB
Grid ref: TQ 659 875

Opening:  Daily, except Mondays, 9am-5pm
Tel : 01268 419103
Motorboat Museum
This museum has been the world’s greatest authority on sports and leisure motorboats since it was opened in 1986. Most people do not know, but the majority of the greatest innovations in motor boating that took place in the 20th Century, took place in this country. This museum carries a large and detailed collection of boats and related materials that tell this story.
Motorboat Museum
Wat Tyler Country Park, Pitsea Hall Lane, Basildon, Essex SS16 4UH
E-mail Motorboat Museum   
Motorboat Museum Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1268 550077
One Tree Hill
The Country Park at One Tree Hill has a rich abundance of trees, grassland meadows, scrubland, wood carvings, information room and much more in an area in combination with Westley Heights of around 400 acres. Though not as high as Westley Heights the views across Corringham, Fobbing and the River Thames are no less impressive. Managed by  
View From One Tree Hill
Thurrock Council.
Langdon Hills Country Park
One Tree Hill
SS17 9NH
tel: 01268 542066
Warren Lodge Rabbit Rescue
Warren Lodge is a sanctuary for rabbits, horses, sheep, goats, pigs and dogs. As well as offering support and advice about caring for your pets, they host fund raising events throughout the year to help finance looking after abandoned and abused animals, including an Easter bunny day, family fun day and a Xmas bazaar. They have a weekly market stall and twice weekly boot sale to raise funds for their cause.
Warren Lodge Rabbit Resue Centre
Osborne Road, off Pound Lane, Bowers Gifford, Essex SS13 2LG
E-mail Warren Lodge Rabbit Rescue 
Warren Lodge Rabbit Rescue Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1268 727016
Wat Tyler Country Park
Located within sight and sound of the coast, Wat Tyler Country Park is a happy combination of family attractions and wide open spaces. Youngsters will enjoy the state-of-the art adventure play area, together with Go Bonkers with its range of giant inflatables to climb and bounce on (separate charge applicable). There's also the new-look miniature railway and the nationally important collection in the Motor Boat Museum, as well as a model boating lake beside the museum for radio control enthusiasts.Wat Tyler Country Park sits within the South Essex Marshes which are steeped in history from the earliest periods – a landscape created over many centuries through the interaction of human communities and the natural environment.

The Park shares the historical significance of the surrounding marsh area but it has a significant history in its own right.The features of its landscape such as grazing meadows, ancient hedgerows, blast mounds, tidal waterways, sea walls and field boundaries are evidence of the way people used the area. There are also structures such as pill boxes, roadways, MoD buildings that all provide an insight into the history of the Park.

Wat Tyler County Park
Pitsea Hall Lane
SS16 4UH
tel: 01268 550088
Westley Heights
Enjoy a visit to the Langdon Hills Country Park. With panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, seen from the second highest point in the county of Essex, this is a very popular destination for lovers of the countryside. Managed by Thurrock Council.
Westley Heights

Westley Heights Country Park

Langdon Hills, Essex, SS16 6HP


Some of the earliest records of human occupation of Billericay are the burial mounds in Norsey Wood: evidence of occupation in the Bronze and Iron Ages. Evidence of Roman occupation has been found at a number of locations in the town and there may have been a small cavalry fort at Blunts Wall.

The Saxons did not settle in the centre of Billericay. They established themselves two miles south, at Great Burstead. In the late 10th century it was known as 'Burhstede'. Billericay was not mentioned in the Domesday Book, as it lay within Great Burstead. At this time the parish church for Billericay was at Great Burstead. In 1291 the name 'Byllyrica' is first recorded.In the 13th and 14th centuries some pilgrims to Canterbury journeyed via Billericay. Some of them may have spent the night in Billericay before crossing the River Thames at Tilbury. This may account for the large number of inns in the town. Billericay's most notable historical episode was on the 28th June 1381, when King Richard II's soldiers defeated Essex rebels at Norsey Wood. About 500 rebels were killed in the battle, which ended the Peasants' Revolt. The Wycliffe preachers influenced the town. Four local people (Thomas Watts, Joan Hornes, Elizabeth Thackwell, and Margaret Ellis) were burnt at the stake. Two other residents (Joan Potter and James Harris) were tortured for their faith during the reign of Queen Mary.Among the 102 passengers who boarded The Mayflower at Plymouth on 6 September 1620 was Christopher Martin, the ship's provisioner. Previously serving as churchwarden at Great Burstead's St Mary Magdalene's Church, he and Marie Prower married there in 1607. He is believed to have owned the Chantry House at 61 High Street, Billericay, where the emigrants prayed on the evening before the start of their epic journey on the Mayflower. Billerica in Massachusetts was established in 1655 and is now twinned with Billericay, Essex.

Billericay High Stree

Town Council
The Loft, Crown Yard, High Street, Billericay, CM12 9BX
Tel : 01277 625732
Barleylands Craft Village and Farm Centre.

Annual Essex County Show steam rally and regular Sunday bootfair.
THE CRAFT VILLAGE houses probably the largest collection of working crafts in East Anglia. Visit 60  impressive, individual, specialist workshops and watch the various artisans at work producing their original and unusual gifts before your very eyes. Whatever the celebration, you will be sure to find that special gift. You can also arrange an individually commissioned item in many of the workshops. Come along, and our craftsmen and women will be only too happy to help. Free Entry except on the weekend of the Essex Country Show in September where you will have to pay an entrance fee. RELAX in the beautifully landscaped and paved courtyards, order a tea and cake from the Hive Restaurant, light lunches and refreshments are also available all day. VISIT our impressive purpose built Glassworks with viewing gallery, where you can watch the glass blowers at work. Glassblowers James Watts and Bill Rhodes have been hand blowing fine glassware here at Barleylands since 1996. They produce the glass trophy for The Artois Tennis Championships at Queens and were commissioned to replace the Vicorian street lights outside Buckingham Palace. Their award winning service of making cremated ashes into glass has now given them National Recognition.They regularly open their workshop for visitors to come along and have a go at the fascinating art.  Barleylands Farm Centre is accessed from our large, free car park. Children of all ages can meet and feed our friendly farm animals, ride the mini tractors around the farm and let off steam in the adventure play area.  Come along and visit Sam the ferret, cuddle a rabbit in the bunny barn and see if the ducks and geese are visiting our pond. The Mniature Train runs seven days a week seasonally. Shady picnic areas can be found in our Spinney Walk or enjoy your picnic in the sunshine at the Adventure Playground, beside Reception, near the Wishing Well or in the Craft Village. Since Darren Bennet established The Magic Mushroom in 1996, he has earned a reputation as one of the leading chefs in the area  He offers a contemporary menu with a traditional influence, with ingredients, sourced locally and organic where possible. In short, first class food, freshly cooked and served in a relaxed atmosphere!
Barleylands Barleylands Road
CM11 2UD
*Boot fair access via A129 Southend Road.

 Opening Times

The following are open all year round. Before embarking on your journey, please contact the individual businesses regarding their specific opening days and times.

Craft Village, closed Mondays (Rental Enquiries 01268 290226)
Farm Centre (01268 290229)
The Hive Restaurant (01268 525727)
Farm Shop (01268 288886)
Farmers Market (01268 290218)
Magic Mushroom Restaurant (01268 289963)

Cater Museum
The Cater Museum houses many artifacts of Billericay and contains a lot of local information.
The 18th to 19th century red brick building is tiled and has dormer windows, one of which depicts the war time practice of applying tape to reduce flying glass. The centre window of the first floor is bricked up - this is a reminder of the window tax. Within the three floor building you will find a mid Victorian parlour, bedroom and kitchen, as well as a World War II exhibition.

Cater Museum
74 High Street,
CM11 2AA

tel: 01277 622023
Hanningfield Reservoir Visitor Centre
The nature reserve covers 100 acres on the shore of Hanningfield Reservoir, with the visitor centre giving uninterrupted views of the southern end. Due to it’s wildfowl population, the reservoir is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Visitor centre facilities include an education room, refreshments and toilets. It also stocks a wide range of gifts, binoculars, telescopes and natural history books. There is full disabled access to the centre and bird hide. We offer a range of activities for children and adults.
Hanningfield Reservoir Visitor Centre
Hawkswood Road, Downham, Billericay, Essex CM11 1NT
E-mail Hanningfield Reservoir Centre
  Hanningfield Reservoir Centre Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1268 711001
The origin of the name Braintree is obscure. It is believed by some scholars that the name of the River Brain came later, and so was named after the town, rather than the other way round. One theory is that Braintree was originally Branoc's tree, Branoc apparently being an old personal name. Another theory is that the name is derived from that of Rayne, which was actually a more important settlement in Norman times. Braintree was called Branchetreu in the Domesday Book. Other scholars say the "Brain" element in the word is accepted to be derived from "Brid/ Brigantia/ Bride/ Bigit/ Britain". This is the ancient Celtic, and possibly pre-Celtic, name for the Goddess of the land of Britain. She is the reason the Romans called these islands "Britannia". She was worshipped all across the North of Britain in Roman times. The River Braint in Anglesey is another one of these names. "Tree" comes from the Saxon suffix, more usually spelt "try", denoting a big village.  In many early American Colonial documents, it is referred to as Branktry. The perhaps most convincing theory, the 'Theory of the Walnuts' suggests that the town, or the river, got its name 'brain' from the abundance of walnut trees growing in the area.

Braintree dates back over 4,000 years when it was just a small village. When the Romans invaded, they built two roads; a settlement developed at the junction of these two roads but was later abandoned when the Romans left Britain.  The town was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1085 when it was called Branchetreu and consisted of 30 acres in the possession of Richard, son of Count Gilbert.
Pilgrims used the town as a stop-over, the size of the town increased and the Bishop of London obtained a market charter for the town in 1190.[  The town prospered from the 1600s when Flemish immigrants made the town famous for its wool cloth trade.  In 1665, the Great Plague killed 865 of the population of just 2,300 people.  The wool trade died out in the early 1800s and Braintree became a centre for silk manufacturing when George Courtauld opened a silk mill in the town.  By the mid 1800s, Braintree was a thriving agricultural and textile town, and benefitted from a railway connection to London.  The wealthy Courtauld family had a strong influence on the town, supporting plans for many of the town's public buildings such as the Town Hall and public gardens established in 1888.
In 1632, a group of religious dissenters known as the Braintree Company sailed on "The Lyon". They settled initially at Mount Wollaston, later renamed Braintree in memory of their home-town. John Bridges, a Braintree resident, founded the school that developed into Harvard University. The ancestor of John Adams, second president, sailed on "The Lyon". John Adam's son John Quincy Adams became sixth president. Further information on "The Lyon" detailing passengers is at Braintree District Museum.



Braintree Market
Tourist Offices
Tourist Information Centre
Town Hall, Market Place, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3YG

Email: tic@braintree.gov.uk
Website: http://www.enjoybraintreedistrict.co.uk/

Open throughout the year:
Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm

Enjoy Braintree District; places to stay, arts, museum, culture events listing by the Braintree Council
Braintree Town Football Club
Notley High School
Braintree District Council
Transport Strategy for North Essex
The daysoff Guide to Braintree Links to pages on its history, geography, and other subjects
Freeport Braintree website
Website of the Friends of Bocking Blackwater group
2nd Braintree & Bocking Scout Group
Tabor Science College website
Thisisessex Website containing the latest Essex news
Braintree College's official website
Witham, Braintree and Halstead Care Trust
Braintree and Bocking Carnival
Braintree Bowmen Archery Club
Braintree Rivers Rotary Club
Lions Club of Braintree
Braintree Town Netball Club
Blackwater Valley Action Group
Braintree Theatre School Website
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Bardfield Cage
 The Cage is a nineteenth century lock up that held drunks and other minor criminals until they were brought before a magistrate. The date 1815 is on the door. Unusually this lock up has two cells, possibly one for men and one for women.
Bardfield Cage Bridge Street
Great Bardfield
Open 1400 to 1730, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from Easter to the end of September.

Tel 01371 810516
Bardfield Vineyard
Near Fichingfield, in Great Bardfield, groups can visit the Bardfield Vineyard. Once in the ownership of Anne of Cleves, the present vineyard was planted in 1990 and groups have the opportunity of having a guided tour of the vineyard and walled garden, which ends in a complimentary tasting. Group catering can also be arranged at the Vineyard.
Bardfield Vineyard
Great Lodge
Great Bardfield
CM7 4QD 
Tel: +44 (0) 1371 810776
Fax: +44 (0) 1371 811398
 Bardfield ‘Gibraltar’ Tower
This fine tower mill is probably the oldest (c 1660) in Essex. The tower itself has a very steep steps and is unusual in that although having an octagonal base with chamfered corners, it becomes sixteen-sided half way up and is round at the top.
Bardfield Tower

The Blue Egg – Great Bardfield
An organic farm shop with a difference, enjoy meeting the animals and walking around the fields on the marked farm trails, childrens play area, coffee shop with license to sell locally produced beers and events held throughout the year.  Watch out for the chickens laying the blue eggs!!
Open daily.
Tel 01371 811716
Bocking Windmill
Situated two miles from the town of Braintree, this former working postmill was built around 1721 and was moved in the 1830s as buildings were constructed near by and shielded it from the wind. It was restored in 1994 and there is a society known as “the friends of Bocking windmill” that work with the council to promote the windmill and ensure its preservation. It is one of the only grade 1 listed Windmills in Essex and is complete both internally and externally. It still has a lot of original equipment and homes a small collection of historical agricultural items. It is open to the public during the summer months.

Bocking Windmill
Church Street, Bocking, Nr. Braintree, Essex CM7 5LQ

Phone: +44 (0)1376 341339
Braintree District Museum
Visitors to this museum will be treated to an excellent collection that brings together a great deal of artefacts, documents and antiques from Braintree’s history. Some of the highlights in the collection include a Stone Age hand axe that was discovered as part of the extensive archaeological digs that have been made in the region, as well as many pieces that formed part of the Roman town.

Braintree District Museum
Market Place, Braintree, Essex CM7 3YG
Phone: +44 (0)1376 325266
Braintree Fountain
Probably Braintree’s most noted landmark, and certainly one of the most photographed, is a bronze fountain of a young boy holding a shell with sea lions around the base. George Bartram purchased the plot of land where this fountain now stands in the 1930s, as he was concerned that the view of the church (which now stands behind it) was obscured by derelict buildings. In 1937 Sir W.J. Coultauld commissioned the famous sculptor John Hodge to create the fountain and its surrounding square in memory of King George V.
Braintree Fountain
The High Street, Braintree, Essex CM7 1JZ

Braintree Freeport
This large designer outlet offers discounts on designer brand names including Versace, Burberry, FCUK, Proibito, Amanda Wakeley, Karen Millen, Lacoste, Jaeger, Nike, Bose and Le Creuset to name but a few. It is situated just outside Braintree town centre, with a free bus available, which runs daily from the bus station. It has ample parking and its own train station (Braintree Freeport). There are also many other facilities close to it including cineworld, a number ten bowling centre, a Dansk outlet and several restaurants.
Braintree Freeport
Charter Way, Chapel Hill, Braintree, Essex CM77 8YH
Braintree Freeport Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1376 348867
Braintree Skatepark
Launched in 2003, and based just outside Braintree town centre, Braintree skatepark is suitable for both Skate boarders and BMX bikers alike and can be used free of charge. It houses the following facilities: a driveway with rail and a jumpbox side by side, two quarter pipes with a flatbank in the middle, a double rail and grind box, and a spine run. It is based in Weavers Park which has plenty of seating. Weavers Park itself often houses various events including concerts, the Braintree youth festival and book auctions.
Braintree Skatepark
Weavers Park, off Coggeshall Road, Braintree, Essex CM7
Phone: +44 (0)1376 348867
Braintree Town Hall
Sir W.J.Coultauld presented this Grade 2 listed, neo- Georgian building with unique wood paneling and beautiful murals hanging throughout, to the town of Braintree in 1928. It was at the heart of local administration for around 40 years and is situated in “market square”, which dates back around 1120. As well as housing tourist information for the village, it functions as an art gallery, showing exhibitions of work from regional and local artists.
Braintree Town Hall
Market Square, Braintree, Essex CM7 3YG
Phone: +44 (0)1376 557776
Braintree and Bocking Public Gardens
Sidney Courtauld donated the Braintree and Bocking Public Gardens to the people of Braintree in 1888. The gardens, which once belonged to his house, have many features including a war memorial, a bandstand, two tennis courts, a large wildlife area (which is home to many birds and squirrels) a large pond and a play area for the under 12’s. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon out with features that will suit the whole family.
Braintree and Bocking Public Gardens
43 Bocking End, Braintree, Essex CM7 9AE
Phone: +44 (0)1376 328714
Cottage Museum
Recently renovated and refurbished 16th century charity almshouse housing village museum collection of farming and domestic artefacts. Rural crafts of straw plaiting and corn dolly making are explained and a display features the celebrated Great Bardfield artists of the 20th Century. Also newly designed 16th century bower garden.
Braintree Cottage Museum
Dunmow Road
Great Bardfield
Open 1400 to 1700 Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from Easter - End September, other times by appointment.
Tel 01371 810919
Cressing Temple Barns
This site dating from the 12th century consists of a number of buildings including two of the oldest timber-framed barns in Europe and has it's own free car park. This rear view of the Cart Lodge, just one of the buildings, is the first you'll see when you pass through the Visitor Centre entrance. It was built in the latter half of the 18th century. The Wheelwright's Shop, the Old Forge and the Stables can be accessed near here.
Cressing Temple Barns
Witham Road
CM77 8PD

Tel: +44 (0) 1376 584903
Fax: +44 (0) 1376 584864

Crazy Kids
Based near Braintree Freeport, this is one of the biggest play areas in Essex and boasts a climbing wall, lazer quest, surf board simulator as well as two large play areas (one for under 4s, the other for age 12 and under) these include multi-floored frames with slides, swings, punch-bags, chutes, ball pits, console video games and a merry-go round. It’s air-conditioned and has a safe, controlled environment, which is well monitored and has a large video screen so parents can watch their children at play from the comfort of the seating/ dining area. The venue also offers themed children’s private parties that are catered to suit pacific ages groups, with activities, goodie bags and party food supplied (you can choose between several menus). Age and height restrictions apply.
Crazy Kids
Units 18 – 12, Century Drive, off charter way, Braintree, Essex CM7 8YH

Crazy Kids Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1376 348867
Dorewards Hall
Dorewards Hall has a few animals to visit, including lambs, geese and horses. They have event days throughout the year which can be seen on their website, including scarecrow making, horse and dog shows and Halloween week when they have pumpkin carving and festival and children’s parties. The location also offers a caravan site over two fields (a 5 van site and a rally field) as well as fishing facilities, a plant centre and a farm shop offering fresh produce.
Dorewards Hall
Bocking, Braintree, Essex
E-mail Dorewards Hall 
  Dorewards Hall Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1376 324646
Finchingfield Guildhall and Heritage Centre
Local heritage centre housed in 15th century guildhall. Exhibitions of artwork, paintings, pottery, sewing and weaving. Historic paintings, maps and photographs.
Finchingfield Guild Hall
Church Hill
Braintree Essex CM7
Tel: +44 (0) 1371 - 810456
Finchingfield Windmill
This is a splendid example of an early post mill; historians believe that it probably dates back to the mid to late 1700s. There are thought to have once been as many as eight windmills in the parish of Finchingfield, but this is the only example to survive today. It has four spring sails, one pair of millstones and a tailpole. It is open to the public for a few summer months, usually from August to September.

Finchingfield Windmill
Haverhill Road, Finchingfield, Braintree, Essex CM7
Phone: +44 (0)1621 828162
Finchingfield Green
The picture postcard Finchingfield Green has many features and activities that are perfect for a summer’s day; these include a large duck pond home to various wildlife, timber-framed Georgian and Medieval shops, houses and cottages scattered around the edge of the green, and a war memorial. The green leads into surrounding fields with an idealistic walk that will take you through Finchingfield’s beautiful countryside, past the river pant, a mill and into small belts of woodland. Finchingfield itself is rumoured to be “the most photographed village in England”.
Finchingfield Green
The Green, Finchingfield, Braintree, Essex CM7 4JS

Gosfield Lake Resort 
A family run Leisure Park set in the heart of rural Essex. The 36-acre lake provides a natural beauty spot, where clear summer evenings give way to spectacular sunsets. Activities on site include fishing, camping and waterskiing, as we as a large lakeside picnic area, there is an onsite café and Indian restaurant, and Camping is available.
Gosfield Lake

Open 0930 – Dusk, April - October
Tel 01787 475043
Kozmic Karts
Based near Braintree Freeport and just fifteen minutes drive from Braintree town centre, Kozmic Karts has around 290 metres of track, which currently makes it the longest indoor karting centre in the whole of North Essex. It offers numerous packages including endurance racing, track hire, corporate packages and even junior sessions for ages 8 upwards, and has a function room and catering facilities. It is a popular destination for hen/stag parties, adults/childrens birthdays and corporate events and they have trained staff that can organise a race format to suit any requirements.
Kozmic Karts
14-16 Century Drive, Braintree, Essex CM77 8YL

Kozmic Karts Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1376 348867
The Original Great Maze
The Original Great Maze returns with an aMAZing new adventure. Weave your way through miles of winding maize pathways, keeping a sharp eye out for lost animals on your way, to finally conquer this year’s amazing maze. The challenge is on! When you have conquered the maze, why not take a look around the Blake House Craft Centre, visit the restaurant, or challenge friends to a game of crazy golf. Come and ‘get lost’ for a fun family day out, whatever the weather.
The Original Great Maze
Blake House Craft Centre, Blake End, Near Braintree, Essex CM77 6RA

E-mail The Original Great Maze  
The Original Great Maze Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1376 553146
Rayne Station Centre
Rayne Railway Station was built in 1866 and was one of the busiest on the line, until it closed to passengers in 1952. Renovated in 1994 it is now the Visitor Centre and Ranger base for the Flitch Way. The rich heritage of the Flitch Way is revealed in the Exhibition.
Rayne Station Centre
Rayne Station Centre
Station Road
Rayne, Braintree
Essex CM77 6RX
Open 1300 to 1600 Sundays’ exhibition only. Booking Hall and Public Toilets open daily.
Tel: +44 (0) 1376 340262
Fax: +44 (0) 1376 340262
Roundwood Garden Centre – Bocking
Set in 5 acres, Roundwoods has many facilities including an arboretum, tea garden, drought garden, café, home cooking, craft area, childrens play area and conference room. There is a large car park and excellent facilities for the disabled.
Roundwood Garden Centre
Bocking Church Street, Bocking, Essex, CM7 5LJ
Open 0915 to 1700, Monday – Friday and Sunday’s in May for plant sales.

Tel 01376 551728
Saint Michaels Church
Saint Michaels is a beautiful, small church located in the heart of Braintree town. It is believed to date back to around 1199 and is noted by historians for its original central chancel window. The spire is around 120 ft high and the original bell for the clock still exists to this day. The Church of England, church has strong links with St Michaels School and is active in serving the wider community and offers wedding services and baptisms.
Saint Michaels Church
The High Street, Braintree, Essex CM7 1JZ

Saint Michaels Church Web site

Sioux Ceramics Café
Paint your own pottery ornaments, trinkets, mugs, plates or bowls. Tea’s, coffee and cold drinks available, ideal for parties.

Sioux Ceramics Victoria St
Braintree, CM7 3HN
Open daily, please check website to confirm times
 Email: chris@siouxceramics.com
tel: 01376 349700
Threads of Time
The Threads of Time museum demonstrates how people in the Braintree District developed ideas which shaped the fabric production of the 20th Century. The gallery exhibits fabrics created for State occasions from the past 200 years and include a local history library, research facilities with a reserve textile collection (by appointment) guided tours on textiles (also by appointment), refreshments and the ’Victorian classroom’ experience where school groups can dress in Victorian clothing and participate in talks and object handling.
Threads of Time
Manor Street, Braintree, Essex CM7 3HW

Phone: +44 (0)1376 325266
Towerlands Park – Bocking 
Towerlands Park leads the way for top equestrian facilities in the country with two fully equipped yards and an international size arena. Unex Towerlands has facilities for exhibitions, conferences, dinners and many other leisure activities. A major refurbishment programme is underway to transform The Unex Towerlands Centre into a sporting and leisure venue fit for the 21st century. Unex Towerlands also holds a number of gigs and concerts throughout the year.
Towerlands Park
Towerlands Park Ltd,  Panfield Road,  Braintree,  Essex,  CM7 5BJ
Open Daily
Tel 01376 326802
Warner Textile Archive
The Warner Textile Archive is located at Warner’s Mill and is of national importance in this field of study. The archive holds a unique record of the history of textile manufacture in this area since the 18th Century. There are examples of woven and printed fabrics by the Warner Company as well as examples by other manufacturers. The centre offers a fun and fascinating day out for all the family.
Warner Textile Archive
Warners Mill, Silks Way, Braintree, Essex CM7 3GB
Phone: +44 (0)1376 557803
Brentwood is a suburban town with a small, but expanding, shopping area and high street. Beyond this is extensive sprawling residential development entirely surrounded by open countryside and woodland; some penetrating to within only a few hundred yards of the town centre. It is perhaps most widely known for Brentwood School and for several businesses based in the town.
The name derives from a corruption of the words 'Burnt Wood', with the name Burntwood still visible on some old maps. The old name describes the presumed reason for settlement in the part of the Forest of Essex (later Epping Forest) that would have covered the area. Although a Bronze Age axe has been found in Brentwood and there are clear signs of an entrenched encampment in Weald Country Park it is considered unlikely that there was any significant early settlement of the area which was originally covered by the Great Forest covering most of Essex at that time.   Brentwood began as a small clearing in the middle of a forest, created by fire, with the name of 'Burntwood'. A few people began to settle there and, because it was on the crossroads of the old Roman road from Colchester to London and the route the pilgrims took over the Thames to Canterbury , it grew into a small town. In 1227 a market charter was granted, and this helped the town to continue growing.
As the Roman road grew busier, Brentwood became a major coaching stage, with plenty of inns for overnight accommodation as the horses were rested. This hasn't changed; there is an above average number of pubs in the area - possibly due to the army being stationed at Warley Barracks in the town (closed down in the 1960s). Some of the pubs date back to the 15th and 16th Centuries. As the railways arrived in 1840, the short journey to London Liverpool Street station made it easy for workers to live in Brentwood and commute into work. Many new houses were built around the station at around this time - nearly half of all Brentwood residents still commute outside the area to work.President Eisenhower initiated the Sister City Programme in the USA during WWII. From this, grew Sister Cities linking US communities with towns throughout the world. Their objective is to learn about each other's culture, develop meaningful and lasting relationships and exchange ideas on a long-term basis. Brentwood became linked in March 1985 with Brentwood, Tennessee, and enjoys student exchanges to the mutual benefit of both American and English communities.

Brentwood Centre
Welcome to the Brentwood Centre where a world of sport and entertainment awaits you. Step into a first-class sporting arena which boasts “Something for Everyone”. Classes, courses and clubs are led by highly trained staff who aim to encourage and inspire you - whatever your age or ability. Swimming, Aerobics, Badminton, Squash, Tennis, 7-a-side Football, High-tech gym equipment... the list is endless.
Brentwood Centre
Doddinghurst Road
CM15 9NN
Tel : 01277 215151
Brentwood Museum
Brentwood in Essex is a town that has an interesting history, and this area of the country has been noted for having a great deal of Roman influence in the past. The museum therefore contains a large and fascinating collection of archaeological finds from in and around the town, as well as more contemporary pieces that have been brought together in the form of documents, maps and antique pieces of furniture.

Brentwood Museum
Lorne Road, Warley Hill, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5HH
Phone: +44 (0)1277 224012
Brentwood Park Karting
The racetrack is a floodlit outdoor circuit based within a leisure complex set in 57 acres of woodland. The track is a combination of fast straights and tight hairpins. Karting is available for all standards of driver from age 9 upwards. Day/Evening corporate events. Group hire for as few as 6 people and up to 80. Just 5 minutes drive from Jct.28 of M25.  only does Brentwood Karting have one of the largest and fastest circuits in the South, but it is also one of the best equipped     * Conference Room     * Pitstop Café     * 2 Viewing Areas     * Plenty of Free Parking     * Changing and Shower Facilities     * Free Wireless Internet Connection

Brentwood Karting
The Racetrack
Brentwood Leisure Park
Warley Gap
CM13 3DP
tel: 01277 - 260001
Brentwood Ski & Snowboard Centre
Whether  it's  your  first  time  on skis, or you want  to  master  the  bumps  or  maybe  fancy   yourself  at  ski   racing we've got the right lesson for you.   Our   experienced   &   fully   qualified instructors  will take your skiing to the next  level,  ensuring  that  you  get  plenty  of individual  attention, whilst identifying your strong points and helping you master your current challenge.         
LESSON FORMAT : Courses run in monthly cycles and last a total of six hours each. A course is split into either - 4 x 1½ hrs or 3 x 2 hrs lessons, on the same day at the same time during the course of the month. For example: Course SB1 runs over three consecutive Sundays, starting on the 6th of September and ending on the 20th of September 2009, from 3pm - 5pm.
BEGINNERS : This course is especially designed for complete novices who have never had a board on their feet! Our qualified and experienced instructors will provide a fun and supportive environment taking you through the entire process from fitting your equipment to your very first turns! You'll receive lots of personal attention and your instructor will use your own strengths to build new skills. The maximum class size is 12. IMPROVERS : Beyond 'Falling leaf'! This course will help you perfect your moves and teach you new more challenging & gratifying techniques. Paying more attention to each riders personal needs, our highly qualified snowboard instructors will introduce more exciting terrain and look to develop greater confidence levels.

Brentwood Snow & Snowboard Centre

Warley Gap, Little Warley, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3DP

 Tel. 01277 211994
Brentwood Theatre
Brentwood Theatre – the community theatre for Brentwood, Havering and beyond – opened in December 1993 following fifteen years of campaigning and fundraising by a dedicated core of theatre followers who collectively realised that Brentwood was the largest town in England without a dedicated theatre space. Brentwood Theatre aims to provide the people of Brentwood and the surrounding areas with a vibrant, artistically challenging community theatre offering a wide-ranging programme in the performing arts.   Since opening, our popularity has grown and grown. We now regularly see over 15,000 visitors every year, coming along to see our wide variety of productions. Most of our shows are performed by non-professional (‘amateur’) companies who rehearse in local halls, arrange costumes, build scenery etc etc and bring in their finished production to us for your entertainment. Over forty groups regularly use Brentwood Theatre for their shows, and many of them now consider us their ‘natural home’.
Brentwood Theatre
15 Shenfield Road
CM15 8AG

Box Office 01277 200305
Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker
Inside a rural bungalow nestling in the Essex countryside lies the twilight world of the Government Cold War. Behind the blast screens that protect this bungalow is the entrance to an amazing labyrinth of rooms built into a hillside, encased in 10 feet thick reinforced concrete 75 feet underground.

The Secret Nuclear Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch, in Essex, England, is a large underground bunker used during the cold war as a Regional Government Headquarters. Since being decommissioned in 1992, the bunker has been open to the public as a tourist attraction (known as the Secret Nuclear Bunker), with a museum focusing on its cold war history.

Kelvedon Muclear Bunker
Crown Buildings
Kelvedon Hall Lane
Kelvedon Hatch
CM14 5TL

tel: 01277 364883
Thorndon Park

Thorndon Country Park is divided into Thorndon Park North, with the Countryside Centre, and Thorndon Park South. These areas are linked by the 'Old Park', which is owned by the Woodland Trust, and 'Old Thorndon Pasture', which is owned by Essex County Council.

The most important habitat in Thorndon Country Park is the ancient deer park area dating back to the 15th century which has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The design of the parkland was reorganised in the late 18th century by 'Capability' Brown, obscuring effects of the French landscape designer, Bourginion. Other parts of the park include ancient woodland, plantations of both broad leaved and coniferous species, some grassland and three small lakes. The Countryside Centre in Thorndon Park North, built from timber blown over in the 1987 storms in the two parks, has a permanent exhibition, a shop selling gifts and refreshments, and a schools' room. Both the exhibition and schools' room are available to hire.

Fishing is available if a day ticket is purchased. Horse riding is allowed, but you must keep to the areas marked with a blue arrow.  Car parks can be found on Brentwood Road (A128) and The Avenue.  .

Thorndon Park

Tel 01277 312500
Weald Park

A more recent acquisition, it has been owned by the local and county council only since the 1950s. The founder of Brentwood School had lived in Weald Hall, which was demolished after a fire during World War II. The park covers nearly 500 acres and is the biggest country park in Essex. Among other habitats it holds a lake, woodland and the remains of an Iron Age encampment. There was an ornamental deer park until 1945, when troops gathered there in preparation for D-Day. Vehicles breached the fences and the deer escaped. Fallow deer are now wild in the area, and a deer enclosure has recently been brought back to the park.
Weald Country Park is located to the west of Brentwood. At nearly 500 acres it is the largest of the Essex County Council Country Parks. Parkland has been established here for more than 700 years; the lakes, the tree-lined avenues, and large parkland trees are the result of the landscaping carried out in the 18th century.
The Ranger service at Weald Park and Thorndon Park offers many special activities throughout the year. Activities for children vary from investigating flowers and insects to kite making and Halloween walks. In addition there are many educational walks and tours for family and adults on topics such as natural history, fungi and country park management. Car parks can be found on Weald Road and Lincolns Lane
Weald Park

Tel 01277 312500
Burnham on Crouch

Burnham-on-Crouch Museum
Burnham on Crouch and District Museum is located at the heart of this town, and is dedicated to studying and preserving the long and interesting past of this area. The collection is made up of a great deal of artefacts that have been collected over a number of years, and fused with photographs, documents, maps and much more. There are also archaeological items on display for visitors to admire.
Burnham On Crouch Museum
Coronation Road, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex CMO 8HW
Phone: +44 (0)1621 783444
Mangapps Railway Museum
 Mangapps Railway Museum is a privately owned working museum established on a farm at Burnham on Crouch, Essex.  It features a ¾ mile standard gauge passenger carrying line, with restored stations, signal boxes and ancillary equipment removed from various sites throughout East Anglia.  To operate the line the Museum has 10 steam and diesel locomotives and over 80 carriages and wagons, some of considerable historic and technical interest.To complement the working railway the Museum has a collection of smaller railway relics which is one of the largest of its kind in Britain. This collection contains historic items connected with every aspect of railway operation and has a particular bias towards the railways of East Anglia and railway signalling - in fact the signalling collection is believed to be the largest on public display in Britain. The Railway and Museum are owned and operated by the Jolly family assisted by a dedicated staff of volunteers.
Mangapps Railway Museum
Southminster Road


Tel : 01621 784898

Canvey Island
Canvey Island (area 18.45 km²; pop. 37,479  is a reclaimed island in the Thames estuary separated from the mainland of south Essex by a network of creeks. Lying below sea level it is prone to flooding at exceptional tides, but has nevertheless been inhabited since the Roman invasion of Britain. The island was mainly agricultural land until the 20th century when it became the fastest growing seaside resort in Britain between 1911-1951. The North Sea flood of 1953 devastated the island costing the lives of 58 islanders, and led to the temporary evacuation of the 13,000 residents.  Canvey is consequently protected by modern sea defences comprising 15 miles (24 km) of concrete seawall.  Canvey is also notable for its relationship to the petrochemical industry. The island was the site of the first delivery in the world of liquefied natural gas by container ship, and later became the subject of an influential assessment on the risks to a population living within the vicinity of petrochemical shipping and storage facilities. The settlement and agricultural development of Essex by the Saxons from the 5th century saw the introduction of sheep-farming which would dominate the island's industry until the 20th century. The Norman conquest saw the area of Canvey recorded in the domesday book as a sheep farming pasture under the control of nine villages and parishes situated in a belt across south inland and coastal Essex.  Apart from the meat and wool produced from the sheep, the milk from the ewes was used for cheese-making.   The abundance in later centuries would see the cheeses become a commodity taken for sale at the London markets, and at one stage exported via Calais to the continent.  The existence of several place names on modern Canvey using the wick suffix (denoting the sheds in which the cheese was made) shows the influence of the early Saxon culture. The island itself has its name derived from the Anglo-Saxon Caningaege; meaning The Island of Cana's People. The developments of the English language would lead to the more familiar name of Caneveye written in manorial records of 1254.  The period of development often produced a confused use of letters  such that comparative spellings would also include Canefe, Kaneweye, Kaneveye, and Koneveye. By the 12th century, Essex and subsequently Canvey were in the possession of Henry de Essex who inherited the land from his Grandfather - a man called Suene and a descendant of King Sweyn II of Denmark.[14] During the reign of Henry II (1154–1189) the land was confiscated from de Essex and redistributed among the King's favoured nobles
Canvey Island

Canvey Point Transport Museum
 a collection of buses, coaches, and commercial vehicles from 1944 onwards.   

105 Point Road, Canvey Island, SS8 7TP
Open: Apr-Oct 1st & 3rd Sundays in the month 10:00-16:00.
Tel: 01268 684272
Dutch Cottage Museum
a small 17th century cottage with local history exhibits. 

Canvey Road, Canvey Island
Open: Spring Bank Holiday Monday 14:30-17:00, Jun-Aug Sun 14:30-17:00, plus Wed in Jul-Aug 14:30-17:00
Tel: 01268 794005
Canvey Miniature Railway 
steam miniature railway on a one mile track. 

Waterside Farm Centre, Canvey Island, SS16 6DA
Open: Sundays from 1st Sunday April - 1st Sunday in October
Tel: 01268 413235
Waterside Farm Leisure Centre
Waterside Farm Leisure Centre offers a vast array of facilities and equipment. We strive to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere. We are easily accessible situated by Canvey Roundabout with a short 10 minute stroll from Benfleet train station; bus stops are located just outside the building. Buses 27,22,28,1 and 21 all stop outside the building. Come along and try today with our newly refurbished pool and brand new spinning bikes.
Waterside Leisure Centre

Somnes Avenue
Canvey Island
Essex, SS8 9RA

tel: 01268 694342

In 1199 the Bishop of London was granted a Royal Charter for Chelmsford to hold a market, marking the origin of the modern town. An under-cover market, operating Tuesday to Saturday, is still an important part of the town centre over 800 years later. The town's name is derived from 'Ceolmaer's ford' which was close to the site of the present High Street stone bridge. In the Doomesday Book of 1086 the town was called 'Celmeresfort' and by 1189 it had changed to 'Chelmsford'. Before 1199, there were settlements nearby from ancient times. A Neolithic and a late Bronze Age settlement have been found in the Springfield suburb, and the town was occupied by the Romans. A Roman fort was built in AD 60, and a civilian town grew up around it. The town was given the name of Caesaromagus (the market place of Caesar), although the reason for it being given the great honour of bearing the Imperial prefix is now unclear — possibly as a failed 'planned town' provincial capital to replace Londinium or Camulodunum. The remains of a mansio, a combination post office, civic centre and hotel, lie beneath the streets of modern Moulsham, and the ruins of an octagonal temple are located beneath the Odeon roundabout. The town became the seat of the local assize during the early 13th century (though assizes were also held at Brentwood) and by 1218 was recognised as the county town of Essex, a position it has retained to the present day. Chelmsford was significantly involved in the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, and Richard II moved on to the town after quelling the rebellion in London. Many of the ringleaders were executed on the gallows at what is now Primrose Hill.
An important Anglo-Saxon burial was discovered at Broomfield to the north of Chelmsford in the late 19th century and the finds are now in the British Museum. The road 'Saxon Way' now marks the site. In the 17th century many of the victims of Matthew Hopkins (the self-styled "Witchfinder General") spent their last days imprisoned in Chelmsford, before being tried at the Assizes and hanged for witchcraft. Robert the Bruce has close ties with the nearby village of Writtle and its parish church. Henry VIII Kept a hunting lodge at what is now the independent New Hall RC School (New Hall School) in Boreham.
Shire Hall

Statue of St.Nicholas

Tourist Offices

County Hall, Market Rd, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1GG
E-mail: emorgan@tendringdc.gov.uk

Tel: +44 (01255) 686633    Fax: +44 (01255) 686412
Chelmsford Cathedral
Built in the late 15th to early 16th Century, this magnificent cathedral homes an altar, 19th Century stained-glass windows, two organs, bronze ambos and work by contemporary artists, depicting suffering in the world today. The cathedral operates in the heart of the community and is often used as a venue for concerts, lectures and ceremonies. Since the 17th century it has had bell ringers, and now has 13 bells and a large number of bell ringers who ring for Sunday services. It is based near the town centre of Chelmsford and visitors are advised to book in advance.
Chelmsford Cathedral
New Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1TY

Chelmsford Cathedral Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1245 294480
Chelmsford Museum
Chelmsford is the county town of Essex and has a long and interesting history that can be traced back to Roman times and beyond. The central museum in the heart of the city has been created in order to allow a cultural and research hub where local people and visitors can learn more about the history and heritage of Chelmsford, and see the ways in which it has changed throughout the years.
Chelmsford Museum
Oaklands Park, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9AQ
Phone: +44 (0)1245 605700 
Essex County Cricket Club
Essex County Cricket Club is one of the Country's oldest County Cricket sides. Formed in 1876 the side had to wait until 1979 to win their first major silverware when they won the County Championship. Over the year’s Essex County Cricket Club has adopted some famous son’s including Allan Border, Mark Waugh, Merv Hughes, Ken McEwen, Andy Bichel, Andy Flower, Grant Flower, Andre Nel and most recently Danish Kaneria. When you add to this a list of English greats Graham Gooch, Nasser Hussain, Ronnie Irani and Darren Gough, you can see that The County Ground has been home to some of the biggest names in the world of cricket.
Essex County Cricket Club
 The Ford County Ground, New Writtle Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0PG 
Tel : 01245 252420 Fax: 01245 254030.
Essex Police Museum
The Essex Police Museum celebrates a long and illustrious history that the police force have of serving and protecting one of the largest counties in the country. Crossing a large amount of land, and covering an area that ranges from the edge of Greater London to the seaside towns on the east coast, the police force have to be versatile and adaptable in this county. The museum charts the history of the constabulary and the way that it is operated
Essex Police Museum
Essex Police Headquarters, Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 6DA
E-mail Essex Police Museum

Phone: +44 (0)1245 457150
Essex Regiment Museum
The Essex Regiment Museum was established in order to celebrate one of the most prestigious regiments of the British Army, a very proud fact for he people of this area who have always shared a close connection with the forces. The museum carries a good collection of various artefacts that include uniforms, weapons, medals, photographs and more that help chart the history of this section of the forces
Essex Regimental Museum
Oaklands Park, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9AQ
E-mail Essex Regiment Museum

Phone: +44 (0)1245 605700


Chipping Ongar
Ongar was an important market town in the Mediaeval period, lying at the centre of a hundred and once having a Norman castle. St Martin's church dates from the 11th century and signs of Norman construction can be identified. A small window in the Sanctuary is believed to indicate the existence of an anchorite's cell in mediaeval times.Ongar is located at the confluence of several old roads, being placed between Chelmsford and Epping on an east-west axis and between Dunmow and Chigwell (beyond which is London) on a north-south axis. To the south-east lies Brentwood, on the old road to the former River Thames ferry crossing at Tilbury, though the building in the 1970s of the M11 and M25 motorways means that Ongar is no longer directly on a principal route for petrol tankers (and other less prominent vehicles) travelling from the current Dartford Crossing and the Thames Estuary oil refineries.
Chipping Ongar is just one part of the town of Ongar, but is the common name used for the whole town. The parts are, north-to-south: Shelley, Chipping Ongar, and Marden Ash, with Greensted out to the south-west.
The central portion of Ongar High Street comprises a widened main street of the type found in many older English towns whose status as market towns is believed to have originated during the (little chronicled) Saxon period. The widened high street is used to permit some 'no charge' short term parking that benefits the local shops. The high street does however retain a very narrow stretch, with shops and houses either side very close to the road due to pavement that is barely adequate for two people to pass each other.

Much of the surrounding countryside is occupied by large mechanised farms devoted currently, for the most part, to arable agriculture. During the twentieth century the proximity of London encouraged dairy farming, but the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s were characterised by the removal of hedges and an increase in average field sizes as cattle numbers diminished. The subsoil is of heavy clay, rendering the land too soggy in winter for sheep, and inviting a greater level of attention to ditching and drain maintenance than has been applied to the district's road network since 1974.

Ongar Town Sign

Chipping Ongar High Street
Ongar Town Council
 Bansons Bansons Way
Chipping Ongar

tel: 01277 365348

Clacton-on-Sea is the largest town on the Tendring Peninsula, in Essex, England and was founded in 1871. It is a seaside resort that attracted many tourists in the 1960s and '70s, but which like other English resorts has been in decline since foreign holidays became more fashionable and affordable making it more popular as a retirement hotspot these days. It is located between Jaywick and Holland-on-sea along the coastline and Great Clacton to the north.Clacton was the site of the lower Palaeolithic Clactonian industry of flint tool manufacture . Great Clacton was founded by the Celts in c.100BC[citation needed]. There are some vague traces of Romans using the Clacton area as a seaside resort. The name Clacton dates from c.500 AD when the area was settled by Saxons. The original name, Claccingaton, means 'the village of Clacc's people'. The Domesday Book records the village as Clachintuna.
Construction of the Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm, a 48 turbine wind farm 7 km off the Clacton and Holland Essex coast in the Northern Thames Estuary began in March 2008 and is scheduled to be completed in Autumn 2009 . The turbines are expected to have a capacity of 172MW , enough to power approximately 120,000 homes

Beside the sandy beaches, there are beautifully restored themed gardens, bowling greens, two theatres, golf course and a Sports and Leisure Centre. Clacton Carnival and Jazz Festival in the high season, Clacton Shopping Village, a major factory outlet shopping village opened in 1998, a vibrant Victorian pier, leisure centre, sport on land and water, Highfield Holiday Park and a lively nightlife, or dine and relaxing as you would expect from a major English seaside resort: fish and chips - pie and mash - Italian or chineses. Pubs -Restaurants - end of pier Cafe 
Clacton Air Show 2009 27th - 28th August 11.00 - 17.00Full programme of flying both days, with various ground events on the West Greensward, Marine Parade West   

Clacton Carnival 8th - 14th AUGUST 2009

Clacton Town Centre

Clacton Beach

Tourist Offices
Tourist Information Centre
Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE

Tel: +44 1255 423400    Fax: +44 1255 430906
Clacton Beach
Clacton-on-Sea has over seven miles of beach. Clean, safe and, for the most part, sandy, it's very popular. An excellent range of beach activities and water sports draws thousands of visitors every year. Windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, jet skiing and adventure golf are just some of them, and amusement arcades, rides and restaurants are nearby. The West beach has won a Blue Flag Award in recognition of its clean water and excellent facilities.
Clacton Beach
Essex CO15

Clacton Pier
Opened in 1877, Clacton Pier is a very popular destination for day-trippers. Attractions include a Seaquarium and an undercover fairground with many rides to enjoy. Covering a total of 6.5 acres, the pier is fully accessible for wheelchairs, and boasts a public house, restaurants, cafes, shops, side-stalls and amusement arcades. It is possible to sit and take the sea air, fish from the pier end or have a meal in the Jolly Roger Restaurant. The pier also houses the RNLI lifeboat station and shop.
Clacton Pier
Pier Gap, Marine Parade, Clacton on Sea, Essex CO15
Clacton Pier Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1255 421115
East Essex Aviation Museum
The East Essex Aviation Society Museum is a fascinating visitor attraction for anyone who has even a passing interest in aeroplanes and other flying machines. Housing an interesting collection of artefacts and models that relate to the history of flight as well as wreckage from some actual planes, the museum tells the story of flight and how it has changed the way the world works forever.
East Essex Aviation Museum
St. Osyth, nr. Clacton-on-Sea,
Essex CO16 8NG
Phone: +44 (0)1255 434141
Princes Theatre
The Princes Theatre is the largest multi-purpose entertainment venue in North Essex. Run by the council, it hosts a varied programme of family entertainment including concerts, plays, comedy and community events. They include regular performances by the Princes Theatre Youth Company, which is based here. The Theatre's home is the impressive Clacton Town Hall, where visitors can find out what else Clacton-on-Sea has to offer at the Tourist Information Centre.
Princes Theatre
Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea,
Essex CO15 1SE
E-mail Princes Theatre
    Princes Theatre Web site

The Mediterranean Garden
The Mediterranean Garden was completed in 2000 as part of the restoration of Clacton's seafront gardens. All the plants and trees seen here are from the Mediterranean, thriving in hot dry conditions. They have adapted well to conditions in Clacton, which is one of the warmest and driest places in the UK. The Mediterranean Garden together with the other seafront gardens next door host Clacton's annual mountain bike rally and the Essex Air Ambulance Bike Ride.
The Mediterranean Garden
 Essex CO15

The Rose Garden
The restoration of Clacton's Edwardian gardens has transformed the town’s seafront. The Rose Garden is perhaps the best of the gardens originally laid out in 1922. It was replanted and restored in the 1990s, and today, it's a contemporary mix of low hedges, curving paths and flowerbeds creatively planted with roses and perennials, with a modern chrome pergola at its centre. Notice the mature pine trees along the landward side of the garden - the only survivals from the original 1922 garden.
The Rose Garden
Essex CO15

War Memorial Garden
Clacton's War Memorial Garden is little changed since it was first laid out in 1924. Colourful displays of bedding plants can still be seen in summer. They surround a war memorial designed by Charles Hartwell. Other attractions include plenty of seating and sea views. The garden was very popular until the 1990s, when it fell into ruin. It was then restored with money from the Urban Parks Programme, along with the town’s other Edwardian gardens.
War Memorial Garden
Essex CO15

West Cliff Theatre and Arts Centre
This community theatre hosts a broad range of entertainment through the summer and winter. Performers range from newcomers to established names such as Marty Wilde and Roy Hudd. In addition, the Theatre's own youth group, the West Cliff Stage Foundation also performs here. Other attractions include regular art exhibitions in the foyer and a licensed bar. The Theatre is run by volunteers with help from Tendring District Council, and there is access for the disabled.
West Cliff Theatre and Arts Centre
Tower Road, Clacton-on-Sea,
Essex C015 1LE
West Cliff Theatre Web site




Coggeshall Grange Barn
Coggeshall Grange Barn is a 13th Century monastic barn and has been in the possession of the National Trust since 1989. The structure is closely associated with the nearby Cistercian abbey. It enjoys a beautiful ‘cathedral like’ interior and has a collection of fine farm carts from the last few centuries. The building is surrounded by splendid Essex countryside, a great place for walking.
Coggeshall Grange Barn
Grange Hill, Coggeshall, Colchester,
 Essex CO6 1RE

Phone: +44 (0)1376 562226
Coggeshall Museum
Coggeshall is a town that has a long and interesting history associated with the lace and textiles industry. This becomes one of the main focuses of this local museum, which is packed with interesting information, and artefacts that are related to the growth and development of this practice. There are also other pieces on display, and a great deal of pictures and photographs that help to bring the history to life.
Coggeshall Museum
Stoneham Street, Coggeshall,
Essex CO6 1UH

E-mail Coggeshall Museum 
Phone: +44 (0)1376 563003
This beautiful merchant’s house has a history that is thought to date back to around 1500. It has been taken over by the National Trust, which has ensured that the building has been preserved and restored in order for future generations to enjoy it. The Tudor architecture is something to marvel at as a visitor as you walk through the intricate carvings. There are also several art and crafts displays within the property.
West Street, Coggeshall, Colchester,
 Essex CO6 1NS
Phone: +44 (0)1376 561305

Colchester Colchester Tourist Office

Tourist Offices
Visitor Information Centre
1 Queen St, Colchester, Essex, CO1 2PG
 Email: vic@colchester.gov.uk

Tel: +44 1206 282920    Fax: +44 1206 282924
Balkerne Gate
Colchester is well known for its Roman remains, and the Balkerne Gate is the most complete Roman town gateway in Britain. Built around AD 55, it started life as the main entrance to the town but was later turned into triumphal arch. Ten years later it was incorporated into the new town walls, but blocked up four hundred years after that to strengthen the town's defenses. The Gateway was only uncovered around 100 years ago, which helps to explain its survival.
Balkerne Gate
Ipswich Road, Colchester, Essex CO4 9WP

Beth Chatto Gardens
The Beth Chatto Gardens began in 1960. From an overgrown wasteland with poor gravel soil and boggy hollows, it has been transformed into an informal garden harmonising with the surrounding countryside.

Clacton Road
Tel: +44 (0)1206 822 007
Fax: +44 (0)1206 825 933
Castle Park
A beautiful park based near Colchester town centre, which is situated near a leisure facility, a ten-pin bowling lane, restaurants and shops. It has vast grounds, with colourful flower beds, ancient trees and sculptures. The park has a large lake where you can hire pedal boats throughout the summer months. It is abundant in wildlife and also houses a large children’s play area including slides, swings and other facilities for children up to the age of twelve. The park also hosts various music events throughout the year.
Castle Park
Essex CO1 1TJ

Charter Market
Colchester is the oldest recorded town in England, and its market has been running for over 800 years. In 1189, it was granted a charter by King John - hence its name. It runs on Fridays and Saturdays, with stalls lining the town centre streets around Culver Street West. The market offers plenty of choice, with no two stalls allowed to sell the same goods. The market is run by Colchester Borough Council.
Charter Market
Culver Street West, Colchster, Essex C01

Colchester Arts Centre
Colchester Arts Centre offers an astonishing choice of entertainment, ranging from films to farmers markets. The Centre also hosts club nights, poetry, salsa, theatre, world music and gigs, with big-name bands sometimes appearing here. For children, there’s an annual kid’s festival as well as other events. Other attractions include a licensed bar and the Art Centre’s home, a sympathetically converted church which still has its stained glass windows. Colchester Arts Centre is run by Colchester Borough Council.

Colchester Arts Centre
Church St, Colchester, Essex CO1 1NF
E-mail Colchester Arts Centre
    Colchester Arts Centre Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 500900
Colchester Castle
This Norman castle is laid on the foundations of the Roman Temple of Claudius, destroyed in AD60 by Queen Boudica when she razed Colchester. The castle walls have reused many roman materials and compose, not only the largest keep built in Britain but also the oldest surviving in Europe. Inside, exhibitions span 2000 years of British history, with many interactive displays to entertain all ages. Visitors can learn about Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins who used the castle as a gaol, feel heavy chain mail and touch Roman pottery.
Colchester Castle
Castle Park, 14 Ryegate Road, Colchester, Essex CO1 1TJ

Phone: +44 (0)1206 282939  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 282925
Colchester Natural History Museum
Interestingly housed in what was All Saints Church, this museum is dedicated to the rich natural heritage of North East Essex. Dominated by the marine environment, many of the habitats are recreated - from the mudflats and marshes around the River Colne to the limestone beds of Dovercourt. Amongst the many ‘hands on’ exhibits, are a crawl-through badger sett, interactive fossils and a video microscope. Visitors can learn about the Colchester earthquake of 1884, take in the Fingringhoe saltmarsh diorama or investigate the churchyard nature reserve.
Colchester Natural History Museum
All Saints Church, High Street, Colchester, Essex CO1 1DN

Phone: +44 (0)1206 282941  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 282925
Colchester Town Hall
Colchester's grandest building, the Town Hall, is a 90-roomed baroque masterpiece with a 162ft Victorian tower. Grade I listed, it was designed by John Belcher and completed in May 1902, costing £55,000. Inside, highlights include a 15ft stained glass window, an Italian marble staircase and the richly decorated Moot Hall. The Town Hall was restored in 1996 at a cost of £0.5 million.
Colchester Town Hall
Essex CO1 1FR

Colchester War Memorial
Colchester's War Memorial is one of the town's finest works of public art. In fact it’s regarded as one of the best war memorials in the country. It was designed by HC Fehr in 1919, after he won a competition set by the Royal Academy. Standing at over 28ft tall, it's made from fine Whitbed Portland stone and granite, with figures representing Victory, St George and and Peace.
Colchester War Memorial
Colchester, Essex C01

Colchester Zoo
Colchester Zoo is one of the finest zoos in Europe with over 200 species set 60 acres of beautiful parkland. Award winning enclosures include the Kingdom of the Wild, which has cost nearly £2 million to build. It provides a wonderful environment for zebras, ostriches, rhinos and camels plus two new species, giraffes and pygmy hippos. There’s also Spirit of Africa, the Elephant Kingdom, Chimp World, Penguin Shores, Monkey Mountain, South American World and Edge of Africa with new enclosures for Mandrills, Cheetahs and Hyenas.
Colchester Zoo
Maldon Road, Stanway, Colchester, Essex CO3 0SL
E-mail Colchester Zoo 

  Colchester Zoo Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 331292  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 331392
East Anglian Railway Museum
Based around a country station, this museum has the feel of an 1890s branch line. Many locomotives, wagons and carriages from the eras of steam to diesel are on view at the platforms, sidings or in the Restoration Shed. On Steam Days, it is possible to ride on some of these trains. Visitors can try working an old signal box, call at the original booking hall and Station Master’s Office or stop for refreshments in the buffet. The Visitor Reception Centre is stocked with a wide range of transport books and souvenirs.
East Anglian Railway Museum

Chappel Station, Colchester, Essex CO6 2DS
E-mail East Anglian Railway Museum 

  East Anglian Railway Museum Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 242524
Firstsite @ The Minories Art Gallery
Firstsite is one of the leading contemporary visual arts organisations in East England. Currently based at the Minories Art Gallery we programme exhibitions, projects and events onsite - inside the gallery and offsite, outside the gallery. Firstsite is working towards newsite, a new visual arts building in the future.

The Minories Art Gallery, 74 High Street, Colchester, Essex CO1 1UE
E-mail Firstsite

  Firstsite Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 577067  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 577161
Headgate Theatre
The Headgate Theatre is the home of amateur theatre in Colchester. Events include concerts, comedy, plays, musical workshops and much more, with performers including the Colchester Theatre Group, Colchester Operatic Society and The Priory Players. The Theatre is also the home of Colchester Film Society, which hosts films not released commercially with an emphasis on world cinema. The Headgate Theatre was restored in 2000 with money from the National Lottery. The Theatre has disabled access.
Headgate Theatre
Chapel Street North, Colchester, Essex CO2 7AT]
E-mail Headgate Theatre
  Headgate Theatre Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 366041
High Street
The High Street reflects Colchester’s status as England's oldest recorded town. Buildings range from medieval timber-framed houses to Georgian mansions, and underneath them all are the remains the Roman city of Camulodunum. Notable buildings include the Baroque Town Hall of 1902, the Corn Exchange of 1820, Hollytrees, a fine Georgian mansion, and the highlight, Colchester’s Norman Castle, which has the largest keep of any built by the Normans in England.
High Street
Colchester, Essex C01

Hollytrees Museum
An award winning museum which presents the history of the building and Colchester in a light and amusing fashion, making it ideal for family visits. Hollytrees House, built in 1718, is reportedly haunted by a perfumed, piano playing lady ghost. Look out for the dolls house which is a miniature Hollytrees and the locally constructed Victorian boat-pram. Toys through the ages are on display including a set of Star Wars models. One of the displays celebrates Colchester’s famous nursery rhymes, Old King Cole and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Hollytrees Museum
High Street, Colchester, Essex CO1 1UG

Phone: +44 (0)1206 282 940  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 282 925
Holy Trinity Church
This is Colchester's only standing Saxon building. Built around 1000, it features triangle arches, basket windows and reused Roman bricks - they are the reddish ones on the corners of the tower. In the churchyard look out for the grave of William Gilberd, physician to Elizabeth I and inventor of electro-magnetism, who lived in Colchester. The Church used to be Colchester's Social History Museum.
Holy Trinity Church
1 Queen Street, Colchester, Essex CO1 2PG

Jumbo Water Tower
The unusual red brick tower looking down Colchester High Street is England's largest Victorian water tower. Completed in 1883, the 116ft building took over a year and half to build. Its cast-iron tank holds 1000 tons of water and it was named after Jumbo, London Zoo's famous elephant. The Tower was decommissioned in 1988, but it's one of the few water towers with good access - a spiral staircase leads to a viewing platform - and it is hoped it will one day be open to the pubic.
Jumbo Water Tower
Colchester, Essex CO1

Collection of Latin American Art
The University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art is based at the Colchester campus of the institution and comprises over six hundred works by major modern and contemporary artists from Latin and South America. The collection is one of the most significant of its type in Britain and invites a regular audience of interested visitors to learn more about art and the people in this area of the world.

University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex CO4 3SQ
E-mail Latin American Art Collection 

  Latin American Art Collection Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 873971  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 873971
Mercury Theatre
The Mercury has been described as one of the best repertory theatres in the country. It is home to the Mercury Theatre Company, which performs a classical repertoire and also hosts workshops and classes, ranging from parent and toddler dance to writing for the theatre. The Theatre's commitment to quality and diversity can also been seen in its other events, which include music, comedy, family shows, amateur shows and pantomimes.
Mercury Theatre
Balkerne Gate, Colchester, Essex CO1 1PT
E-mail Mercury Theatre 
Mercury Theatre Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 573948
 Roman Circus Remains
The remains of Britain's only Roman Circus were first glimpsed in 2000, nearly 2000 years after it was built. It was made entirely of stone and tile and could hold at least 3000 spectators. The best places to find out about it are here in Maidenburgh Street, where wall fragments have been uncovered and a wall painting shows how the Circus would have looked, and also at Gosbecks, just outside the town.
Roman Circus Remains
Maidenburgh Street, Colchester, Essex C01

Roman Wall
The Roman Emporer Claudius famously rode into Colchester on an elephant in AD43. The Romans soon turned Colchester – or Camulodunum as they called it - into Britain’s first city. By 80AD it was enclosed by a 3000m-long wall made from layered septaria, mortar and tile. Today it’s the oldest surviving town wall in Britain. The best places to see it are near Balkerne Gate and in Castle Park, where long stretches survive.
Roman Wall
Colchester, Essex CO1

Social History Museum
Colchester is the oldest recorded town in the country, and therefore has a long and interesting history. Unlike many museums that are concerned with the major political changes, this collection is focussed on the common person, and the way that their lives have developed throughout the centuries. The exhibition has many fine displays; highlights of which include weapons, costumes and tools from archaeological excavations.

Colchester, Essex CO1 1YG

Social History Museum Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 282935  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 282 925
St Bodolph’s Church
St Bodolph's Church is squeezed into a narrow back street right next to the atmospheric ruin of St Bodolph's Priory. In fact, the original Saxon St Bodolph’s Church stood where the ruins are now. Completed in 1835, the present church was built in the Norman style. The three beautiful east windows are from Flanders. St Bodolph’s Church has excellent acoustics and is often used for concerts, with St Bodolph's Music Society regularly performing here.
St Bodolph’s Church
St Bodolph’s Street,
Colchester, Essex CO1

E-mail St Bodolph’s Church  
 St Bodolph’s Church Web site

St Bodolph’s Priory
These are the ruins of England's first Augustinian monastery. Founded in 1103, the Priory of St Julian and St Bodolph is now hidden in the urban sprawl of modern-day Colchester but it's well worth seeking out. The dramatic ruins consist of a 12th Century nave and the West Front. Look out for the Roman bricks, which were salvaged from other parts of the town. The Priory is open all year and admission is free.
St Bodolph’s Priory
Colchester, Essex CO1

St Bodolph’s Priory Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1206 282931
St Martin’s Church
St Martin's Church is a part-ruined medieval church. The damage to the tower was done during the English Civil War, and the church was never repaired. Most of the building is late medieval though, with the tower dating from the 12th century. It's thought there’s been a church here since the end of the Roman occupation. The building is now deconsecrated, but the key is available from Colchester Borough Council Museum Service.
St Martin’s Church
West Stockwell Street,
Colchester, Essex

The Dutch Quarter
In the 1500s Flemish Protestant refugees arrived in Colchester, their weaving skills helping to make it one of the richest wool towns in England. Although their houses were spread throughout Colchester, many of them were here in the Dutch Quarter. The area makes a worthwhile detour from the town centre with its attractive mix of Tudor, Queen Anne and medieval buildings. The former home of the Taylor sisters, who wrote the poem, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, is also here.
The Dutch Quarter
Colchester, Essex CO1

Tymperleys Clock Museum
Timperleys is a 15th Century timber-framed house, a garden and a fascinating clock museum. The house and garden that were once home to William Gilberd, scientist and doctor to Elizabeth I is now filled with the Bernard Mason Collection of Clocks, one of he largest in the country. All the clocks were made in Colchester between 1640 and 1840, with exhibits ranging from Longcase clocks to clockmaking tools. Events include talks and clock-making workshops.
Tymperleys Clock Museum
Trinity Street,
Colchester, Essex CO1 1JN

University of Essex Gallery
The University of Essex Gallery is a world-class art space located on the main campus in Colchester. The gallery hosts a series of exhibitions throughout the year, bringing some of the most celebrated contemporary artists to the region as part of group shows and individual thematic exhibits. It also shows the best work of graduates and undergraduates associated with the university.

Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex CO4 3SQ
E-mail University of Essex Gallery 
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Dedham is frequently rated as containing some of England's most beautiful Lowland landscape, most particularly the Water Meadows of the River Stour, which passes along the northern boundary of the village forming the boundary between the counties of Essex and Suffolk. Dedham has a central nuclear settlement around the Church and the junction of Mill Lane and the High Street (forming the B1029). Connected to Dedham are the hamlets The Heath and Lamb Corner, both of which formerly retained their own shops and pubs. The village forms a key part of the Dedham Vale.Formerly a rich wool town and market town, Dedham is now still a flourishing commercial village, housing a post office, butcher, Co-op, grocers, delicattessen, art shop and various other shops. Agriculture is also important with mainly arable land (sugar beet and wheat) but also cattle grazing on the water meadows and some sheep on Grove Hill. There is an industrial estate on the A12 which passes through the West of the village. A Business Centre and Nursing Home have recently opened.
This village was a recruiting ground for the American colonies. A dozen descendants of Henry Sherman emigrated to New England between 1633 and 1640. The Sherman family left their significant mark on the United States. Through their family tree, they can claim a co-founder of Rhode Island, a signatory of the Declaration of Independence, General William Tecumseh Sherman connected with the Civil War, a Vice-president of the US and other distinguished luminaries.

  • Sherman's Hall, a Grade I listed, Georgian-fronted townhouse used as a school until 1873 and now belonging to the National Trust. 
  • the Old Grammar School, founded by Elizabeth I. The present building dates from 1732 and was attended by John Constable. It is now private residences.



Dedham Village

Constable country, Dedham, Essex: Walk ID 3209

This walk takes you to the heart of "Constable Country" on the Essex-Suffolk border, crossing Dedham Vale and following the river Stour. Starting from the medieval village of Dedham, where the painter John Constable was educated, you take sections of two longer paths, the Essex Way and the St Edmund Way, before coming back along the riverside path that, as a boy, Constable took each morning on his way to school. Dedham Vale is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and contains some of England's most stunning lowland landscapes, particularly the water meadows of the river Stour.Dedham Vale was Constable's home, and on this walk, you pass many of the scenes he painted. His affection for this area was intense: "I should paint my own places best", he wrote to his friend John Fisher in 1821. "Painting is but another word for feeling." You pass Flatford Mill and Lock, painted by Constable and owned by his father. With a slight detour, you can visit the site where Constable painted the Hay Wain, as well as Valley Farm and a dry dock, which he also immortalised.

The Haywain by Constable
Walk ID 3209
  1. Classification: Easy
  2. Distance: 11 km (7 miles)
  3. Typical duration: 3 hours
  4. Height gain: 70m
  5. Starting point: Dedham car park
  6. OS grid reference: TM059334 (Explorer map 196)

 Dedham Art & Craft Centre
a congregational church built in 1739 and now the Dedham Art and Craft Centre. From France to China, from Italy to India and beyond - an eclectic mix of wares imported from all corners of the globe are exhibited by our wide range of specialist retailers. If you are looking for something special, something a little unique with a touch of exclusivity in homewares, fashion and jewellery – then you will be sure to find it here …
Click on the individual links to find out more.
Anjuna – Ladies clothing, Accessories & exclusive leisureware for men
Goodies – Silk flowers & Gifts

Kiddywinks – Original and traditional toys, clothing and rain wear for babies and children.

P.J.'s – Garden, Kitchen & interior accessories

SilverLeaf101 – Silver & Gemstone Jewellery

The Gallery Boutique – Ladies' Clothing & Jewellery

Terrestrail Treasures – Rare sculptures and gifts carved from minerals or fossil-bearing stone

Dedham Art & Craft Centre


Flatford Bridge Cottage
Just upstream from Flatford Mill, the 16th century thatched cottage houses an exhibition on landscape painter John Constable, several of whose paintings famously depict this property. A short walk downstream takes you to the quiet mill pool, where beyond is Willy Lott’s cottage, where mill-hand Willy Lott lived reputedly for 88 years. This is the scene of Constable’s best known work, and after the Mona Lisa probably one of the world’s most instantly recognisable paintings - “The Hay Wain”.
Flatford Bridge Cottage
East Bergholt,
 Suffolk CO7 6UL

Phone: +44 (0)1206 298260  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 299193

Le Talbooth

Le Talbooth at Dedham has been run by the Milsom family since 1952 and has always enjoyed a fine reputation for a warm welcome and the quality of food, wine and accommodation. A unique business has beenLe Talbooth Dedham created linking the riverside restaurant Le Talbooth with the 10 luxury suites at Maison Talbooth. Located in the heart of Constable country, the restaurant enjoys a strong local following with a range of competitively priced menus and the hotel is a founder member of Pride of Britain Consortia of Country House Hotels. Le Talbooth Restaurant are desevedly proud of the numerous awards and accolades bestowed on them including the 2002 Conde Nast Johansen Guide Award - 'Restaurant of the Year' reflecting the quality of dining experience. As well as the restaurant Le Talbooth also cater for functions, accommodation, private dining, external catering and hold a civil licence should you wish to hold your wedding at this beautiful location. The Milsom family also own Milsoms Hotel and Restaurant and The Pier at Harwich which offers two seafood Restaurants and fourteen bedrooms on the quay in old Harwich.

Le Talbooth
  Gun Hill, Dedham
 CO7 6HP

Tel No.: 01206 323 150
Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin
In the heart of John Constable country, St Mary the Virgin was constructed in 1492 and has undergone numerous changes, mainly internally since then. Many times pictured in the background of a Constable painting, inside hangs one of the few commissions the artist undertook for the church. Puritan Divine Matthew Newcomen who lectured here in the mid 1600s was also famous for his preaching before the House of Commons. The bells can no longer peal due to the tower’s structure, but can still be heard chiming.

Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin
High Street, Dedham,
Essex CO7 6DE
Phone: +44 (0)1206 322136
Sir Alfred Munnings Art Gallery & Museum
Munnings was famous for his depiction of East Anglian rural life in the early twentieth century and later for his paintings of racehorses. He lived and worked in Castle House for over 40 years and although it has been restored, it retains much of the character as lived by the Munnings.   There is a regular rotation of pictures on view in the gallery. Castle House, a mixture of Tudor and Georgian periods, has been restored structurally. The essential character of the house as lived in by Sir Alfred and Lady Violet has been retained by using Munnings' original furniture. The House stands in spacious grounds with well maintained gardens which visitors are welcome to walk round. They may also view his original studios where he painted some of his most famous paintings and where many of his original working materials are displayed.
Sir Alfred Munnings Art Gallery & Museum
Castle House, Castle Hill, Dedham, Essex CO7 6AZ

Phone: +44 (0)1206 322 127  -  Fax: +44 (0)1206 322 127
Southfields was built in 1500 by a rich clothier. It is square in plan with an inner courtyard and has lots of exposed timbers. Grade I listed, is the most splendid of the many medieval buildings in the village. Formerly a factory used when Dedham was a wealthy wool town it is now a series of cottages.

The Sun Inn

the Sun Inn, a medieval building that retains its coaching arch. This quintessential coaching inn at the heart of the gentle rolling landscape of Constable Country has been a watering hole for villagers and resting post for travellers s for centuries These days, it’s much the same – an ideal spot to revive yourself be it with a pint of Brewer’s Gold, a meal using fine East Anglian produce or a good night’s sleep. Owner Piers Baker has provided a sheltered annex for the local village farm shop, Victoria's Plums (which is run by his wife). An extension of the pub kitchen, you'll find local fruit and veg (rhubarb, rainbow chard etc) on sale as well as freshly made pub meals to take away.

Sun Inn

 High Street,


Phone:  +44 (0)1206 323351
East Tilbury

"Epinga", a small community of a few scattered farms and a chapel on the edge of the forest, is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. However, the settlement referred to is known today as Epping Upland. It is not known for certain when the present day Epping was first settled. By the mid 12th century a settlement known as Epping Heath (later named Epping Street), had developed south of Epping Upland as a result of vigorous clearing of the forest for cultivation. In 1253 King Henry III conveyed the right to hold a weekly market in Epping Street, which helped to establish the town as a centre of trade and has continued to the present day. The linear village of Epping Heath developed slowly into a small main-road town and by the early 19th century considerable development had taken place along what is now High Street and Hemnall Street. Up to 25 stagecoaches and mailcoaches a day passed through the town from London en route to Norwich, Cambridge and Bury St. Edmunds. By the end of the 19th century 26 coaching inns lined the High Street. A couple survive today as public houses, e.g. The George and Dragon and The Black Lion. The advent of the railways put an end to this traffic and the town declined, but it revived after the extension of a branch line from London in 1865 and the coming of the motor car. A number of listed buildings, most dating from the 18th century, line both sides of the High Street although many were substantially altered internally during the 19th century. Some of the oldest buildings in the town can be found at each end of the Conservation Area, e.g. Beulah Lodge in Lindsey Street (17th century), and
Epping High Street

Connaught Water
This stunning 10 acre lake is located within Epping Forest, one of the largest in the country and certainly the biggest wooded area around London. The lake is named after the Duke of Connaught the first ever ranger of Epping Forest. The area attracts a wide variety of waterfowl, birds, animals and exciting varieties of plant life. It has its own car park and is a popular attraction.
Connaught Water
Epping Forest,
Epping, Essex CM16

Epping Green
Epping Green is one of the centres of town life in this beautiful Essex market town. The green historically would have been a place of trading and meeting for the people of the area and those who pass by on their way to London and the south east of England. Today the green is a place of rest and relaxation, used by local people to escape the busy town streets and watch the world go by.
Epping Green
Palmers Hill,
 Epping, Essex CM16

Epping Library
Epping Library is a modern facility located at the heart of the town centre. The library carries a large range of books, music and video material. In recent times the library has begun to be used as an interactive information centre with a bank of open access computers available. The library is a multi purpose facility and is often used for exhibitions and seminars.
Epping Library
St. Johns Rd, Epping,
Essex CM16 5DN

Phone: +44 (0)1992 573 504
Epping Methodist Church
Epping Methodist Church is located at the very heart of the beautiful Essex market town, close to the main parish church. The facility is built in a traditional ‘free’ church style and fits in nicely next to the old commercial buildings. The church is home to a large and friendly Christian community who meet on a regular basis for prayer and worship.
Epping Methodist Church
High Street, Epping,
Essex CM16

Gothic Tower
The Gothic Tower at the centre of Epping was built in 1872 as a water tower for the expanding market town. It has since that time quickly become one of the central symbols of the area. One of the highest structures for miles around, the tower, although no longer functioning, is synonymous with Epping and is truly an iconic part of the local skyline.
Gothic Tower
Tower Road, Epping,
Essex CM16

Great Monk Wood
Great Monk Wood is a huge piece of woodland located on the edge of Epping Forest. It is well known because it is one of the best places for walking in any part of the great forest. Trails have been carved throughout the wood taking walkers and ramblers past some of the most beautiful ancient woodland. The wood is known for containing some of the most diverse and interesting wildlife in the area.
Great Monk Wood
Epping Forest, Epping,
Essex CM16

Hill Hall
This beautiful Elizabethan mansion has some of the earliest examples of external Renaissance architectural detail of any property in the country. Within the property are two rare wall paintings, dated to the 16th Century, depicting mythical and Biblical characters. The house is operated by English Heritage and is open to the public by appointment as parts of the property are still private residences.

Theydon Bois, Epping,
Essex CM16 7QQ
Phone: +44 (0)1799 522 842
Hobbs Cross Golf Centre
Hobbs Cross Golf Centre is located just outside Epping in the Essex countryside. The primary purpose of the facility is to allow people to play golf without having to be member of high priced private clubs. The centre is open to all throughout the year and offers two par 3, 9 hole courses on the same site. The centre has refreshments available in the café.
Hobbs Cross Golf Centre
Hobbs Cross Road, Epping, Essex CM16 7NQ
Hobbs Cross Golf Centre Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1992 561 661
Church of Immaculate Conception
The Church of the Immaculate Conception is a small Roman Catholic Church at the heart of the Epping community. The church is a modern building but houses a long term congregation who have met in Epping for many centuries to celebrate their love and faith in God. The church likes to play a prominent role in the affairs of the town.
Church of Immaculate Conception
Church Hill, Epping,
Essex CM16

Quaker Meeting House
The Quaker Meeting House is a beautiful facility located at the northern end of the market town of Epping. The facility is home to a large community of Quakers who meet here on a regular basis to worship and pray. The centre is also a social meeting place and it is from the site that a great many of the charitable activities of the Quakers are organised for the benefit of the community.
Quaker Meeting House
Hemnall Street, Epping,
Essex CM16 4LN

St. John the Baptist Church
St. John the Baptist Church is the primary parish church of the market town of Epping in Essex. The church is quite spectacular, an example of beautiful ecclesiastical architecture towering above the high street below. The church is one of the major focuses of town life and is home to a large Christian congregation who worship on a regular basis at the site.
St. John the Baptist Church
St. Johns Road, Epping,
 Essex CM16 5DN

Wake Valley & Pond
Wake Valley and the pond are one of the most interesting and visited parts of the vast Epping Forest. Situated just off one of the main roads that run through the forest towards the market town of Epping the valley offers a series of great walking tracks around the water area and off deep into the wooded wonderland. This is an extremely popular spot.
Wake Valley & Pond
Epping Forest, Epping,
Essex CM16

War Memorial
The War Memorial is one of the central features of the northern green area of Epping. It stands prominently on the major thoroughfare that leads out of the town to the north towards Harlow. The memorial pays tribute to the many men and women who throughout the 20th Century made phenomenal sacrifices to defend the basic freedoms that we enjoy today.
War Memorial
Palmers Hill, Epping,
Essex CM16

Frinton-on-Sea is a small seaside town in Essex, in the Tendring district.  It is part of the Frinton and Walton parish. Developed as a select resort by Sir Richard Cooper and largely expanded after 1886. The area south of Frinton Gates was laid out with detached houses set along broad tree lined avenues and has preserved a unique local character. The Church of Old St. Mary contains some interesting panels of William Morris stained glass in the East window, designed by Burne Jones.  With a reputation as an exclusive resort, Frinton retains an atmosphere of the 1920s and 30s. Tree-lined residential avenues sweep down to the elegant Esplanade and cliff-top greensward. The whole area was later purchased by a developer with a view to building an exclusive seaside town for a quiet place with sands and some wonderful art deco buildings. Small shops and restaurants in tree-lined The main shopping street Connaught Avenue has been dubbed the "Bond Street" of East Anglia that runs from The Gates to the sea, it didn't get a pub until 2000. Frinton was the last target in England to be attacked by the Luftwaffe, in 1944  Frinton only has two points of entry by road, one being an unadopted road coming from Walton-on-Naze in the north and the other being the manually-operated railway gates at the level crossing of the town's railway station, living inside "The Gates" is more exclusive than outside. 
Frinton From The Sea
The Council House, Triangle Shopping Centre, Frinton on Sea
Essex CO13 0AU

tel: 01255 676666

  A range of local information can be found at  : Frinton Gift Boutique, 44 Connaught Avenue, Frinton
Tourist Offices
Tourist Information Centre
Princes Esplanade
(Easter and Spring Bank Holiday to Mid September)

Frinton & Walton Youth Football Club
Frinton and Walton Town Council
Frinton Residents Association
Runners world frinton and walton fun run details
Frinton and Walton Heritage Trust

Tel: 01255 675542
Frinton Golf Club
The trademark of the links course, the ever-changing sea  breeze, Frinton Golf Club celebrated its Centenary in 1995 and can look back on a distinguished past. The club retains the best traditional values and is proud of its reputation of assuring a warm welcome to members and visitors alike.

Frinton Lawn Tennis
Founded in 1899 as a private members' club, Frinton Lawn Tennis, ... Anyone who visits Frinton tennis club, whether as a player or spectator, won't forget

Frinton Summer Theatre


Thurrock Museum
This extensive museum and gallery is housed within the Thameside Complex. There are forty permanent displays and twenty temporary exhibitions. In total there are more than 1,500 objects that interpret 250,000 years of Thurrock’s past. Highlights include the oldest coin to be discovered in the region that dates from 75BC, the mammoths of Aveley, historic horse equipment, Victorian post box and much more.

Orsett Road, Grays,
 Essex RM17 5DX
E-mail Thurrock Museum 
 Thurrock Museum Web site
Phone: +44 (0)1375 385484  -  Fax: +44 (0)1375 392666

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Colchester Camping and Caravan Park
A warm welcome awaits you at this beautiful touring park located just outside the historic town of Colchester "Brit
T: 01206 545551
Coopers Beach Holiday Park
Enjoy a leisurely break at this relaxing Park on leafy Mersea Island, with stunning views across the Blackwater Estuary.
T: 0871 664 9730
Debden House Campsite
Debden House Campsite, has attracted thousands of people from all over the world to its fifty acre setting, backing onto
T: 0208 508 3008
Highfield Holiday Park
With Clacton-on-Sea's golden beaches, the famous Victorian pier, amusements, shopping, and the many exciting attrac

T: 0871 664 9745

Horny Horse

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Free Fishing UK 
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Golf Clubs in Essex
Mercia Golf

The image “http://www.tigerdoomgolf.co.uk/postergirl.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. National County Card
Buy a National County Card Here
Benefits for Golfers

    * Play over 1,000 courses at the members' guest rate or similar.
    * Get discounts at some of the top clubs - discounts that are often not available via any other scheme.
    * Support your Club - when you join, your golf club also receives £5* which can go towards either keeping membership fees lower or club development.
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Abridge G&CC,
Epping Lane, Stapeford Tawney, RM4 1ST

Ballards Gore G&CC,
Gore Road, Canewdon, Rochford, SS4 2DA

Clayhill Lane, Kingswood, Basildon, SS16 5JP

Eastwood Road North, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 4LR

Belhus Park G&CC,
Belhus Park, South Ockendon, RM15 4QR

Bentley G&CC,
Ongar Road, Brentwood, Pilgrims Hatch,
CM15 9SS

Benton Hall G&CC,
Wickham Hill, Witham, CM8 3LH

Birch Grove,
Layer Road, Colchester, CO2 0HS

Epping Road North Weald, Epping, Essex
CM16 6RZ

Boyce Hill,
Vicarage Hill, Benfleet, SS7 1PD

Kings Lane, Stisted, Braintree, CM7 8DD

Braxted Park,
Braxted Park, Witham, CM8 3EN

Brentwood Golf Centre at Hartswood,
King George's Playing Fields, Brentwood, CM14 5AE

Bunsay Downs,
Little Baddow Road, Woodham Walter,

Ferry Road, Creeksea, Burnham-on-Crouch, CM0 8PQ

The Burstead,
Tye Common Road, Little Burstead, Billericay, CM12 9SS

Canons Brook,
Elizabeth Way, Harlow, CM19 5BE

Castle Point,
Waterside Farm, Somnes Avenue, Canvey Island, SS8 9FG

Belsteads Farm Lane, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, CM3 3PT

Widford Road, Chelmsford, CM2 9AP

High Road, Chigwell, IG7 5BH

Clacton-on Sea,
West Road, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 1AJ

Colchester GC ,
Braiswick, Colchester, CO4 5AU

Colne Valley,
Station Road, Earls Colne, CO6 2LT

Crondon Park,
Stock Road, Stock, CM4 9DP

Crowlands Heath,
Wood Lane, Dagenham, RM8 1JX

Dunton Hills,
West Horndon, Brentwood, CM13 3LT

Elsenham Golf Centre,
Hall Road, Elsenham, Bishop's Storford,
CM22 6DH

Essex G&CC,
Earls Colne, Colchester, CO6 2NS

Essex Golf Centre/Hainault Forest,
Romford Road, Chigwell Row, IG7 4QW
TEETIMES: Lower Course - Upper Course

Fairlop Waters,
Forest Road, Barkingside, Ilford, IG6 3HN

Five Lakes,
Colchester Road, Tolleshunt Knights, Maldon,

Forrester Park,
Beckingham Road, Great Totham, Maldon, CM9 8EA

1 The Esplanade, Frinton-on-Sea, CO13 9EP

Garon Park Golf Complex
Garon Park, Eastern Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 4FA

Gosfield Lake,
The Manor House, Gosfield, Halstead, CO9 1SE

Hall Lane Park Pitch and Putt
Hall Lane, Upminster RM14 1AU

Lords Golf&CC/Hanover,
Hullbridge Road, Rayleigh, SS6 9QS

Harwich & Dovercourt,
Station Road, Parkeston, Harwich, CO12 4NZ

Main Road, Margaretting, Ingatestone Essex CM4 0ET

291 Wanstead Park Road, Ilford, IG1 3TR

Langdon Hills,
Lower Dunton Road, Bulphan, RM14 3TY

Lexden Wood,
Bakers Lane, Colchester, CO3 4AU

Lords/The Notleys,
The Green, White Notley, Witham, CM8 1RG

Clays Lane, Debden Green, Loughton, IG10 2RZ

Beeleigh Langford, Maldon, CM9 6LL

Mardyke Valley,
South Road, South Ockendon, Essex,
RM15 6RR

Harold Park, Romford, RM3 0AZ

Millers Barn,
Jaywick Lane, Clacton on Sea Colchester CO15 2PH

Middle Street, Nazeing, EN9 2LW

Noak Hill,
187 Noak Hill Road,
Billericay, Essex, CM12 9UL

North Weald,
Rayley Lane, North Weald, Epping, CM16 6AR

Brentwood Road, Orsett, RM16 3DS

Regiment Way Golf Centre,
Back Lane, Little Waltham, Chelsmford,

Risebridge Chase, Lower Bedfords Road, Romford, RM1 4DG

Rivenhall Oaks,
Forest Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 2PS

Rochford Hundred,
Rochford Hall, Hall Road, Rochford, SS4 1NW

Heath Drive, Gidea Park, Romford, RM2 5QB

Royal Epping Forest - see London

Saffron Walden,
Windmill Hill, Saffron Walden, CB10 1BX

South Essex G & CC,
Brentwood Road, Herongate, CM13 3LW

St Cleres Hall,
London Road, Corringham, SS16 0LX

Stapleford Abbotts,
Horsemanside, Tysea Hill, Stapleford Abbotts, RM4 1JU

The Priors,
Horseman's Side, Tysea Hill, Stapleford Abbotts, RM4 1JU

Stock Brook Manor,
Queen's Park Avenue, Stock, Nr Billericay, CM12 0SP

Theydon Bois,
Theydon Road, Epping, CM16 4EH

Thorndon Park,
Ingrave, Brentwood, CM13 3RH

Thorpe Hall,
Thorpe Hall Avenue, Thorpe Bay, SS1 3AT

Three Rivers G&CC,
Stow Road, Cold Norton, Purleigh Nr Chelmsford CM3 6RR

Toot Hill,
School Road, Toot Hill, Ongar, CM5 9PU

Top Meadow,
Fen Lane, North Ockendon, Upminster RM14 3PR

Unex Towerlands,
Panfield Road, Braintree, CM7 5BJ

114 Hall Lane, Upminster, RM14 1AU

Overton Drive, Wanstead, Essex, E11 2LW

Warley Park,
Magpie Lane, Little Warley, Brentwood,
CM13 3DX

Woodham Walter, Maldon, CM9 6RW

Weald Park Hotel G&CC,
Coxtie Green Road, South Weald, Brentwood, CM14 5RJ

West Park
Waterhouse Lane, Chelmsford CM1 2RY

Woodford Manor G&CC,
2 Sunset Avenue, Woodford Green, IG8 0ST

Woolston Manor,
Woolston Manor, Abridge Road, Chigwell,


The Belvedere
Hardings Elms Road, Crays Hill, Billericay, Essex, CM11 2UH

Warley Gap, Brentwood Essex, CM13 3DP

293 Waltham Way, Chingford E4 8AQ

Old Ipswich Road, Ardleigh, Colchester Essex CO7 7QR

Whalebone Lane, Chadwell Heath, Essex, RM6 6SB

Epping Golf Range, UK Golf Academy
Upland Rd, Thornwood, Epping CM16 6NL

Hamford View
Harwich CO12 5JJ

Leigh Marshes, Leigh On Sea, SS9 2E

London Road, Rawreth, Wickford Essex SS11 8TZ

Swingfield Family Golf Centre
Steeple Rd, Latchingdon, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 6LD

Newbridge Road, Tiptree, Colchester, Essex, CO5 0HZ

Top Golf Game Centre
Abridge Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6BX

Woodham Mortimer
Burnham Road, Woodham Mortimer, CM9 6SR


Ballards Gore
Belhus Park
Castle Point
Crondon Park
Crowlands Heath
Dunton Hills
Essex G&CC
Essex Golf Centre/ Hainault Forest
Fairlop Waters
Five Lakes
Garon Park Golf Complex
Langdon Hills
Lords Golf&CC/Hanover

Lexden Wood
Lords/The Notleys
Mardyke Valley
Millers Barn
North Weald
Regiment Way
Rivenhall Oaks
Saffron Walden
South Essex
St Cleres Hall
Stock Brook Manor
Toot Hill
Top Meadow
Unex Towerlands
Warley Park
Weald Park
Woolston Manor

Horse Riding In Essex & East London
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Cupid Centre Mercia Horseriding

Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre Ltd Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre Ltd
Aldborough Hatch,
Tel: 01208 590 1433
Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre has for the past 53 years offered Riding Lessons to both Children and Adults and now runs a wide range of courses designed to meet the requirements of our clients
Aldersbrook Riding School and Livery Stables  Empress Avenue
Manor Park
    E12 5HW
Tel : 020 8530 4648
email :

The stables have been in Empress Avenue for over 30 years.
The links   will introduce you to the yard, the staff and most importantly, the horses.
 In 1973, Ida wanted to get ponies and children together for their mutual benefit. That aim remains today. Over 20 years ago, by popular demand, a livery stables was established. Both businesses continue to express the same ethos with which it started.

Armoury Farm Livery Stables
 Armoury Road
West Bergholt
Tel :01206241939

Ashingdon Riding Centre
Ashingdon Riding Centre
Canewdon Road
Tel : 01702206531
Well established small riding school. Lessons for all ages, nervous beginners welcome. All weather manege. Hacking out available. Weight limit 18 st.
 Attridges Farm Stables Rands Road, High Roding, GREAT DUNMOW, Essex CM6 1NQ

Mobile: 07887 603707
Email: attridges@sky.com

Attridges is a family run business run by the proprietors Mr and Mrs A Mathies, who eat, sleep and breathe horses.Horses have been in the family for generations with  a wealth of experience to go with.

Andrew runs the Attridges polo club, which is affiliated, to the HPA. Andrew is a qualified Polo coach and offers polo lessons to anyone that can ride.
Julia has competed all levels of show jumping, cross-country, team chasing, eventing and point to point and has trained and continues to train many good horses.

There is stabling for 32 horses at Attridges, The polo club is run out of another yard in Bishop Stortford throughout the summer season which is between April and September, and returns to Attridges for the winter Indoor season October to March.

 Barnards Farm Riding Centre
Barnards Farm Riding Centre
Ms Hannah Mays
Debden Green, SAFFRON WALDEN, Essex CB11 3LU

Tel: 01371 830043
Email: hmv@fast-mail.net

Barnfields Stables  Sewardstone Road
    E4 7RH
 Tel : 0208 529 5200
We are a small friendly school with only 10 horses and ponies. Training to BHS Stage and NVQ courses run.Situated on Sewardstone Road, 100 yards past 'Freddies' Public House, easily visible as the only Riding School marks on Sewardstone Road in the 'A - Z'.
  The Barrow Farm Group Barrow Farm,
Tel: 01277 821538
Barrow farm is a dedicated R.D.A. riding school. We teach both riding and carriage driving to children and adults with special needs and disabilities. We are between Loves Green and Blacmore.
Belfairs Riding School Sovereign  Belfairs Riding School
Belfairs Park
Tel : 01702 525571
Belfairs Riding School offers lessons and hacking for adults and children of all abilities. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced rider we have horses and ponies to suit everyone. We are located in Belfairs Park in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, where the surrounding woods provide the ideal place to enjoy horse-riding.  Regular riders can become a member and take advantage of discounted prices on weekly riding, plus long bank holidays rides, beach and pub rides and social events throughout the year.  The Southend branch of the Riding for the Disabled Association also runs regular sessions at the Riding School.
  Blue Sabre Riding School

We are a small friendly riding school, lessons are graded according to the rider's ability with a maximum of eight in a lesson. From Maldon on B1022 to Colchester. In Tiptree turn right by New Times Pub into Station Road. Second right (by phone box) into Bull Lane. Onto unmade road 200 yards, turn left (signed Blue Sabre Riding School) The car park is at the top of the drive through the gate.
Bons Farm Stables

 Bons Farm Cottages
Stapleford Road
Stapleford Abbott
Tel :07903245806

Boyles Court Farm Boyles Court Farm Dark Lane
Great Warley
CM14 5LL
Tel : 01277210171
Boyles Court Farm is in Brentwood, Boyles Court Farm offers Horse riding, horse riding lessons, horse riding courses, kids horse riding
Bretons Equestrian Centre

Bretons Cottages
Rainham Road
RM13 7LL
Tel : 01708524616
A large, mainly open recreation ground supporting a variety of activities including football, horse riding and model flying. There is also a large lake surrounded by mature trees.
Brick House Farm
Haven Road
Canvey Island
Tel : 01268683578

Brook Farm Equestrian Centre

Stock Road,
Tel: 01277 840425
Email: brook.farm@dsl.pipex.com
Website: http://www.brookfarm.ws

  Brook Farm Riding School
Brook Farm Stables
Mr B Christmas
Colchester Main Road, Alresford, Colchester, Essex CO7 8AP
Manager: Mrs Josephine Holland
Tel: 01206 822502
Fax: 01206 250469
Email: josephine.holland@virgin.net
A friendly riding school catering for all ages and abilities. Established over 40 years ago. Lessons are offered in large indoor school with experienced instructors. Hacking available along bridleways nearby. Many activities for children during the school. Weight limit 13 st.
Buckhatch Equestrian Centre
 Buckhatch Lane
Rettendon Common
Tel : 01245400199

Burches Riding School Burches Riding School
Great Burches Road,
Tel: 01268 776654
Mobile: 0777 6176322
Email: burchesrc@btopenworld.com

Graham and Lynne Bush. A family run riding school for over 20 years, with the emphasis on safety and fun. A127 to Rayleigh Weir take the slip road on the left, turn right to Hadleigh, follow the signpost to Thundersley along Hart road to common approach and into Great Burches road, the school is 1 mile on the right.
Chelmsford Equestrian Centre  Beehive Lane,
Tel: 01245 358116
Indoor school, 2 outdoor floodlit maneges, cross country course and showjumps all set in 80 acres. BHS qualified instructors. Livery available.
Church House Farm Livery Yard

Church House Farm
Hazeleigh Hall Lane
Woodham Mortimer
Tel : 01621828418

Classical Dressage

Bury Farm Cottages
St. Marys Lane
RM14 3PH
Tel : 07778970391

Coach House Livery Stables

Little Gregories
Little Gregories Lane
Theydon Bois
CM16 7JP
Tel : 01992813751

Colchester Equestrian Centre

 Park House
Layer Road
Tel : 01206734516

 Colchester Garrison Saddle Club Colchester Garrison Saddle Club
Fletchers Farm,
Rams Farm Road,
Tel: 01206 242210
Email: cgsc@hotmail.co.uk
Colchester Garrison Saddle Club is a British Horse Society and Pony Club approved riding establishment providing lessons for adults and children from 5 years upwards. Hacking is available in the local beautiful countryside. Hire of horses and ponies is available for on site clinics with outside trainers and show jumping/dressage competitions held regularly throughout the year. Our facilities include a 40 x 20m indoor school and two outdoor schools. We also offer NVQ courses run in conjunction with the college of West Anglia.We are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.
 Colmar Farm Riding School LTD Colmar Farm Riding School Colmar Farm Riding School Ltd
Weald Park Way,
South Weald,
CM14 5QH
Tel: 01277 203760
Our Instructors are fully Qualified and teach a wide range of standards and abilities, to adults and children:-
Classes - From the age of 6 years we offer class lessons from total beginners to advanced. These are held at various times and days throughout the week (Please see Timetable)Adults:
Classes - These are held on a Tuesday, Thursday & Friday during the day plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons (See Timetable). Complete beginners must have one to one instruction until they are of suitable standard to be allowed into class lessons (See Private Lessons).
Please be aware we have a weight limit of 14.5 stone.
Private Lessons - These take place on a Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, between the hours of 9am-4pm. Please ring for more details.
During the summer months we hold regular hack over to South Weald Park. Hacks are held during the rest of the year at various times - weather permitting. New clients must have an assessment lesson before booking a hack.
Court Farm Livery

Park Lane
South Ockendon
RM15 4UD
Tel : 01708865659

Crockleford Stud

Bromley Road
Tel : 01206870181

D'Arcy Riding Stables
 Chapel Rd Tolleshunt Darcy
Tel: 01621 860553
Established for 25 years the centre offers lessons on a good range of horses and ponies, from the very quiet to those suitable for the more advanced riders.
Danbury Carriage Driving Centre

 Chamberlains Farm
Sporehams Lane
Tel:  01245 226 745
Fax: 01245 226 745

 Eastminster School of Riding Ltd our livery yard Eastminster School of Riding Ltd
Mr & Mrs Ackland
Hooks Hall Farm, The Chase, Rush Green, ROMFORD, Essex RM7 0SS
email us
Tel: 01708 447423
The Riding School is approved by both the Association of British Riding Schools and the British Horse Society to A.I. level. We were established in 1947 and cater for all standards of rider. We are a family run establishment and strive to ensure that everyone enjoys their time with us. We have a good social side with a dinner dance, quiz nights, barbecues, discos and trips to various events.
Elmwood Equestrian Centre
Elm Farm House
Maldon Road
Burnham On Crouch
Tel : 01621783216

We teach riders of all stages. Plenty of hacking on experienced horses over miles of farm land.
B1010 from Althane to Burnham-on-Crouch
Epping - Forest Lodge Riding School Ltd   Epping Road
NR City Limits
CM16 5HW
 Tel :  01992 812137

 Essex - Orsett - Foxhound Riding School Ltd

 Foxhound Riding School Ltd
Baker Street,
RM16 3LJ
Tel: 01375 891367
 Indoor school, outdoor manege and dressage ring. Road safety exam centre.
Harold's Park Farm Riding Centre Bumbles Green
Essex EN9 2SF
Telephone .: 01992 893 948
Email .:
Our BHS Approved livery yard has stables to accomodate up to 80 horses. The yard is situated in beautiful rolling Essex countryside. Less than 5 miles from Waltham Abbey and only 20 miles from Central London, we have 500 acres which includes, grazing, hay, Christmas trees and arable land as well as 75 acres of woodland.  Our farm has its own grass rides and there is direct access straight onto bridle-paths which lead to Long Green, Galley Hill and Epping Green.  Shows are held regularly on a fortnightly basis and the indoor arena even houses a cafe serving snacks, hot and cold drinks where competitors and spectators alike can watch the shows and events at their leisure. Other facilities include a Claydon horse walker, indoor washdown area, horse solarium, tea room, mens and ladies toilets and as well as being BHS approved, the farm is residential.

  Harwood Hall Competition & Livery Centre

Harwood Livery Centre
Mrs A Pye
The Stables, Harwood Hall Lane, Upminster, Essex RM14 2YG

Tel: 01708 222587
Mobile: 07950 876662
Email: ann.pye1@btinternet.com

Essex - Romford - Havering Park Riding School & Club

Havering Park Riding School & Club
David Smyth
Havering-Atte-Bower, ROMFORD, Essex RM4 1RJ

Tel: 01708 746246

 High Beech Riding School High Beech Riding School
Packsaddle Farm,
Pynest Green Lane,
Waltham Abbey
Tel: 0208 508 8866,
Mobile: 0780 851986
Email: office@highbeechridingschool.co.uk
At High Beech Riding School our aim is to teach you to ride,
or improve your riding in a friendly atmosphere and pleasant surroundings. We are situated in Pynest Green Lane and cater for all riders, from teaching the beginner or novice in our indoor school to experienced riders wishing to improve their technique.  We also offer hacking with over 6000 acres of woodland to explore. High Beech Riding School is approved by the British Horse Society, The Association of British Riding Schools and a KEITS Training and Assessment centre.

 Hockley Equestrian Centre
Hockley Equestrian Centre
Mrs S Coombes and Mrs M Peacock BHSAIRgd
Church Road, HOCKLEY, Essex SS5 6AE

Tel: 01702 207166
Mobile: 07748 490985
Email: sylviacoombes@live.co.uk
Website: http://www.hockleyequestriancentre.co.uk

Hockley Equestrian Centre is a friendly family-run horse riding school that was established in 1981 and is located in an old part of Hockley, Essex, close to the 12th Century church of St. Peter and St. Paul.Qualified tuition by BHSAI registered instructors, suitable for complete novice to advanced levels, is available in both group and individual lessons.Lessons are generally either 30 or 60 minutes in duration, and may be block-booked in advance to receive a discount. Gift vouchers for Christmas and Birthday presents are also available. As a member of the Association of British Riding Schools, we are able to offer riding tests for various skills and at all levels.
Lee Valley Riding Centre  Lea Bridge Road
 E10 7QL
Tel: 020 8556 2629
Set in the heart of East London, in the green surroundings of Lee Valley Regional Park, Lee Valley Riding Centre caters for beginners and experienced riders in a friendly environment.  The Centre is a British Horse Society (BHS) accredited riding school and the first equestrian centre in the UK to be awarded a QUEST accreditation – a leisure industry award that recognises best practice.   The Riding Centre’s 45 horses and ponies have been carefully chosen to be safe, sensible and fun and include cobs, thoroughbreds and Welsh ponies.
Limebrook Farm Riding School and Livery Yard Limebrook Farm
Wycke Hill (A414)
Tel (01621) 853671

Email: info@limebrook.com
On our website we have information about the Livery Yard and the stables, information about our horses and ponies, and pages of interesting horse facts and information about riding in general, from the history of saddles to articles from William Gibson's 1751 Treatise on Horses.

Essex - Chelmsford - Little Montrose Riding Establishment

Birchwood Road,
Tel: 01621 828231
Mobile: 07840 925073
Small and friendly yard catering for all riders whether novice or experienced, either riding for fun or working for exams.
Weight Limit 12 st.
 Longwood Equestrian Centre Aerial View of Longwood Equestrian Centre Longwood Equestrian Centre
Dry Street,
SS16 5NG
Tel: 01268 541177
Longwood has been established for over 30 years not only as a competition centre but as a B.H.S. Approved Riding School with on-site facilities including viewing gallery, cafeteria and tack shop. Our covered Arena is 100'x160' with a similar size silica sand and rubber ménage. There is ample parking for both cars and horseboxes. We are situated in the south east of England just off the A13.

Essex - Althorne - Medway Farm Equestrian Centre

     Southminster Road
Tel : 01621 70419
Fax: 01621 740419
Mobile:  07768 353624
Medway Farm is a friendly riding school catering for riders of all levels. We specialise in teaching children in a relaxed and friendly environment with an emphasis on safety.
  Mill Lane Riding School
Littlebury Hall,
Stapleford Road,
Chipping Ongar,
Tel: 01277 366766
Small friendly yard, established for 16 years, with indoor school. Children's lessons Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Hacking lessons weekdays/eve.
Mudchute Equestrian Centre

       Pier Street
   E14 9HP
Tel : 020 7515 0749

Newham Riding School and Association
  The Docklands Equestrian Centre
2 Claps Gate Lane
Tel : 020 7511 3917

Norton Heath Equestrian Centre
Fingrith Hall Lane,
Essex CM4 0JN
Tel :  :- 01277 824860
Fax :- 01277 823948

Email info@nortonheath.com 
Tack Shop for all your equestrian needs.  Telephone (01277) 824035. Licensed bar open Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 pm and all other show daysOutdoor Arena measures 60m x 65m and has a waxed surface, which is ideal for Dressage, Show jumping and Training. Can be split into 2 arenas.   Indoor Arena  25m x 52m with a sand and fibre surface. With its own viewing gallery and is overlooked by our our licensed bar and cafe. Not only suitable for equine events but has also been used for dog shows etc.  Cafe. .. or why not enjoy a cold drink or cappuccino and view from our warm and friendly cafeteria. Drinks, sweets and snacks available all day, as well as proper home cooking.  Stabling  18 stables in a secure barn, plus 42 additional stables mostly newly refurbished. Bedding can be supplied if required. 60 permanent stables Temporaries can be obtained if they are required.

Park Farm Equestrian Centre
Park Farm Riding Centre Ltd
Mrs Sue Hollingsworth BHSI
Park Farm Road, Little Horkesley, COLCHESTER CO6 4FD

Tel: 01206 271535
Email: park.farm@tiscali.co.uk
Website: http://www.pfrc.co.uk

Park Farm Riding Centre provides a selection of horses and ponies to suit novice and more experienced riders, particularly children and teenagers, for an enjoyable experience whether it is a lesson, a club, a holiday course, a mini-camp or even a birthday party! Lightweight adults are also welcome (under 11.5 stone).  Park Farm has been established since 1970 with Sue Hollingsworth and is approved by the Association of British Riding Schools.  We are located in the attractive countryside in Little Horkesley on the Essex Suffolk border within easy reach of the A134 and the B1508.

 Pied Horse Equitation
Skreens Park Farm,
Skreen Park,
Nr Chelmsford,
CM1 4NN.
Tel: 01245 248003
Mobile: 07870 147286
Email: cathyglen@lineone.net

Based in the heart of the Essex countryside, and yet only a few miles from Chelmsford, Pied Horse Equitation offers quality riding tuition and livery services to discerning customers. Pied Horse Equitation is run by Cathy Glen BHSII (Reg'd) and is proud to be BHS approved as a riding establishment which is subject to stringent welfare standards and fully insured and we also recently received approval from the ABRS (Association of British Riding Schools).
Essex - Chigwell - Pony Riding for the Disabled Trust
Chigwell Riding Trust for Special Needs
Chigwell Riding Trust
Grange Farm
High Road
  IG7 6DP
Tel : 020 8500 6051
Fax: 020 8502 6521

Queen Elizabeth Riding School

 Forest Side
E4 6BA
 Tel : 020 8529 1223

Essex - Benfleet - Ragwood Riding Centre
Ragwood Riding Centre
Mrs Sheila Meggison and Mrs Chris Lazell
154 Daws Heath Road, Thundersley, BENFLEET, Essex SS7 2TB

Tel: 01702 556520
Mobile: 0777 8890154
Email: ragwoodrc@btconnect.com

 Rawreth Equestrian Centre
Rawreth Equestrian Centre
Church Road,
SS11 8SH
Tel: 01268 733008
Rawreth Equestrian Centre, owned by Lorraine and Steve Jack. We have been established as a BHS Approved Riding School and Livery Yard for over 15 years. Through the School we can offer lessons from the beginner to the advanced rider and cater for children as well as adults. We also run a Riding session for the Disabled. Our livery service caters for all horses and ponies, from children's first ponies through to the competition horse and everything in between!

 Rayne Riding Centre

Rayne Riding Centre
Fairy Hall Lane,
CM77 6SZ
Tel: 01376 322231
Rayne Riding Centre is situated 2 miles West of Braintree. Established in 1982, we were B.H.S approved from the start and are developing into a teaching and exam centre. We hold stage I ,II and riding and road safety exams gaining the B.H.S centre of excellence in 2002. The chief instructress is Mrs. Carolyn Pewter who is B.H.S SM IT BHSAI registered.
As well as teaching and organsising hacks in the local countryside, We also run various dressage and jumping events for our clients.

Runningwell Equestrian Club
Runningwell Equestrian Indoor School
 Warren Road,
Rettendon Common,
Tel/Fax: 01268 711221
 Email: info@runningwell.co.uk
Runningwell Equestrian Centre is set in 25 acres of grounds, which is not only home to the BHS and ABRS approved riding school, Liveries, staff and students, but also to Ruth and Ian, so they are constantly on site to supervise the daily running of the centre.
We have a wide range of extremely well maintained facilities. We are constantly improving our centre, and our aim is to provide high quality facilities for our clients. Below is a list of the facilities that we currently have to offer.Runningwell are also equiped to cater for parties,events and social functions. Schools and Private groups are welcome...

Saffron Walden & District Riding Club - Radwinter

Shopland Hall Equestrian Centre
main drive Shopland Hall Equestrian Centre
Shopland Road,
Tel: 01702 543 377
Fax : 01702 530600

Shopland Hall is a family run Equestrian Centre, surrounded by countryside yet only 5 minutes from Southend on Sea. First opened in November 1992, it has become a Riding School, Show Centre and Training Centre of some repute. Our indoor school allows riding to take place in bad weather and provides a safe environment for our beginners.
Outdoor facilities include a two floodlit all weather menages, two jumping paddocks, several standards of Cross-country courses and hacking on private tracks.Some of these facilities are available for hire.
Riding Instruction Instruction is available for all standards from beginner to BHS instructor level, children and adults. Our youngest rider to date is 14 months old, our oldest rider - we didn't ask
With Fun Days, 'Own a Pony for 2 days', Children's Birthday Parties, Progressive Riding Tests and Clients shows, we aim to provide more than just riding lessons.
Squirrels Stables Squirrels Stables
Katy and Owen Griffiths
Old Mead Road, Henham, Bishops Stortford CM22 6JQ

Tel: 01279 850461
Mobile: 07867 591458
Email: griffiths40@tiscali.co.uk
Website: http://www.squirrelsstables.co.uk
We are located in Henham near Bishop's Stortford and Saffron Walden.We are a riding school mainly for children aged from 5 to 16, from beginner to advanced.  Tuition is given on our well schooled ponies in groups of no more than 4. Go to 'Our Ponies' to learn more about them. The lesson prices range from half hour group lessons at £15 (although if you pay for a six week course in advance this is reduced to £12 per lesson) to £25 for a half hour individual lesson. Please telephone for other prices. We also cater for Birthday Parties, have Own a Pony Mornings and are affiliated to The Pony Club. We can now offer tuition for adults during the week and by arrangement at weekends. Hacking is also available but only after an assessment by our instructors.
St. Margaret’s Riding School The view from the menage. St. Margaret’s Riding School
Botney Hill Road
Little Bursted
CM12 9SJ
Tel: 01277 632438.
Mob : 0776 5125686
We are a fully licensed riding school and livery yard.  We provide riding lessons; with over twenty years experience, our riding school will give you a great day out, no matter what your experience.  We can stable your horse; we currently look after six of our customer's horses and are able to keep yours in equine paradise. We offer livery; our stables are warm and dry and the grass is green. All set in the beautiful countryside of Essex.
Essex - Grays - Tally Ho Riding School
Biggin Lane
Chadwell St. Mary
 Tel : 01375 858038

Tiptree Equestrian Centre
Pony Block Simpson's Lane
Tel : 01621 815552
We offer riding lessons on well schooled horses and ponies.  All types of livery for your horse or pony are available  We hold regular shows and classes in dressage and show jumping and are extremely fortunate to have fantastic hacking nearby including EAFR rides.
Unex Towerlands - Braintree

Upminster Riding Club - Orsett

Wix Equestrian Centre - nr Manningtree

 Woodredon Riding School
Woodredon Riding School
Woodredon Farm Lane,
Waltham Abbey
Tel: 01992 714312/711144
Mobile: 07951 609577
Email: woodredon.ec@virgin.net
Website: http://www.woodredonec.co.uk

Woodredon Equestrian Centre is a family run, purpose built riding school and livery yard sited in 45 acres. We are approved by the ABRS and BHS. Our experienced team of qualified instructors have many years experience in teaching people to ride through all stages and levels, from absolute beginner to accomplished competitor. Woodredon EC is surrounded by the historic Epping Forest with the provision of approximately 50 miles of tracks which form a network for all year round hacking. We offer lessons for all abilities from age 4 years onwards, for adults as well as children. We offer training in jumping for novice through to affiliated competitors as well as dressage training and advanced flatwork lessons. Our lessons vary from private tuition to group lessons and organised hacks through the forest for both children (including lead rein) and adults.
Woodlands Dressage Centre - Chingford

 Writtle College
Group of students with horse Writtle College
Cow Watering Lane,
Tel: 01245 420705
Equine is a leisure pastime, professional sporting activity and a thriving industry that offers employment opportunities on all levels. The equine industry can be broadly divided into the Thoroughbred and non-Thoroughbred sectors. Most people in the horse world start with practical jobs such as being a stud groom, riding instructor, equine physiotherapist or yard manager. Nowadays there are plenty of opportunities on the research side such as working in nutrition, horse rehabilitation, technical veterinary support or equine welfare. The College's Equine Training and Development Unit provides stabling for around 40 horses and incorporates a range of stable designs. There is also a 50 x 40m indoor arena and two outdoor arenas, horse walker, jumping paddocks and a cross country course. At the Unit students can develop practical skills, from grooming, tacking up and clipping through to lungeing and first aid skills. The Lordships Stud is an extensive working stud unit which houses a variety of broodmares, foals, stallions and youngstock. It operates as a commercial stud and as an excellent educational facility for students.In line with BHS training centre standards and due to the nature of the horses at the unit, we ask that students weigh no more than 13 stone. Non-riding stud options are available where appropriate.

Tennis Clubs In Essex

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