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Facebook is suing a company called Teachbook  , which operates a social networking site for teachers, apparently because it has "book" in its name and "competes" with Facebook. Teachbook is described as "a professional community for teachers". Sounds like a threat to Facebook's existence doesn't it?  Well we know of a book that predates Facebook and tells us all about Worcestershire . Yes "The Doomsdaybook! The Domesday Book was commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066. The first draft was completed in August 1086 and contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees (the border with Scotland at the time). Read about Worcestershire in The Doomsday Book
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The Comprehensive Website for the Ancient English Kingdom of Mercia   
Mercia, sometimes spelled Mierce , was one of the kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, in what is now the Midlands region of England, with its heart in the Trent valley and its tributary streams. This site shows  places of Interest & Events in  Worcestershire. 
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Royal Three Counties Show
14th - 16th June 2013
The image “http://www.threecounties.co.uk/images/eventgalleryimages/134_1_2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “http://www.threecounties.co.uk/images/eventitems/23_1_4.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. http://www.threecounties.co.uk/images/eventitems/78_1_4.jpg http://www.threecounties.co.uk/images/eventitems/20_3_1.jpg http://providerfiles2.thedms.co.uk/eandapics/HF/1393090_1020.jpg

From humble origins in 1797, and a membership of just 100, the Three Counties Agricultural Society was established to promote agriculture, horticulture and food production in the counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. This non profit-making charity now enjoys the respect of breeders and agriculturialists worldwide, boasting high profile sponsorship and fixed assets of around 1.6 million. It works closely with education providers to develop national curriculum-based projects for students and teachers throughout the region.  Its permanent Showground home sits at the foot of the magnificent Malvern Hills in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. The 68 acre site extends to 300 acres of land including the 100 year old Langdale Wood.  The Showground is the venue for a whole host of prestigious events every year ranging from gardening, livestock and equestrian shows to arena concerts, fairs and rallies. In fact, it welcomes more than a million visitors annually!  It has well-maintained grounds, an internal road network, 10,000 square metres of covered space, an Equestrian Centre and parking for 20,000 vehicles.

Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire  WR13 6NW UK  Tel: 01684 584900  Fax: 01684 584910
Book Tickets: 01684 584924  website: 

Friday 14 June 2013 Three Counties Showground Buy Tickets
Saturday 15 June 2013 Three Counties Showground Buy Tickets
Sunday 16 June 2013 Three Counties Showground Buy Tickets

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The Angles Have Landed
The Angles came here for a visit 1515 years ago and liked it so much they have stayed.
According to sources such as the History of Bede, after the invasion of Britannia, the Angles split up and founded the kingdoms of the Nord Angelnen (Northumbria), Ost Angelnen (East Anglia), and the Mittlere Angelnen (Mercia).  Confirmation is afforded by English and Danish traditions relating to two kings named Wermund and Offa of Angel, from whom the Mercian royal family claimed descent and whose exploits are connected with Angeln, Schleswig, and Rendsburg. Danish tradition has preserved record of two governors of Schleswig, father and son, in their service, Frowinus (Freawine) and Wigo (Wig), from whom the royal family of Wessex claimed descent. During the 5th century, the Anglii invaded Great Britain, after which time their name does not recur on the continent except in the title of Suevi Angili.
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Hwicce The territory of the Hwicce roughly corresponded to the Roman civitas of the Dobunni. The area appears to have remained largely British in the first century or so after Britannia left the Roman Empire, but pagan burials and place-names in its north-eastern sector suggest an inflow of Angles,  who may have exacted tribute from British rulers.

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle there was a battle at Dyrham in 577 in which the West Saxons under Ceawlin killed three British kings and captured Gloucester, Cirencester and Bath. However the Angles regained and indeed strengthened their influence over the area in 628, when (says the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle), the West Saxons fought the (Anglian) Penda of Mercia at Cirencester and afterwards came to terms. Penda had evidently won, but he had probably forged an alliance with local leaders, for the former Dobunnic polity did not immediately become part of Mercia. Instead it became the allied or client kingdom of the Hwicce.
The first probable kings of whom we read were two brothers, Eanhere and Eanfrith. Bede notes that Queen Eafe "had been baptised in her own country, the kingdom of the Hwicce. She was the daughter of Eanfrith, Eanhere's brother, both of whom were Christians, as were their people." From this we deduce that Eanfrith and Eanhere were of the royal family and that theirs was a Christian kingdom.

It is likely that the Hwicce were converted to Christianity by the British Church, rather than the mission from Pope Gregory I, since Bede was well-informed on the latter and does not mention the conversion of the Hwicce.  Though place-names show that Anglo-Saxon settlement was widespread in the territory, the limited spread of pagan burials suggest that British Christianity survived the influx, as do two eccles place names. There are also probable British Christian burials beneath Worcester Cathedral and St Mary de Lode, Gloucester.[  So it seems that incoming Anglo-Saxons were absorbed into the existing Church. The ruling dynasty of the Hwicce were probably key figures in the process. Perhaps they sprang from intermarriage between Anglian and British leading families. By a complex chain of reasoning, we can deduce that Eanhere married Osthryth, daughter of Oswiu of Northumbria and had sons by her named Osric, Oswald and Oshere. Osthryth is recorded as the wife of Æthelred of Mercia. An earlier marriage to Eanhere would explain why Osric and Oswald are described as Æthelred's nepotes — usually translated as nephews or grandsons, but here probably meaning stepsons.

Osric was anxious for the Hwicce to gain their own bishop,S51, but it was Oshere whose influence was seen behind the creation of the see of Worcester in 679–80. Presumably Osric was dead by that time. Tatfrid of Whitby was chosen as the first bishop of the Hwicce, but died before ordination, so he was replaced by Bosel.   A 12th-century chronicler of Worcester comments that Worcester was selected as the seat of the bishop because it was the capital of the Hwicce.

Oshere was succeeded by his sons Æthelheard, Æthelweard and Æthelric. At the beginning of Offa's reign we find the kingdom ruled by three brothers, named Eanberht, Uhtred and Aldred, the two latter of whom lived until about 780. After them the title of king seems to have been given up. Their successor Æthelmund, who was killed in a campaign against Wessex in 802, is described only as an earl. The district remained in possession of the rulers of Mercia until the fall of that kingdom. Together with the rest of English Mercia it submitted to King Alfred about 877–883 under Earl Æthelred, who possibly himself belonged to the Hwicce. Read Della Hooke, The Anglo-Saxon Landscape: The Kingdom of the Hwicce (1985).

King Oswald of the Hwicce in Stained Glass - © Nash Ford Publishing Statue of King Osric of the Hwicce - © Nash Ford Publishing King Osric of the Hwicce in Stained Glass - © Nash Ford Publishing Monument to King Osric of the Hwicce- © Nash Ford Publishing
Kingdom Conquered By Penda of Mercia
mid-7th century
mid-7th century     Brother of Eanhere.
active 670s     Entombed in Gloucester Cathedral.
active 690s     Brother of Osric. Died before 716.
active 709     Son of Oshere. Issued charter with Æthelweard.
active 709  Son of Oshere.
active 736   Son of Oshere.
active 750s   Not recorded after 759.
active 750s - 779    
active 750s - 778    
Assimilation of the Hwicce into Mercia is completed.
Worcestershire Map Worcestershire in Anglo-Saxon times was a busy commercial area famous for the gathering of salt around the area now known as Droitwich. We are covering the area known as Worcestershire before boundary changes in 1974 which brought about "West Midland" as a pseudo county. This therefore includes Dudley, Stourbridge and Halesowen .


The Map to the left is interactive for you to click onto the various towns in Worcestershire. Below you will find a list of Tourist Offices in Worcestershire who will be only too pleased to make your visit pleasant. After that are the Great Worcestershire Attractions On the left here is our area click map for you to go to the sites in the towns & villages in Sussex. We have a multitude of reference pages which were created some time ago and are now under reconstruction. So on here you will find dedicated pages to specialist activities in Wessex & Mercia. These include a list of Golf Clubs,Tennis Clubs, and Racetracks . Click here to contact us

Map of Worcestershire

Tourist Offices
World SIM Card
Tourist Information Centre
Load St, Bewdley, Worcestershire, DY12 2AE Tel: 01299 404740  Fax: 01299 404740
Email: bewdleytic@btconnect.com

Tourist Information Centre
1 Cotswold Court, Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7AA Tel: 01386 852937
Tourist Information Centre
The Museum, 26 Birmingham Rd, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 0DD Tel: 01527 831809  Fax: 01527 577983
Tourist Information Centre
St Richard's House, Victoria Square, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 8DS Tel: 01905 774312  Fax: 01905 794226
Email: heritage@droitwichspa.gov.uk

Tourist Information Centre

39 Churchill Centre , Dudley, West Midlands  DY2 7BL Tel: 01384 812830  Fax: 01384 815580
Tourist Information Centre
The Almonry ,Abbey Gate ,Evesham ,Worcestershire WR11 4BG Tel: 01386 446944 Fax: 01386 442348

Tourist Information Centre

21 Church St, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2AA Tel: 01684 892289  Fax: 01684 892872
Tourist Information Centre
Town Hall, 34 High Street, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 1DS Tel: 01386 556591  Fax: 01386 561996
Web: http://www.visitpershore.co.uk

E-mail: tourism@pershore-tc.gov.uk
Tourist Information Centre
Civic Square, Alcester St, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8AH Tel: 01527 60806  Fax: 01527 60806
Email: info.centre@redditchbc.gov.uk

Tourist Information Centre

21 Teme Street , Tenbury Wells , Worcestershire Tel: 01584-810136

Tourist Information Centre
4 High St, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, WR8 0HB Tel: 01684 594200  Fax: 01684 594185
Tourist Information Centre
The Guildhall, High St, Worcester, WR1 2EY Tel: 01905 726311  Fax: 01905 722481
Email: touristinfo@cityofworcester.gov.uk

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Great British Diary
All Saints
Rebuilt in 1715, the church suffered badly during the Civil War however the lower tower dates back to medieval times. Interesting features include a civic sword rest and chained bible which still remain. There is also a monument to the City’s first Mayor, Richard Hurdman.
All Saints, Worcester
Deansway, Worcester, WR1 2JF
Tel: 01905 25952
Alvechurch Boat Centre
With almost 30 years experience of holiday narrow boat rental, the company continues to move forward to keep up with today's changing lifestyle whilst offering a very traditional holiday experience.We are very pleased for the second year running to have been awarded the "Boat Operator of the year" Gold Award, and for the first time the "Tourism Website of the year" Silver Award. All our boats are independently inspected each year by the English Tourism Council. Your guarantee of quality.
Alvechurch Boat Centre
Scarfield Wharf, Alvechurch, B48 7SQ
Tel: 0121
Anderson Gallery
This delightful gallery specialises in modern paintings, sculpture, furniture and other assorted crafts. Boasting a wide range of styles and prices, this gallery aims to cater for everyone who loves modern art and design. The gallery owners hold regular exhibitions featuring exciting original work by serious artists. This gallery also prides itself on recognising that abstract and experimental work has now been around for over a hundred years and it delights in showing work by Whistler, Sickert, Christine Barnett and Anthony Hodge.
96 Upper High Street, Broadway WR12 7AJ
 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm

Tel: 01386
The Countryside Centre is set within 900 acres of the Arrow Valley Country Park. There is a superb network of footpaths and cycleways through the Country Park and fantastic play areas for children. The Lake View Cafe has a balcony overlooking the 30 acre lake where you can enjoy a meal, tea/coffee or ice cream. The centre also has an excellent gift shop full of interesting toys and books and there are conference facilities available for hire. You can fish on the lake, take a picnic or canoe with Youth Afloat. There are events and activities at the centre throughout the year, pick up a leaflet or visit our website for details.
Arrow Valley, Redditch
Battens Drive, South Moons Moat, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0LJ
Tel: 01527 464000
Avoncroft Museum Of Historic Buildings
Avoncroft is a fascinating museum of historic buildings spanning seven centuries, rescued and rebuilt on a beautiful open-air site in the north of Worcestershire.
You can see craftsmen working in a 19th century workshop, admire the splendor of our furnished historic houses, or be transported to the heart of historic social and working life at one of our special events and exhibitions.At Avoncroft you can visit many buildings from different periods, including Victorian Britain at the Toll House, Church and Ledbury Cell Block; Tudor life in our magnificent Merchants House and String of Horses buildings, and experience life getting back to normal following World War II in our reconstructed Arcon V Prefab.View revolutionary machinery that changed the face of architecture through the centuries, as well as seeing our fascinating exhibits of traditional farm buildings, including a 19th century windmill, Perry Mill and our beautiful tithe barn, from Cholstrey in Warwickshire.
Avonscroft Museum
Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove B60 4JR
The Museum is located 2 miles south of Bromsgrove off the A38 bypass, and is signposted from Junctions 4 and 5 of the M5, and Junction 1 of the M42.

 opens to the public from the beginning of March until the first weekend of December, when the Museum holds its annual Festive activities. March : Tuesday - Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 10.30 - 4.00  April - June : Tuesday  - Friday 10.30 - 4.30 Saturday & Sunday 10.30 - 5.00 July & August : All Week 10.30 - 5.00 September & October :Tuesday  - Sunday 10.30 - 4.00  November : Tuesday to Thursday, for pre booked schools only December : First Weekend Only 10.30 - 4.00
E-mail: avoncroft1@

Tel: 01527 831 363
 or 831 886
Battle of Worcester

One of the most momentous events in our history was the Battle of Worcester in 1651. The success of Cromwell in defeating an army made up mainly of Highlanders, had an effect not only on the history of Great Britain, but also of North America.Click here to watch the BBC's enactment of the battle
Battle of Worcester

 Contact the Worcester Tourist
Information Centre
 Email: touristinfo@cityofworcester.gov.uk
01905 726311

Just a few miles west of the town of Bewdley and the River Severn, Bayton is arguably the ideal place from which to explore the magnificent Wyre Forest. The surrounding area has spectacular views - with the Brecon Beacons, the Cotswolds and the Birmingham Hills all visible on a clear day

Bevere Vivis Gallery & Picture Framers
A converted coach house, 3 miles from city centre, offering constantly changing exhibitions of original artwork, woodwork and pottery in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Full programme of courses, creative picture framing.
Bevere Gallery
Bevere Lane, Bevere, Worcester, WR3 7RQ
Tel: 01905 754484
The peaceful riverside setting and the beautiful mix of unspoilt buildings make Bewdley a piece of living history. Dominated by St Anne’s church and Sir Thomas Telford’s bridge, Bewdley is a pretty and peaceful Georgian town, much as it was in the 18th Century. In Bewdley there is an award winning museum with daily demonstrations of traditional crafts and special exhibitions.
Tourist Information
Load St, Bewdley, Worcestershire, DY12 2AE
Email: bewdleytic@btconnect.com
Tel: 01299 404740  Fax: 01299 404740

Bewdley Museum
The museum, housed in the town's old butcher's shambles, provides a fascinating insight into the growth and trades of the town and the lives of its people. Displays feature basket and besom making, charcoal burning, pewtering and brass founding. Daily demonstrations of rope making and clay pipe making, special events and exhibitions. Resident crafts people, herb garden and picnic area.
Bewdley Museum
Load Street
DY12 2AE
Apr - Sep: 10 - 4.30 Oct: 11 - 4

01299 403 573
Blackwell Golf Club
Blackwell golf club was formed in 1893 with a nine hole course on part of Lord Hewell Estate.The Course measures 6260 yards with a par of 70 and an SSS of 71. Today, Blackwell is a club where golfers will find everything which is traditional to the history of the game. Indeed, the club's values are based on and dedicated to, the ideals which first inspired the game of golf - a fair but demanding test of skill and intelligence. Visitors can play by prior arrangement on any weekday. Tuesday is Ladies Day and visitors should check with the professional to see if any starting times are available. No visitors are allowed at weekends unless playing with a member.
Blackwell Golf Club
Agmore Road, Blackwell
Bromsgrove, , Worcestershire B60 1PY
Tel: 0121 445 1994
Bransford Golf Club
Bransford Golf Club at the Bank House Hotel, Golf & Country Club first opened in 1992. It was designed by Bob Sandow and started life as a '11 hole' course which was extended to '18 holes' in 1994.The final stage in 1998 was the completion of a purpose built clubhouse overlooking the 9th and 18th greens, and the Malvern Hills.
Bransford Golf Club
01886 833551
Picture perfect with its honey-coloured Cotswold stone buildings, Broadway is one of the most picturesque of the Cotswold villages. Broadway has attracted visitors from around the world for centuries, with its chocolate box looks you could be stepping onto a film set. With a wide range of antique and high quality shops, breathtaking scenery and with lovely places to stay, Broadway is delightful at any time of the year.
Tourist Information
1 Cotswold Court, Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7AA
Tel: 01386 852937

Broadway Golf Club
We consist of my father John Freeman, a Professional for 50 years, James Latham my Senior Assistant and myself.
We are based at the picturesque Broadway Golf Club, situated on the edge of the Cotswold escarpmentOur ethos is to assist all golfers to reach their full potential and gain maximum enjoyment from their golf, whatever their ability.
We believe in a blend of old traditions and modern ideas; this is why we specialise in club fitting, repairs and coaching, just like “The keeper of the Green” one hundred years ago.Let myself and my team assist you in whatever way we can.
Broadway Golf Club
Willersey Hill, Broadway WR12 7LG

Tel:  01386 853683
Broadway Tower & Animal Park
Climb the impressive 18th century Folly Tower 'on top' of the Cotswolds, travel in time and witness the amazing history of Broadway Tower and then hold your breath for views of a lifetime! Playground, kid's farmyard and much more.Fish Hill provides the impressive backdrop to Broadway and on top stands Broadway Tower, a 65 foot (20m) high folly, built by the Earl of Coventry in the 18th Century for his wife. From its commanding position the Tower has spectacular views of 12 counties.
Broadway Tower
Broadway, WR12 7LB

Broadfield House Glass Museum
Situated in the historic Glass Quarter, Broadfield House celebrates the magical art of glassmaking. Our world-famous collections feature the very best of British glass, much of which was made in the Stourbridge area. The collections range from the elegance of the 18th century to exciting contemporary work by Britain's leading glass artists. See glassmakers at work in the studio and visit the gift shop, selling contemporary studio glass.
Broadfield House Glass Museum
Broadfield House Glass Museum, Compton Drive, Kingswinford, West Midlands DY6 9NS
Tel: 01384 812745
Brockhampton Estate
This 688ha (1,700-acre) estate was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1946 and still maintains traditional farms and extensive areas of woodland, including ancient oak and beech. Visitors can enjoy a variety of walks through both park and woodland, which combine to form a rich habitat for wildlife such as the dormouse, buzzard and raven. A stone-flagged trail leads to the Lawn Pool and provides some access for those with disabilities. At the heart of the estate lies Lower Brockhampton House, a late 14th-century moated manor house with a beautiful timber-framed gatehouse and interesting ruined chapel.
Brockhampton Estate
National Trust
Lower Brockhampton House
Lower Brockhampton' Bringsty
Worcester, Worcestershire
3 Apr-29 Sep, Wed-Sun, Bank Hol Mon, 1230-1700
2-27 Oct, 1230-1600.

01885 482077
Bromsgrove is a town with a rich industrial past that is still in evidence today. In 1894 the Guild for Applied Arts was set up and the group became renowned for their decorative ironwork, one of their most famous pieces are the gates of Buckingham Palace. Much of Bromsgrove’s earlier history can be seen at Bromsgrove Museum.A quirky annual event in Bromsgrove is Court Leet, which is brought to life around Midsummer’s Day. Court Leet is a forerunner of modern Trading Standards where members test the strength of the ale, not a bad job for some!
Tourist Information
The Museum, 26 Birmingham Rd, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 0DD
01527 831809 
 01527 577983

Bronte Porcelain
"We have great pleasure in introducing Bronte to you - a group of highly skilled artists and technicians, who together produce exquisite and elaborate porcelain sculptures.Many of the sculptures are authentic studies of flora and fauna artistically interpreted by Bronte design staff.Each sculpture demonstrates an optimum degree of ceramic excellence, considering the technical demands relating to the piece being subjected to an initial firing temperature of almost 1300 degrees Centigrade.It is a combination of this artistic and technical expertise that make Bronte editions, both 'limited' and 'open', so collectable.Creating beautiful works of art is one of the most rewarding of occupations and Bronte appreciate this, and therefore produce models of infinite beauty and quality which we hope will continue to give pleasure to a great number of people around the world." Henry Sandon- Director
Bronte Porcelain
Merebrook Business Park
Hanley Road
WR13 6NP
Tel: 01684 310 888
Burford House & Garden Centre
Uniquely situated where three counties meet, the 7 acres of lawn and stunning borders of Burford House Gardens sweep along the banks of the picturesque River Teme. Originally designed by the late John Treasure in 1952 around an early Georgian Mansion now selling country house furnishings, the gardens contain a National Clematis Collection, along with around 2000 other kinds of plants.Burford Garden Company's store at Burford House has been designed to inspire and delight all garden lovers. We have 200 varieties of clematis for sale and our excellent garden centre and café are bursting with a glorious assembly of garden goods - and wonderful food!
Burford House
Nr Burford
Tenbury Wells
WR15 8HQ

Tel: 01584 810 777
Camping & Caravan Sites in Herefordshire & Worcestershire
This site lists places for camping and caravanning.

This picturesque village has half-timbered cottages and many old buildings. The Talbot Inn dates to the 14th century, as does the local church, which is dedicated to St Cassian who was murdered locally. The church’s font is even older, dating to the 12th century. Nearby is the moated Tudor manor house of Harvington Hall and its secretive priest holes.

Harvington Hall

Chapter Meadows
Sited opposite Worcester Cathedral and managed to safeguard landscape, history and wildlife, the meadow provides fantastic rural views and walks in the heart of the city. Open all year. Chapter Meadows was purchased on behalf of the people and the city of Worcester by the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust in October 1998. We intend to protect this superb natural site, in the heart of the city, from development. It is managed to safeguard its landscape, wildlife and historical importance. Seasonal flooding of the meadow, by the River Severn, has resulted in an area of land unchanged since records began.
Chapter Meadows
Slingpool Walk, Bromwich Road, St John's, Worcester
Tel: 01905 459343
Chateau Impney
Chateau Impney is an imposing 19th century house near Droitwich, England. It was built for industrialist John Corbett in the style of a Louis XIII French chateau. Corbett's wife, Hannah Eliza O'Meara, was of mixed French/ Irish descent and he built the house in the 1870s, as a cost of GBP 247,000, to satsify her nostaglia for Paris. Sadly, she never lived in the house, preferring one of Corbett's properties in Towyn, North Wales. In 1945, the house was purchased by Ralph Edwards who restored it and developed it as a hotel.The Chateau Impney, standing majestically in 150 acres of surrounding parkland, specialises in residential conferences, conventions, banquets and exhibitions; combining the style and grandeur of the Chateau itself with modern purpose built conference facilities.
Chateau Impney
Droitwich Spa
01905 774411
City Ranger Walks & Activities
Diverse series of guided walks & events, led by the City Ranger service, throughout the year. Walks vary from butterfly hunt to bat watching.

 For location details please telephone or email
Tel: 01905 722328
The Clent Hills
Clent Hills have a special place in the hearts of Stourbridge people. Before mass transport it was the nearest thing working people had to a holiday, along with Kinver Edge. Just about 1,000 feet high, there are fantastic views from Clent Hills to the West over the Worcestershire plain and Severn Valley, across to the hills of Shropshire and even the Welsh borders.     
To the North and East is the West Midlands conurbation, encompassing the UK's second city, Birmingham, and the Black Country region, a major manufacturing region of the UK. The photos below show the extraordinary diversity of the region, beautiful scenery close to major residential and commercial areas

Clent Hills
The Commandery
Also known as St Wulfstan's Hospital, this fascinating site offers displays about the history of the building as well as a major exhibition on the English Civil War. With a full programme of activites and events throughout the year, and with its own gardens and nearby Fort Royal Park, the site makes for an ideal family visit.
The Commandery, Worcester
Sidbury, Worcester, WR1 2HU
Tel: 01905 361821
Crowngate Shopping Centre
Heritage Trail
Discover the fascinating heritage of Worcester from its earliest beginnings to the recent past, uncovered during the construction of the Crowngate Centre.
Crowngate Shopping Centre,
 Worcester, WR1 3LE
Tel: 01905 610065

Droitwich literally means ‘Place of Salt’ and gets its name from the time that the Romans occupied the area and exported the then very valuable commodity. The Victorians took advantage of the natural brine, its strength second only to the Dead Sea, and developed the town into a fashionable spa. Nowadays visitors can still enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the water in the baths that opened in 1985.  The attractive town centre is dotted with medieval churches and half-timbered buildings. Nearby is Webbs of Wychbold, the Midlands largest garden centre, with something to suit all green fingers. The Jinney Ring Craft Centre at Hanbury is an award winning craft centre set in beautiful old timbered barns and has 12 individual craft studios; where better to pick up a piece of locally produced handicraft?
Tourist Information
St Richard's House, Victoria Square, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 8DS
Email: heritage@droitwichspa.gov.uk
Tel: 01905 774312  Fax: 01905 794226

Dudley, part of the West Midlands conurbation, is located south of Wolverhampton and is the largest town in the Black Country. The town centre is traditionally part of an exclave of Worcestershire entirely surrounded by Staffordshire - which has determined the fact that, in ecclesiatical terms, it has remained part of the diocese of Worcester.Dudley has a history dating back to medieval times; a castle has stood in Dudley since the 8th century, the present castle dates from the 13th century, and provided the centre around which the town grew. (see Dudley Castle) The town industrialised rapidly in the 18th and 19th centuries, and its population grew dramatically. Due to its heavy and highly polluting industries it became a central part of the Black Country. The main industries in Dudley included coal and limestone mining. Other industries included iron, steel, engineering, metallurgy, glass cutting, textiles and leatherworking. Most of these industries have declined in recent decades.
Tourist Information
39 Churchill Centre , Dudley, West Midlands  DY2 7BL
Tel: 01384 812830  Fax: 01384 815580
Elgar Birthplace Museum
The Elgar Birthplace Museum gives a fascinating insight into the life and music, family and friends, development and inspirations of Sir Edward Elgar, one of England’s greatest composers. Following her father’s wishes, Elgar’s daughter Carice set up a Museum in the country cottage where he was born on 2nd June 1857. The Birthplace Cottage is set in the heart of the countryside Elgar loved and took great inspiration from.With the growth of worldwide interest in Elgar’s music, and the addition of many more treasures to the unique collections here, the Museum was expanded in 2000 by the opening of the Elgar Centre, providing more display space and better facilities for visitors.
The Elgar Birthplace Museum has a busy events programme including special exhibitions, talks and concerts.
Elgar Birthplace Museum
Crown East Lane
Lower Broadheath
The Elgar Birthplace Museum is situated 3 miles west of Worcester, signposted off the A44. From the M5, use junction 7 and the A4440. Feb - Dec

01905 333 224
The Elgar Trail
A 40 mile sign posted route through Elgar's beloved countryside taking in many of the houses and venues associated with the composer's life.
Elgar Trail
Worcester, The Malverns & Worcestershire
Tel: 01905 726311
On the banks of the River Avon is the busy and ancient market town of Evesham. Evesham has a rich religious past and once had one of the wealthiest monastery’s in the land, nowadays only the Almonry remains and houses the Tourist Information Centre. However, the Abbots left a lasting mark by founding much of the fruit growing and market gardening that continues in and around the town today.       
The Vale of Evesham is renowned for good quality fruit and vegetables, particularly asparagus and plums. In the spring the fruit trees in blossom are a beautiful sight, go on the ‘blossom trail’ and you’ll go through some of the prettiest spring landscapes you’ll see anywhere.
Tourist Information
The Almonry ,Abbey Gate ,Evesham ,Worcestershire WR11 4BG
Email: tic@almonry.ndo.co.uk

01386 446944
01386 442348

Evesham Treasure Hunt
No prior knowledge of Evesham is required as all clues are solved by observation.  Both young and old will be fascinated whilst getting out for a couple of hours seeing the sites and solving the clues. Children will enjoy beating adults to solve the clues!  We even supply a map just in case you get lost.  The answers are at the back of the book so you can check any unsolved ones before you leave. The hunt starts at the Tourist Information Centre , Abbey Mews, Evesham, WR11 4BG. From Evesham or just visiting, you will be surprised at how much you walk past without even noticing. We so often walk around blinkered without appreciating the great features which make our towns and cities fabulous. By following our hunt these things will be highlighted rather than hidden away.  Our Evesham treasure hunt packs contain all the necessary elements for you need including maps, clues, answer sheet, and tips on how to get things going.
Evesham Treasure Hunt


This pretty village stands on an old Roman road and boasts a number of half-timbered and Georgian buildings. It was once the centre for the manufacture of needles and fishhooks before the industry moved to nearby Redditch.


The Fleece Inn
Medieval building, still in use as a village inn. Black-and-white half-timbered house. Originally sheltered a farmer and his stock under the same roof. First became a licensed house in 1848. After suffering serious fire damage in 2004, The Fleece has been fully restored and continues to host a variety of events throughout the year
Fleece Inn
Bretforton, nr Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 5JE

01386 831173
Forge Mill Needle Museum and Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre
The Forge Mill Needle museum tells the fascinating and sometimes gruesome story of needle making in Victorian times. The Mill is a listed building which houses original water powered machinery, and is situated in peaceful surroundings adjacent to a tranquil mill pond.

Beside the Mill is a Visitor Centre which contains some of the extraordinary artefacts from the medieval Abbey which has been extensively excavated by archaeologists. The Abbey ruins are a short walk from the museum and are well worth visiting. The museum shop has a range of gifts, souvenirs and unusual needles, which also provides a mail order service. The museum has a lively programme of temporary exhibitions and events throughout the year, pick up a leaflet or visit the website.
Forge Mill
Needle Mill Lane
B98 8HY

Forge Mill Needle Museum
and Bordesley Abbey Visitor
Centre Click
Tel: 01527 - 62509
Fox & Badger Trails
The Fox & Badger trails are both 1/2 mile way marked circular walks around Worcester Woods Country Park. The Fox trail takes you through wild flower meadows and the Badger trail through ancient woodland.
Worcester Woods Countryside Centre, Wildwood Drive, Worcester, WR5 2LG
Tel: 01905 766493
The museum illustrates the history of medicine, nursing and the associated health care professions with particular reference to Worcester and the surrounding area. It contains 500 items of equipment including a 19th century operating theatre and apothecary's shop. We now have touch screen computers, audio guide. Group visits welcome.
George Marshall Medical Museum
Charles Hastings Education Centre, Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Charles Hastings Way, Worcester, WR5 1DD
Tel: 01905 760738
The Ghost Walk of Worcester
Opening Times: September to April, Friday & Saturday 8pm. Booking Essential. Private parties by prior arrangement. Traditional tales, tragedies and true accounts of modern day ghost phenomena are included, in a night of history and mystery to capture the imagination. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!
Ghost Walk
City Centre

Tel: 01905 759499
Great Witley

Ravaged by fire in 1937, once-sumptuous Witley Court is now a mere shell but its remarkable fountain has been restored by English Heritage and ‘fires’ on most days. The town’s restored parish church of St Michael’s has an opulent baroque interior replete with painted glass windows, decorated carvings, monuments and ceiling paintings by the Italian artist Antonio Bellucci. The organ case is from an instrument originally played by Handel.

Witley Court

The Greyfriars
A fine timber-framed merchant’s house, built in 1480 next to the Franciscan friary. Rescued from demolition and carefully restored, the panelled interior contains interesting textiles and furnishings. An archway leads through to the delightful walled garden.
Friar Street, Worcester, WR1 2LZ
 01905 23571
The Guildhall
A notable restored 18th century building built by Thomas White, a local architect. Exhibits include a cannon, scold's bridle, leather fire buckets and oil paintings.
Guildhall Worcester
High Street, Guildhall, Worcester, WR1 2EY
Tel: 01905 723471

A large village, Hagley is best-known for the Palladian mansion Hagley Hall that was built for George, 1st Lord Lyttleton, in the late 18th century. In the panelled Barrel Room two of the gunpowder plotters were caught before being hung, draw and quartered. In the splendid 350-acre landscaped park surrounding the house are Gothic ruins, an Ionic temple and a rotunda. The Hall is now exclusively used for events such as conferences and themed events. Nearby is a popular falconry centre.

Hagley Hall
The last of the Grand Palladian houses, designed by Sanderson Miller and completed in 1760. The house contains the finest example of Rococo plasterwork by Francesco Vassali and a unique collection of 18th century furniture and family portraits, including works by Van Dyck, Reynolds and Lely. Location: just off A456 Birmingham to Kidderminster. Exit 3 or 4 from M5. Is within easy reach of M6, M42, M40. Specialists in Corporate Entertaining, Conferences and Weddings. Open to the public for guided tours
Hagley Hall
 January and February and Bank Holidays from 2pm - 5pm 2pm - 5pm 18 - 22 April  25 May - 28 May
24 - 27 Aug

Tel: 01562 882 408
The town is situated on the right bank of the River Stour in the midst of scenery which is still beautiful in spite of its proximity to the Black Country. There is now no trace of the boundaries of the ancient borough, but an Exchequer suit of the 17th century mentions crosses on the various roads leading into the town as the boundaries. It is probable that the houses centred round the High Street, which is mentioned in the time of Edward III as the site of the market, and possibly extended along Great and Little Cornbow towards Cornbow Bridge over the Stour. At the north end of High Street is the church of St. John the Baptist. In the middle of the 19th century the town is described as consisting 'chiefly of one street in which are some respectable houses, and of some smaller streets containing humbler dwellings irregularly built.' Since that date it has been extended considerably towards the west. There are several places of interest near the town, including the ruins of the once famous abbey. The Leasowes, 1½ miles to the north-east of the town, was at one time the home of William Shenstone, who spent many years of his life in beautifying the grounds, which are said to have been 'the envy of the great and the admiration of the skilful.  The manufacture of nails, screws and screw-shafts for steamers, gun-barrels, files, chains and all kinds of hardware is carried on in Halesowen to some extent. Nail-making was an industry in Halesowen and the surrounding hamlets in the 17th century. Coal was found in the Hill township in the time of Edward I.  Another attempt to work the mines was made in the 18th century, but it was found unprofitable.  
Hanbury Hall
Hanbury Hall is a stunning William and Mary style house completed in 1701. Interior includes outstanding wall and ceiling murals by Sir James Thornhill and the fascinating Watney collection of fine porcelain and flower paintings. Beautiful tranquil gardens include an unusual Ice House and working Mushroom House, and colourful eighteenth century formal gardens with newly reconstructed Bowling Green, available for play by visitors during the summer months.
Hanbury Hall
School Road
House open 1pm - 5pm

Tel: 01527 821 214

Worcestershire’s enthralling County Museum can be found in the grounds of Hartlebury Castle, home to the Bishops of Worcester for more than 1,000 years. The north wing hosts a range of exhibitions explaining the history of Worcestershire from Roman times to the present day while the palace’s state rooms are opened to the public at certain times.

Worcestershire County Museum

Harvington Hall
Harvington Hall is an Elizabethan moated Manor House with the country's finest series of priests hiding places and original Elizabethan wall paintings. There are charming gardens running down to the moat and a tiny herb garden based on an original design.Guided tours are available during opening times and groups and schools are welcome at all times of the year. Tea room and gift shop available. Ground floor, garden, shop and tea room accessible for disabled visitors
Harvington Hall
DY10 4LR
Mar and Oct, Sat and Sun; Apr - Sept, Wed - Sun

Tel: 01562 777 846
Jinney Ring Craft Centre
Welcome to the Jinney Ring Craft Centre - an ideal day out for all the family. Situated in Hanbury, near Bromsgrove we have a wide range of items available in our gallery / shop, plus a range of craft workshops and a restaurant on site where you can enjoy morning coffee or afternoon tea, or something more substantial, whilst taking in the views across the gardens to the Malvern Hills.We are probably the most visited craft centre in the West Midlands and pride ourselves on being a traditional craft centre where you can watch skilled craftsmen (and women!) at work - rather like stepping back in time to the days of Olde England.
Jinney Ring Craft Centre
The Jinney Ring Craft Centre
Hanbury, near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 4BU
Tuesday - Saturday (and Bank Holiday Mondays)
10.30am - 5.00pm Sundays 11:00am - 5:00pm

Tel: 01527 821 272 
Kidderminster is most famous for its beautiful carpets. The industry began on a cottage scale in the 18th century. The invention of the power loom meant that large-scale production was possible and mills sprang up around the town, many of which remain today as a testament to the town’s industrial heritage. The town is famous as the birthplace of Rowland Hill, the inventor of the Penny Post and helped revolutionise communications.                                
Kidderminster also lies at the southern end of Britain’s premier steam line, the Severn Valley Railway, which runs for 16 miles to Bridgnorth. The steam hauled train takes in superb views en route. Nowadays Kidderminster is reinventing itself with a brand new shopping and leisure complex.
Tourist Information

Kidderminster Harriers Football Club
KIDDERMINSTER Harriers were formed in 1886 after nine years as an athletics and rugby union club.  At that time association football was in its infancy and only friendly matches were played as leagues were yet to be formed. 
The Football League was formed in 1888, being quickly followed by the Birmingham and District League (now the West Midlands League) in 1889 and the Harriers were one of 12 founder members of the local league.  Due to the vast number of Football League reserve teams participating in the league, Kidderminster Harriers didn't taste championship success until 1938. In  1998/99 they gained promotion to the Football League. However the team are now back in the Conference.
Kidderminster Harriers Football Club
Aggborough Stadium, Hoo Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire.  DY10 1NB
E-mail: info@harriers.co.uk

01562 823 931
Kidderminster Railway Museum
The Kidderminster Railway Museum houses a vast range of railway artefacts, most of which date back to the days of steam travel. From pen nibs to clocks, from signs to signalling equipment, from photographs to timetables and rolling stock - there is a vast amount to see when you visit us. The items in the museum come from all over the country, and are essentially related to the British Isles.
Kidderminster Railway Museum
Station Approach, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY10 1QX
 01562 825316 
Kinver is a beautiful village just 5 minutes drive away from Stourbridge. The River Stour that gave Stourbridge its name also runs alongside the village. The existence of the village was first recorded in 736AD as CYNIBRE, meaning "great hill". There is an abundance of fantastic old buildings in and around the village, such as the old Grammar School and the Whittington Inn.

Kinver Edge
But perhaps even more impressive is Kinver Edge, three hundred acres of national trust land within easy walking distance of the village itself. Kinver Edge, like nearby Clent Hills, was once the nearest thing Stourbridge people had to a holiday, if you had no money, you walked it, if you had some money, you took the tram! The tramway started in Amblecote, Stourbridge and travelled though lovely scenery to the village of Kinver itself. Sadly the tramway was removed many years ago, today only grandparents remember it.
Kinver Edge
Little Malvern Court
14th Century Prior's Hall once attached to 12th Century Benedictine Priory, with Victorian addition by Hansom. Family and European paintings and furniture. Collections of 18th and 19th Century needlework. Home of the Berington family by descent since the Dissolution. 10 acres of former monastic grounds. Magnificent views, lake, garden rooms, terrace. Wide variety of spring bulbs, old fashioned roses, shrubs and trees.
Little Malvern Court
Little Malvern
WR14 4JN
 3 miles south of Great Malvern on Upton-on-Severn Road (A4104)
Tel:  01684 892 988
Lower Brockhampton House
Located on the border between Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Lower Brockhampton is a romantic medieval moated manor house. The timber-framed property is owned by the National Trust and was built between about 1380 and 1400. It has a wonderfully photogenic crooked gatehouse bridging the moat and a ruined Norman chapel. Inside the 14th Century great hall, you can see the massive timbers supporting the roof which were harvested locally. The Lower Brockhampton Estate is traditionally farmed and there are woodland walks and a sculpture trail in the grounds.
Lower Brockhamton
Greenfields, Bringsty, Worcestershire WR6 5TB
01885 488099
Malvern is famous for its hills, some of the oldest in the World (650 million years old). The Malvern Hills form a striking landmark rising above the flat Severn Plain. The name ‘Malvern’ is derived from the Celtic term for ‘bare hill’, which tells you something aboutthe geology of the 9 mile range. Walks to the ridge can be as gentle or strenuous as you like, the views are well worth the effort though, it has been claimed that you can see 15 counties from the summit of Worcestershire Beacon. The hill’s beauty inspired Sir Edward Elgar to compose ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ (Land of Hope and Glory). Now if the area can inspire a man to write such a tune, imagine what the scenery is like! And it is not just Sir Edward Elgar that has been inspired by the untamed beauty of the magnificent slopes.  Many famous writers and musicians have been motivated by the scenic beauty and atmosphere provided by the Malvern Hills.  Famous writers include C.S Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, William Langdon and W.H. Auden.  Malvern is also home to the English Symphony Orchestra.Malvern is also famous for its water. Hydrotherapy treatment started in Malvern in the late 18th Century and became fashionable when the likes of Queen Victoria and the poet Tennyson took the waters.Much of Malvern’s ornate architecture dates from the Victorian period. Nowadays visitors from all over the world still come to enjoy the spectacular views and pleasant walks and to take the waters that run freely from the various springs dotted around the hills.There is so much more to Malvern than just the hills, water and Elgar. Malvern’s town centre is dominated by the ancient Priory with its fabulous collection of medieval tiles. The Morgan Sports car is still built by hand here.Malvern can also boast a first class theatre that stages many West End productions before they reach the West End! Many famous inventions and products have originated from Malvern, a selection of them are on display in Malvern Museum which charts the towns many achievements, for exampledid you know scientists based in Malvern developed RADAR, LCD and thermal imaging?
Malvern Hills


Malvern Theatres
Tourist Information
21 Church St, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2AA
E-mail: malvern.tic@

Tel: 01684 892289  Fax: 01684 892872
Malvern College
A leading public school, now co-educational, beautifully set on the side of the Malvern Hills.Built of cotswold stone. Established 1865 it has become a leader both educationally and for its sporting prowess. Famous for the "Foster" cricketing family through to Roger Tolchard. Maybe the leading soccer school.Was headquarters of Free French during World War II. and it is where many inventions were made including radar.Many political leaders, captains of industry and educationlists were educated here. They include: Lord MacLaurin, Jeremy Paxfman, Lord Malvern, Sir Mortimer Wheeler-Bennett, C.S.Lewis and Alistair Crawley!
Malvern College

Malvern College, College Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3DF

Tel: 01684 581 500
Malvern Girls College
On the site of the former railway hotel this is one of the finest girls Public Schools.Malvern Girls' College was founded in 1893 by Isabel Greenslade and Lily Poulton. For more than 100 years the College has been educating girls to develop their individual talents to the full.The world has changed greatly since then; the opportunities for women are greater; the choices they face in life are more complicated. The need for young women with self-confidence, integrity, judgement and commitment is greater than ever.
Malvern Girls College
15 Avenue Road
Great Malvern
WR14 3BA

Tel.  01684 892288
Malvern Museum
Displays in five rooms depicting the geological structure of the Malvern Hills, Medieval history of the town, the water cure / Victorian Malvern and more recently Morgan Motors and radar technology.The building that houses Malvern Museum was originally the gatehouse guarding the entrance to the medieval priory, and dates back to c 1470. The huge hinged wooden gateposts can still be seen under the archway.
Malvern Museum
Priory Gatehouse, Abbey Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3ES
Tel: 01684 567811
Malvern Priory
Great Malvern Priory has a rich heritage going back over 900 years. The building itself is a combination of Norman and Perpendicular Gothic architecture. Its treasures include fifteenth century English stained glass, medieval floor and wall tiles, and some unusual carvings.
Malvern Priory
Malvern Priory Church
Parish Office,
Church Street,
WR14 2AY
Tel: 01684 561020
Malvern Theatres
The Festival Theatre, together with the adjacent cinema and concert hall, was until recently managed by the Local Authority, but in April 1996 the management reverted to a a charitable Trust, with the aim of operating all the buildings that comprise the Malvern Theatres as a unified centre of entertainment with improved facilities for concerts, film and drama. Day-to-day management of the Theatres which now comprises the 'Forum' concert hall (capacity 1000), Theatre (capacity 800) and the Cinema (capacity 400), together with programming, is the responsibility of the complex manager who reports to the Trustees. The Theatres have a full-time technical staff and shares staff for administration and other matters between the three auditoria.
Malvern Theatres
Grange Road
WR14 3HB
 01684 892 277
Museum of Worcester Porcelain
The Museum of Worcester is an independent registered charity and nestles in the heart of historic Worcester within easy walking distance of the Cathedral, the Royal Worcester Porcelain Works and the Commandery Civil War Centre.
The imaginative use of room settings, shop fronts and period scenes transport the visitor on a journey from 1751, when shapes and patterns were copied from the Far East for the homes of the very rich, to the contrasting Victorian era where deep colours, extravagant exhibition pieces and works of breathtaking craftsmanship fill the show cases.A wealth of archive material provides a backdrop of historical information and detail throughout and the journey ends in the Twentieth Century where changing life styles demanded new ranges of tableware and designers tested production to its limits. With a lively programme of exhibitions, events and guided tours the museum is a must for visitors.
Worcester Porcelain Museum
Severn Street
Tel:  01905 746 000
Old St Martins
The Church dates back to 1768 and is constructed with bricks made from clay brought down by river from the coal mines in the North of the County. The church contains the earliest records of Freemasonry in the City in a memorial to Samuel Swan; The Lodge was founded at the Reindeer Inn in 1791. It is also famously reputed to be the intended marriage place of William Shakespeare & Ann Whately in November 1582. However the following day a bond was issued for him to marry Ann Hathaway of Stratford upon Avon, who was with child. It is generally believed that Shakespeare married Ann Hathaway in preference and the records of this are held at the County Records Office in Worcester, due to the fact that at the time, Stratford upon Avon was part of the Worcester Diocese.
Old St Martins church
The Cornmarket, Worcester, WR1 2DF
Tel: 01905 25952
Ombersley Golf Club
Set in the heart of rural Worcestershire, Ombersley Golf Club is renowned for its friendly and relaxing atmosphere and welcomes all visiting golfers - regardless of handicap.Offering top quality golf on a pay and play basis, our beautiful all weather course offers 18 holes of delightful golf in a spectacular setting high above the Severn Valley, with panoramic views across to the Malvern, Abberley and Clee hills.
Located between Birmingham and Worcester, our peaceful setting is surrounded by an excellent road network, only 5 miles from junction 5 of the M5 motorway, offering easy access with a relaxing game - an unbeatable combination
So, whether you are looking for a club to join locally, a society venue, or are just visiting the area, why not take a look around our web site and see what Ombersley Golf Club has to offer.

Ombersley Golf Club
Bishopswood Rd . Lineholt .
Ombersley . Droitwich
Worcestershire . WR9 0LE
 tel: 01905 620621
Palace Theatre
The Palace refit is finally finished and the new foyers and gleaming auditorium are ringing with the sounds of an excitied audience once again . This grand reopening season promises a fabulous feast of entertainment, something that you have come to expect from the venue and which has been sorely missed during the closure. Redditch Borough Council has undertaken a major refurbishment of the town's Palace Theatre by investing over £3 million into the future of the building. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) also awarded a grant of £920,500 as part of a £4 million scheme to restore the Grade II listed theatre to its former glory.
Palace Theate Redditch
Alcester Street
B98 8AE
Tel: 01527 60243
Pretty Pershore is on the banks of the river Avon and is one of Worcestershire’s famous market towns. The town grew up around its 7th century Abbey, which was heavily rebuilt in Norman times, despite much demolition during Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries a large part of it still survives today. This mainly Georgian town with its wide main street, where many of the houses have elaborate doorways and cast-iron balconies, has regular markets where local produce is still bought and sold.
The town is famous as a centre for fresh produce especially plums and asparagus, both of which have their own festivals
Tourist Information
Town Hall, 34 High Street, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 1DS
E-mail: tourism@pershore-tc.gov.uk
01386 556591 
 01386 561996

Pershore Abbey
Pershore Abbey was one oif the largest abbeys in Britain, larger even than Worcester Cathedral. The abbey itself ewas destroyed in the Reformation, but the local inhabitants saved the church from destruction by purchasing it for their own use. The striking lantern tower dates from 1350, while in the interior the round font is beautifully carved, and the interior as a whole boasts superb vaulting joined by carved bosses featuring beasts, leaf and foliate head patterns.
Pershore Abbey
High Street, Pershore, Worcestershire

Powick Bridge
This was the first real skirmish of the Civil War, and Worcester was also to be the setting for the last battle in 1651.   On 23rd September 1642 Worcester was held for the King by Sir John Byron together with a considerable amount of Royalist treasure. Rupert was sent to Worcester to defend it from approaching parliamentarian forces. Rupert arrived with a troop of 500 horsemen and some dragoons and found that it was not possible to defend the town. He ordered Byron to retreat to Shrewsbury.Covering this withdrawal, Rupert placed his men in a field called Brickfield Meadow near Powick Bridge to the south of the town. It was not long before they noticed a disturbance on the opposite side of the river Teme.Approximately 1000 parliamentarian horsemen under the command of Nathaniel Fiennes had reached the bridge and started to cross. They were weary after being in the saddle all night.    Colonel Sandys led them across the bridge at 4pm only to meet gunshot from Prince Rupert's dragoons. The Colonel was mortally wounded and Rupert's cavalry charged.The parliamentary forces withheld their fire until the last minute firing their carbines at the charging horsemen only at the last moment.The action only lasted about 15 minutes. The parliamentarians lost 150 men and were routed by the charging cavalry, retreating back across the river.Prince Rupert received a slight wound from a sword.It was at Powick Bridge that Prince Rupert won a reputation as a dashing cavalry commander.  After the battle Rupert sent Richard Crane to take the news to the King where he was knighted.
Powick Bridge
Site of battle is around Powick Bridge  Malvern Road, Worcester

Redditch grew up from a small hamlet known as ‘La Rededich’ that had developed around the Abbey at Bordesley, built by Cistercian Monks in the 12th century. The first documented reference to the settlement dates back to 1348. After moving to drier ground the settlement grew rapidly and in the 19th Century Redditch became famous for leading the field in needle making. In 1964 Redditch was designated a New Town which led to redevelopment, including the landscaping of the 900 acre Arrow Valley Park.
Tourist Information
Civic Square, Alcester St, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8AH
Email: info.centre@redditchbc.gov.uk
 01527 60806
 01527 60806

Royal Worcester Visitor Centre
Established in 1751 along the banks of the River Severn The Royal Worcester Visitor Centre nestles amidst Victorian factory buildings, just 2 minutes walk from the Cathedral & historic city centre. Something of interest for everyone whether you take a guided tour and see skilled craftsman at work or try your hand at paint a plate.Our Royal Worcester Bestware & Seconds Shops offer an extensive range of quality bone china, porcelain & giftware with great savings and special offers throughout the year. The Shopping Court, home to a many famous names, offers an unrivalled array of Home Accessories, Cookware, Linens, Luggage, Glassware, and Cutlery. Facilities available: Factory Shops, Museum, Visitor Centre, Cafe, Car/Coach Parking, and Disabled Facilities.
Royal Worcester
Severn Street

2 mins walk from cathedral/city centre
Easy access, 3 miles from junction 7 of M5

7 days (Mon – Sat 9am – 530, Sun 11am – 5pm)
Tel:  01905 232 21
Severn Leisure Cruises
The MV Conway Castle is the largest passenger vessel operating on the River Severn in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire. Offering weekly cruises from may to September with shopping trips to Tewksbury and Worcester, afternoon tea cruises and party nights. Also available for private charter from March to December for groups of 40 to 200. Ideal for family celebrations, wedding receptions, corporate hospitality etc.
Severn Cruises
Waterside, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire WR8 0HG
 (0)1684 593112
Severn Valley Railway
The Severn Valley Railway runs for 16 miles from Kidderminster in Worcestershire to Bridgnorth in Shropshire and boasts one of the largest collections of working steam locomotives and coaches, including some rolling stock which is over 80 years old. It hosts many special events throughout the year including visits by those children's favourites 'Thomas the Tank Engine' and of course 'Santa'. Other events include the popular '1940s Weekend', 'Classic Car and Bike Day' and 'Severn Valley in Bloom', which highlights the beautiful Station gardens.The Railway also offers a wide variety of catering facilities ranging from the buffets at the main stations, a trolley service on the trains, through to the ever popular Sunday luncheon trains. These trains operate on most Sundays throughout the year and advance booking is required. The beautiful valley of the River Severn is best seen from the train or by alighting at one of the intermediate stations you can enjoy a walk along the riverside paths.
Severn Valley Railway
The Railway Station
DY12 1BG
Tel:  01299 403 816
The Severn Way
A way marked walking trail following the course of the River Severn. Includes the centre of Worcester. An accompanying guide book is available from this address or good bookshops.
Worcestershire County Council, PO Box 373, County Hall, Spetchely Road, Worcester, WR5 2XG
Tel: 01905 766879

A fine collection of monuments dedicated to the locally-important Berkeley family, and a 16th century chapel, can be found at All Saints Church which adjoins the fine 19th century mansion of Spetchley Park. Surrounding the house is 20 acres of picturesque parkland.


Stourbridge is a historic town on the edge of the region known as the Black Country, a region of great industrial heritage. Stourbridge - Sturbrug or Sturesbridge as it is spelt in the 1255 Worcestershire assize roll - evidently owes its name to an ancient bridge erected across the River Stour which, until recently, formed the boundary of the counties of Worcester and Stafford.The medieval township lay within the more extensive manor manor of Swynford (or Swinford) which, as the name indicates, was called after a ford - possibly situated near near the present riverside estate called Stepping Stones. Stourbridge  has glorious countryside to the south and west. .For centuries glass has been manufactured in the Stourbridge area. The rich natural resources of coal and fireclay for lining furnaces made it the perfect location for the industry. Stourbridge Glass is recognised as amongst the finest in the world and has been used countless times as gifts for royalty and visiting dignitaries.  
Tourist Information
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The Stourbridge Lion
Much has been written about this locomotive, largely because of its claim to fame - that it was the first steam locomotive to run on a commercial line in the United States. Built by Foster, Rastrick & Co. in 1829, the Stourbridge Lion's historic first run took place on August 8th of that year. It is now on view at the B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore MD, on loan from The Smithsoniam Institute, Washington DC.
175 anniversary running of the Stourbridge Lion
in Honesdale, PA. The foundry where the Stourbridge Lion was built stands to this day but is now under threat of demolition. The Grade II listed building has been vandalised since the last business went bankrupt and is in a sorry state

Stourbridge Lion

"Stourbridge Schindler"
The plaque above can be seen at the entrance to Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge in recognition of the late Frank Foley, the Stourbridge man who saved thousands of Jews in World War 2. The plaque was unveiled on 27 January 2004, Frank Foley was a secret service agent who posed as a passport officer in Berlin, issuing fake documents to around 10,000 Jews, saving them from almost certain death in the Nazi concentration camps. Mr Foley lived most of his life in Stourbridge and died in 1958 and is buried at Stourbridge Crematorium.
Foley: The Spy who saved 10,000 Jews - buy the book
Foley Plaque
Foley BookFoley: The Spy who saved 10,000 Jews
by Michael Smith

Published by Hodder & Stoughton General

As a canal town Stourport on Severn owes its existence to the construction of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal in the 1760s. This town, with its’ lovely Georgian buildings was once one of the busiest inland ports in the Midlands. It is now an inland resort with pleasure boats cruising on both the canals and the river Severn. A Town Trail leaflet, giving information on many of these features and details of a thirty minute stroll around Stourport-on-Severn, is available by post at £1.00 inc P&P from Stourport-on-Severn Civic Society. Tel: 01299 826719
Tourist Information
 Tourist Information Centre. Tel: 01299 404740
Tel: 01299 404740
Swan Theatre
The Swan Theatre was re-opened in April 2003 by Huntingdon Arts. It is an intimate, 350 seat venue, with a warm and friendly welcome guaranteed!
The Swan Theatre hosts a diverse and varied range of events throughout the year, including professional touring theatre, comedy, dance, music, film, children's theatre and the cream of local amateur talent.
Swan Theatre, Worcester
The Moors
01905 27322
Tenbury Wells
Tenbury Wells has an interesting position on the borders of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire. Located in the town is the Teme Bridge, an ancient stone structure that marks the boundaries between Worcestershire and Shropshire. For centuries Tenbury has been known as ‘The Town in the Orchard’ because of its location in the Teme Valley, which is famous for its hops, fruit, holly and mistletoe.  As the ‘Wells’ in the name suggests Tenbury also boasts natural springs (saline) and has an ornate pump room that is classed as ‘Chinese Gothic’ in design, it is also one of the earliest examples of a prefabricated building.
Tenbury Spa
Tourist Information
21 Teme Street , Tenbury Wells , Worcestershire


Set with a backdrop of the magnificent Malvern Hills this is the main agricultural & Horse Show in the area. Masses of trade Stands and other attractions.

3 Counties Show
3 Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs.
Doreen Smillie, The Showground, Malvern, Worcs WR13 6NW tel: 01684 584900 fax: 01684 584910 email: info@threecounties.co.uk
tel: 01684 584900 fax: 01684 584910
Upton on Severn
Upton upon Severn is a pretty and vibrant town on the banks of the River Severn. The first recording of the town is in 897 when King Coenwulf mentioned its foundation. It was an important coaching stop and the many Georgian Inns are a testament to this, notably the White Lion, which is said to be the model for parts of Henry Fielding’s ‘Tom Jones’. Nowadays Upton is famous for its annual Jazz, Blues, Water and Folk festivals.
Upton on Severn
Tourist Information
4 High St, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, WR8 0HB

 01684 594200 
 01684 594185

Vale Wildlife Visitors Centre
Vale Wildlife Visitor Centre offers a unique opportunity to observe the often unseen world of British wildlife. Shy, nocturnal and rare creatures can all be viewed in a 'visitor friendly' environment. British wildlife including; foxes, barn owls, tawny owls, red squirrels, fallow deer and Scottish wildcats can all be encountered at close quarters, and nocturnal small mammal species can be seen in specially lit and maintained enclosures. There is also a wide selection of non-native species; fruit bats, meerkats, raccoons, tamarin monkeys, exotic birds and reptiles. We have a range of friendly domestic and farmyard animals who can be fed by visitors with food purchased from the Visitor Centre shop.
Vale Wildlife Park
Evesham Country Park, Evesham Road, Norton, Evesham, Worcestershire
Tel: 01386 443348
West Midlands Safari Park
We are continually adding to our events programme and you will find all the latest news and details about new events and the coming season, as well as family favourites on our website. There are usually all kinds of baby animals on show throughout the season - how many will you spot in the amazing four mile Safari drive!
West Midlands Safari Park
West Midland Safari and Leisure Park
Spring Grove, Bewdley
Worcestershire DY12 1LF
The West Midland Safari And Leisure Park is open 10.00am daily, including Bank Holidays, from Saturday 11th February, until Friday, 3rd November 2006.


:01299 402114

Witley Court & The Jerwood Foundation
Spectacular ruins of a once great country house. This vast Italianate mansion incorporates porticoes by John Nash and is surrounded by magnificent landscaped gardens, the 'monster work' of William Nesfield, which contains the Perseus & Andromeda Fountain and the Jerwood Sculpture Park.
Witley Court
Worcester Road, Great Witley, Worcester, WR6 6JT
Tel: 01299 896636
Worcester has been described as one of England’s finest shire towns,     with a vibrant mix of the old and new. The city is built on the banks of the river Severn with its magnificent 11th century cathedral at its heart.  The city has a wide variety of attractions, including the world famous Royal Worcester Porcelain Visitor Centre, the Commandery has a warren of rooms that that served as the Royalist Headquarters for the Battle of Worcester in 1651.The Guildhall is an ornate building by Thomas White, a protégée of Sir Christopher Wren. Worcester has a pleasant riverside as well as museums and historical buildings.
Worcester is very popular with sporting enthusiasts. Worcestershire County Cricket Club play at what has been described as the most beautiful cricket ground in the World. Other popular sporting venues include Worcester Racecourse and ‘Sixways’ – home of premiership side Worcester Rugby Club, just to mention a few. In the centre of the city the busy high street offers many well-known shops, whilst the arcades provide a more unique shopping experience.One of the city’s most famous exports, Worcestershire Sauce, is still made in Worcester to its original secret recipe.

Tourist Information
The Guildhall, High St, Worcester, WR1 2EY
Email: touristinfo@

01905 726311
 01905 722481

Worcester Castle
An earth and timber was built in 1069 with a motte with a tower and an oval bailey defended by a ditch and rampart. The castle was later strengthened with stone walls after the wooden structure burnt down in 1113. The motte was levelled between c.1820-1840, and the castle site is now occupied by the King's School. Severn Street still follows the line of the castle ditch.
The city was surrounded by stone walls and a ditch by the 13th century. There were thought to have been 5 towers of which only a part of one remains (photo below). The walls were repaired as part of the city's defences during the Civil War.
Worcester Castle

Castle Street, Worcester

Worcester Cathedral
WORCESTER CATHEDRAL is England's loveliest cathedral, with Royal tombs, medieval cloisters, an ancient crypt and Chapter House, and magnificent Victorian stained glass. The Tower is open 10.30-4pm on Saturdays and school holidays in the summer. Entry is free, donations are welcome.We have regular exhibitions, concerts and festivals - contact us for details.
We welcome families, groups, and individuals, with refreshments, a gift shop, and disabled access to all facilities and gardens.
We also offer exciting new Conference facilities, with rooms catering for 6-60. There is nearby parking, bus and train stations.
Worcester Cathedral
10A College green
 01905 28854/21004
Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum
Worcester's principal art gallery and museum hosts a unique programme of contemporary art exhibitions, as well as housing a historic picture collection and an intriguing selection of objects including a 19th century chemist's shop.
Opened in 1896, the beautiful Victorian building includes a marvellous café, an activity space for young visitors, the city library, a gallery shop and the museums of the Worcestershire Regiment and Yeomanry.The gallery runs an enjoyable programme of workshops, children's holiday activities, Family Workshops, artist led events and lectures.Admission is FREE to Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum.
Worcester Museum & Art Gallery
Foregate Street
Mon - Fri: 9.30 - 5.30
Sat 9.30 - 5.00
Closed Sunday

  01905 25371
Worcester Treasure Hunt
No prior knowledge of Worcester is required as all clues are solved by observation.  Both young and old will be fascinated whilst getting out for a couple of hours seeing the sites and solving the clues. Children will enjoy beating adults to solve the clues!  We even supply a map just in case you get lost.  The answers are at the back of the book so you can check any unsolved ones before you leave. The hunt starts at the Tourist Information Centre , High Street, Worcester, WR1 2EY. From Worcester or just visiting, you will be surprised at how much you walk past without even noticing. We so often walk around blinkered without appreciating the great features which make our towns and cities fabulous. By following our hunt these things will be highlighted rather than hidden away. Our Worcester treasure hunt packs contain all the necessary elements for you need including maps, clues, answer sheet, and tips on how to get things going.
Worcester Treasure Hunt

Local stockists of single hunts


W H Smith—Worcester

Worcester Library & History Centre


Worcestershire County Cricket Club
Perhaps the most picturesque cricket ground, It used to be the site of the tourist's opening game of the season. This ground has been home to the greats of cricket including: the forsters, Don Kenyon, Roly Jenkins, George Chesterton,Peter Richardson, Basil D'Olivera, Graham Hick, & Ian Botham. And the teas the ladies make are superb.
Worcestershire County Cricket Club
County Ground
New Road
Email:    info@wccc.co.uk

01905 748474

Worcestershire County Museum
Permanent and temporary exhibitions, facilities for schools, gift shop, café, object identification service, talks and lectures, admission to Castle's State Rooms.
Worcestershire County Museum
Hartlebury Castle, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY11 7XZ.
Tel: 01299 250416

A members owned Golf Club founded in 1879. Amongst the five oldest Clubs in England, the oldest in Worcestershire, and renowned as one of the best in the area. A new £1M clubhouse was completed in December 2001.
Worcestershire Golf Club
Wood Farm, Malvern Wells
Worcestershire, WR14 4PP
Tel: 01684 575992

Worcester Racecourse
The home of summer jump racing in the West Midlands.A Day Out By The River. Join us for summer jump racing at one of Britain's oldest racecourses where racing has taken place on the banks of the River Severn since 1718.
Worcester Races
Pitchcroft, Grandstand Road, Worcester, WR1 3EJ
 0870 2202772
Worcester Walks
The only way to "Discover Worcester" - a guided walk around medieval streets of our riverside Cathedral city. Fascinating tales of Civil war, Worcestershire Sauce, King John, Elgar, Royal Worcester Porcelain etc. Individuals and groups welcome.
Worcester, WR1 2EY
 07890 222117
Worcester Warriors Rugby Football Club
WORCESTER chairman Cecil Duckworth has announced plans to transform Warriors into "one of the best clubs in Europe" with a major ground expansion. Here you can see premiership rugby
Worcester Rugby Football Club
Sixways, Pershore Lane, Worcester  WR3 8ZE
Take Junction Six off the M5 motorway. Take the A4538 to Droitwich.

01905 459307
Worcester Woods Country Park
Explore 110 acres of ancient oak woodland and wildflower meadows or follow one of the short way marked circular walks. There is also a café, children's play area, picnic area and toilets.
Worcester Woods
Wildwood Drive, Worcester, WR5 2LG
Tel: 01905 76649
Wycheway Country Walks
Wycheway Country Walks organise guided and self-guided walking holidays in Worcestershire, e.g. the Worcestershire Way. Special interest breaks include a 2 day Elgar walk and the 1651 Civil War in Worcester.
39 Sandpiper Crescent, Malvern, WR14 1UY
Tel: 01886 833828
Wyre Forest Visitor Centre
The Centre offers home-cooked food, interactive displays, shop and information. There are off road cycle routes, way-marked trails and a programme of special events throughout the year.
Wyre Forest Visitor Centre
Callow Hill, Bewdley Rock, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY14 9XQ
01299 266944
WorcesterCCC Flooded The Worcestershire County Cricket Club has suffered the worst disaster in its history and probably the worst disaster ever to hit any County Club. Much progress has been made since the terrible floods. The entire surface of the playing area has been removed and the square has already been sacrified, top dressed and seeded. Over 250 tons of top dressing and 1000kgs of seed will be used during this exercise. In addition hundreds of metres of extra drainage has been installed on the pavilion side of the ground which should ensure a quicker drying outfield in future seasons.he financial losses will be over £500,000. Many people have come up with ideas and donations. However we at www.mercia.me.uk take this opportunity to ask not only the supporters of Worcestershire County Cricket Club bur cricket lovers everywhere to assist in bringing one of the most beautiful grounds back to its former splendour by sending a donation to "Worcestershire County Cricket Club" and send it to The County Ground, New Road, Worcester, WR2 4QQ

  A great site from the Worcestershire county cricket club. Keep up-to-date by reading the recent news articles. In between the cricket, these guys take a keen interest in wine, browse through the wine shop. Information on the club, the players, fixtures and more.
Worcester- Birmingham Canal
Although the Worcester & Birmingham Canal is one of the most heavily locked in the country, the hard work in navigating it is more than compensated by long stretches of idyllic scenery as the line descends the 30 miles between Birmingham and Worcester.
Leaving Birmingham, the canal manages to remain on the same level for 15 miles, diving through tunnels when necessary. Then the locks begin - and how. The Tardebigge Flight has 30 locks in just over two miles, making it one of Britain's steepest.
Though largely rural, the line is steeped in history and its five tunnels contribute an aura of mystique
WORCESTER & BIRMINGHAM CANAL CLICK Brook Line Narrow Holidays, a small friendly family hire firm with ten 2 to 9 berth narrowboats. Short breaks, weeks or more, Stourport and Avon rings or just take a slow cruise. The Starline Narrowboats base at Upton Upon Severn offers short breaks or weekly hire offering tranquil river cruising combined with the canal heritage and locks of the spectacular Worcester to Birmingham canal THE CANAL PUB GUIDE


Bodenham Arboretum and Earth Centre
Bodenham Arboretum has a collection of over 2700 trees.The arboretum is set in 156 acres of Worcestershire countryside with 11 pools, four miles of footpaths and a working farm.  The main part of the Arboretum looks out onto the big pool and many rare and ornamental trees can be seen in flower or fruit giving splendid displays throughout the seasons,  the autumn colours are particularly well worth seeing. The Grand Avenue, now in its infancy, is planted with Popes Seat Provenance Beech which will mature in 200 years time! It stretches up the hillside to the higher reaches of the Arboretum where there are outstanding views to the Clent Hills and surrounding countryside.Take time to visit the award-winning Visitor Centre set in the hillside which overlooks the Big Pool. Open all Year: 11am - 5pm. Daily during Oct &  Dec. Closed 24/25 Dec. Other Months - closed Mon & Tues. except Bank Holiday Mondays. Open Thursday Evenings during May, June, July and August. January to February 15th - open weekends only. Visitor Centre, Restaurant, Disabled access, dogs on lead.
 Wolverley, Kidderminster,
 DY11 5SY


Tel :01562 852444
Burford House & Garden Centre
Uniquely situated where three counties meet, the 7 acres of lawn and stunning borders of Burford House Gardens sweep along the banks of the picturesque River Teme. Originally designed by the late John Treasure in 1952 around an early Georgian Mansion now selling country house furnishings, the gardens contain a National Clematis Collection, along with around 2000 other kinds of plants.Burford Garden Company's store at Burford House has been designed to inspire and delight all garden lovers. We have 200 varieties of clematis for sale and our excellent garden centre and café are bursting with a glorious assembly of garden goods - and wonderful food! Opening times - All year. Daily execpt Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Open 9am to 6pm or dusk if earlier.
Burford House Nr Burford
Tenbury Wells
WR15 8HQ
Burford House Gardens are 1 mile west of Tenbury Wells on the A456.
Tel: 01584 810 777
Croome Landscape Park
A house and park designed by Lancelot Brown, described by Dorothy Stroud as 'one of the largest undertakings of Brown's early practice'. The estate is on low marshy ground, Brown designed a river, a rotunda, a grotto and a Corinthian summer house. Croome has undergone 12 years of restoration, following 18th century plant bills. There are specimen trees throughout the park including Gingko, Manna Ash and Plane trees.  Commissioned by the 6th Earl of Coventry in 1751, Croome is 'Capability' Brown's first complete landscape, influencing garden designs around the world and establishing Brown's reputation. Brown designed the exterior of the house along with the a number of garden buildings and the church. Robert Adam had his first architectural commission in the form of the Temple Greenhouse and went on to design the interior of the church and several rooms in Croome Court. James Wyatt was brought in after the deaths of Brown and Adam to complete and tweak several designs - he also introduced a number of Coade stone statues. Opening times - 1 Feb-1 Mar '09 Saturdays and Sundays 10am-4pm 4 Mar-29 Mar '09 Wednesday to Sunday 10am-5.30pm 30 Mar - 31 Aug '09 every day 10am-5.30pm 2 Sep-1 Nov '09 Wednesday to Sunday 10am-5.30pm 7 Nov-20 Dec '09 Saturdays and Sundays 10am-4pm 26 Dec-3Jan '10 every day 10am-4pm 9 Jan-31 Jan '10 Saturdays and Sundays 10am-4pm

Croome Park, Worcestershire High Green, Severn Stoke
Worcestershire, WR8 9JS
Croome lies 8m South of Worcester off the A38, and 6m West of Pershore off the B4084. Exit 1 off the M50 (A38N) and Exit 7 off the M5 (B4084 to Pershore)
Tel: 01905 371 006
Eastgrove Cottage Garden Nursery
A thatched cottage with a well-planted cottage garden run in conjunction with a nursery. The cottage is ancient and set in lovely countryside. The garden was made by Malcolm and Carol Skinner. Opening times - Open April to October. Closed August. Open 2pm to 5pm.
Eastgrove Cottage Garden, Worcestershire Sankyns Green,
 Near Shrawley,
Little Witley,
 WR6 6LQ
Eastgrove Cottage Garden is 8 miles north west of Worcester, between the B4196 and the A443.

Hagley Park
A serpentine park with temples, urns, obilisks and a ruined castle, laid out by the owner, George Lyttleton, after 1747. Like the nearby Leasowes estate, the design is based on a circuit walk and has good views. Hagley is not open to the public but the park is visible from the public footpath which leads to the church and Milton's Seat. Opening times - Not open to public, but visible from public footpath
Hagley Park Wikicommons Hagley,
SO920 810
Hagley Park is in the village of Hagley, on the A465.

Hanbury Hall Gardens
A William and Mary house with an eighteenth century orangery, an ice house and two domed nineteenth century gazebos. Hanbury Hall had a 'Dutch style in England' garden in the early eighteenth century and it is being restored.  Keen to have an up to date and fashionable garden in the early 18th century Thomas Vernon employed the pre-eminent garden designer of the day, George London, to create such a garden which was to include all the elements associated with the formal style of gardening; a Parterre, Fruit Garden, Wilderness, Grove and Bowling Green. The garden remained as such until the 1770s when it was swept away as the fashions changed from the very formal to the natural landscape style. In the mid 1990s with help from generous bequests and a European Union grant, the garden was carefully restored using the original plan, the distinguished surveyor, James Dougharty’s, 1731-1733 garden survey, and archaeological work to confirm the garden design accuracy. Today the gardens are truly spectacular; from the beautiful intricately laid out formal parterre, fruit garden and grove to the bowling green, a visit to Hanbury Hall’s garden is unforgettable.Opening times - March to October: all facilties are open Saturday to Wednesday open 11am to 5:30pm. Garden, Park, cafe and shop 7 day opening during local school holidays and July and August. November to February: Garden, Park, cafe and shop open Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm.

Hanbury Hall Garden, Worcestershire School Road
 Hanbury Hall garden is 4.5 miles east of Droitwich and 4 miles south east of junction 5 on the M5
Tel: 01527 821 214
Little Malvern Court
14th Century Prior's Hall once attached to 12th Century Benedictine Priory, with Victorian addition by Hansom. Family and European paintings and furniture. Collections of 18th and 19th Century needlework. Home of the Berington family by descent since the Dissolution. 10 acres of former monastic grounds. Magnificent views, lake, garden rooms, terrace. Wide variety of spring bulbs, old fashioned roses, shrubs and trees.Opening dates and times: Sun 21 Mar; Mon 3 May (2-5).
http://www.britainexpress.com/images/attractions/editor/Little-Malvern-Court-bp-s.jpg Little Malvern
WR14 4JN
3m S of Malvern.  On A4104 S of junction with A449

Tel:  01684 892 988
Picton Gardens
The Picton Garden has evolved during several decades on the original site of Ernest Ballard's Michaelmas Daisy nursery. There are many fine specimens of interesting trees and shrubs, creating a backdrop to thousands of herbaceous perennials. The garden is intensively planted with both traditional borders and areas of more modern, natural planting schemes.The main feature is the NCCPG Plant Heritage Collection of Autumn Flowering Asters. Also known as Michaelmas Daisies, these create a rich tapestry of colour through September and October. A wide range of other late season Herbaceous Perennials are grown with the Asters. Many of them bring colour from late July onwards. The garden has been featured on T.V. and in many national newspapers and quality magazines. see website for openings.
The Picton Garden  Old Court Nurseries
WR13 6QE

 Tel 01684 540416
Snowshill Lavender
53 acres of lavender fields, planted since 2000. The lavender is harvested and essential oils are extracted and sold in the farm shop. The best time to visit is July. Opening times - Late May to late August. Daily. Open 10am to 5pm.
Snowshill Lavender, Worcestershire Hill Barn Farm,
Worcestershire,  ,
WR12 7JY


Snowshill Manor
This charming small organic garden surrounds this Cotswold Tudor Manor House known as Snowshill Manor. It is set in the middle of the Cotswolds amongst some of the most beautiful countryside in the British Isles. Very much in the Hidcote style but much smaller with garden rooms planted to the brim. The 2 acre gardens are organically grown with colourful borders, water features and splendid views. The Manor House is also open with fascinating collections of almost everything. Because the Snowshill Manor Gardens are small make sure you see the house too. NT Snowshill Manor and Garden open 2010 - 13 March - 31 October,  - Weds to Sundays 11 - 5.30 House - same days but 12 - 5. open BH Mondays. Restaurant and shop.
Snowshill Manor by Paul Leitch Snowshill Manor,
 WR12 7JU

   Tel 01386 852410
Spetchley Park Gardens
A Georgian house in a deer park with a lake and a Victorian garden. The gardens were largely designed by Rose Berkeley (grandmother of the current owner) and her sister, the great Edwardian gardener, Miss Ellen Wilmott. They comprise a Georgian House, Deer Park, Garden Lake, Herbaceous Borders, Fountains, Walled Gardens - and is widely described as a 'Plantsman's Paradise'.Opening times - Late March to September. Wednesday to Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays. Open 11am to 6pm. Also open Saturdays and Sundays in October 11am to 4pm.
Spetchley Park Gardens, Worcestershire Spetchley Park,
Spetchley Park Garden is 2 miles east of Worcester on the A44. Leave M5 at junction 6 or junction 7.
Tel: 01905 345224
Stone House
Stone House is a  romantic garden set in an old walled kitchen garden. The area is only 1 acre but seems much larger- hedges divide it into different compartments and create diverse habitats in which to grow the vast selection of rare and unusual plants that thrive here. Unusual brick follies adorn the walls and these in turn, are covered with a multitude of climbing and twining plants in which the garden specialises. The Stone House garden acts as a shop window for the adjoining nursery. Here you can buy plants of almost all that grow in the garden - the list of shrubs and climbers includes many hardly ever seen for sale in this country.
Stone House Stone
Near Kidderminster, Worcestershire
DY10 4BG
Stone House Cottage Gardens are 2 miles south east of Kidderminster via the A448 towards Bromsgrove.
 Tel 01562 69902
Wagon House Gardens
The garden is situated by a nineteenth century barn and wagon house.  Brick walls divide the garden into rooms. There are herbaceous borders, box hedges and follies. Opening times - Thursday to Sunday and Bank Holidays. End March to late December.
Wagon House Gardens Brickhouse Lane,
 Stoke Prior,
B60 4LY


White Cottage (Cranesbill Nursery)
A garden run in conjunction with a nursery. It has herbaceous borders, flowering shrubs, a stream garden and a wild flower meadow.  A peaceful garden blending formal and informal areas with almost round the year interest. Island beds display herbaceous plants, roses grow up through trees as well as in the rose garden. The spring wild flower area is carpeted with fritalleries, primroses and cowslips.An abundance of colour and form are displayed in the stream garden. The rockery is home to many hardy geraniums.  The garden has developed over 27 years from virtually an overgrown field. It is very heavy clay with some free lime although the ph is neutral. Plants of Note We have a nursery in the garden which specialises in Hardy geraniums and also a collection of echinacea and other less common herbaceous plants. Opening times - By appointment

Cranesbill Nursery Garden, Worcestershire Earls Common Road,
Stock Green,
nr Redditch,
 B96 6SZ
White Cottage garden is 7 miles east of Worcester.
Tel : 01386 792414.
Whitlenge Gardens
Wander through the three-acre show garden of professional designer Keith J Southall, set around his 18th century cottage. Walk the 'Twisted Brick Pergola' with its fan trained apples and pears, sit in the 'Verdigris Gazebo', see the Water Gardens with its split level waterfalls, listen to the Bubblers and marvel at the size of the Gunnera in the Bog Garden against the compactness of the Scree gardens. Walk into the manmade Cave and Fernery, dwell upon the mystic of the 'Green Man' and the 'Sword in the Stone' features. A plantsman's delight with over 800 varieties. Come and be inspired. Opening dates and times: Suns, Mons 4, 5 Apr; 2, 3, 30, 31 May; 29, 30 Aug (10-5).
http://www.information-britain.co.uk/showpic.php?placeid=16247&width=250 Whitlenge Lane
DY10 4HD
 5m S of Kidderminster, on A442.  Take A449 from Kidderminster towards Worcester, then A442 (signed Droitwich) over small island, ¼m, 1st R into Whitlenge Lane. Follow signs

Tel:  01299 250720
Witley Court & The Jerwood Foundation
Spectacular ruins of a once great country house. This vast Italianate mansion incorporates porticoes by John Nash and is surrounded by magnificent landscaped gardens, the 'monster work' of William Nesfield, which contains the Perseus & Andromeda Fountain and the Jerwood Sculpture Park. Opening times - Open all year except Christmas and New Year. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays November to February. Open 10am to 6pm or dusk if earlier.
Witley Court Garden, Worcestershire Worcester Road,
 Great Witley,
 WR6 6JT
Witley Court garden is 10 miles north west of Worcester, off the A443.
Tel: 01299 896636
A Horse my kingdom for a horse

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Redditch, B98 7BE

Bank House Hotel G&CC,
   Bransford ,
Worcester, WR6 5JD

Bewdley Pines Golf Club,
Habberley Road,
Bewdley, DY12 1LY

Blackwell, Bromsgrove, B60 1PY

Heron Road, Oldbury,
Warley, B68 8AQ

Bromsgrove Golf Centre,
Stratford Road,
Bromsgrove, B60 1LD

Cadmore Lodge,
Berrington Green,
Tenbury Wells, Worcester, WR15 8TQ

Churchill & Blakedown,
DY10 3NB Churchill Lane, Blakedown, Kidderminster,

Cocks Moor Woods,
Alcester Road, South
King's Heath, Birmingham,
BK14 4ER

Droitwich G&CC,
Ford Lane,
Droitwich, WR9 0BQ

Turners Hill, Rowley Regis,
Warley, B65 9DP

Craycombe Links, Fladbury,
Pershore, WR10 2QS

Fulford Heath,
Tanners Green Lane, Wythall,
Birmingham, B47 6BH

Gay Hill
Hollywood Lane,
Birmingham, B47 5PP

Low Habberley,
Kidderminster, DY11 5RG

Wassell Grove, Hagley,
Stourbridge, DY9 9JW

The Leasowes,
Halesowen, B62 8QF

Russell Road,
Kidderminster, DY10 3HT

Kings Norton,
Brockhill Lane, Weatheroak, Alvechurch, Birmingham, B48 7ED

Bradnor Hill,
Kington, HR5 3RE

Lickey Hills,
Lickey Hills, Rednal,
Birmingham, B45 8RR

Little Lakes,
Lye Head, Bewdley,
Worcester, DY12 2UZ

Springfield Road,
Kings Heath,
Birmingham, B14 7DX

North Worcestershire,
 Frankley Beeches Road,
Northfield, Birmingham,
B31 5LP

Bishopswood Road, Ombersley,
Droitwich, WR9 0LE

Perdiswell Park,
Bilford Road,
Worcester, WR3 8DX

Plymouth Road,
Redditch, B97 4PB,

Hindlip Lane, Clanes,
Worcester, WR3 8SA

Lower Grinsty, Green Lane,
Callow Hill, Redditch, B97 5PJ

Upper Sapey, Worcester,

Worcester Lane, Pedmore,
Stourbridge, DY8 2RB

The Fairway, Tolladine Road,
Worcester, WR4 9BA

The Vale ,
Pershore, WR10 2LZ

Lightwoods Hill,
Warley, B67 5EQ

Wharton Park,
Long Bank,
Bewdley, DY12 2QW

Worcester G&CC,
Boughton Park,
Worcester, WR2 4EZ

Wood Farm,
Malvern Wells, WR14 4PP

  Wyre Forest Golf Centre,
Zortech Avenue,
Kidderminster, DY11 7EX



Cupid Centre
Mercia Tourist Board
Beoley Beoley Equestrian Centre
Address: The Ranch, Icknield Street, B98 9AL
More Information - Click This Link
Birmingham Seechem Equestrian Centre
Address: Rowney Green Lane, Alvechurch, B48 7EL
More Information - Click This Link
Evesham Orchard Vale Equestrian Centre
Address: Haselor Lane, Charlton, WR11 4XY
More Information - Click This Link
Evesham Moyfield Riding School
Address: South Littleton, WR11
More Information - Click This Link
Evesham Willersey Farm Stables
Address: Willersey Road Farm, Badsey, WR11 5HF
More Information - Click This Link
Hallow Hallow Mill Equestrian Centre
Address: Broadheath Lane, WR2 6PR
More Information - Click This Link
Kidderminster Hartlebury Stables
Address: Manor Lane, Hartlebury, DY11 7XN
More Information - Click This Link
Kidderminster Six Ashes Riding Centre
Address: Bridgnorth Road, Cleobury, Mortimer, DY14 8HH
More Information - Click This Link
Kidderminster The Old Vicarage Adventure centre
Address: Stottesdon, Nr. Cleobury Mortimer, DY14 8UH
More Information - Click This Link
Malvern Sevenacres Riding School
Address: Harcourt Road, Ham Green, Mathon, WR13 5PG
More Information - Click This Link
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Theatres, Concert Halls, Operas

Huntingdon Hall

CrownGate, Worcester, WR1 3LD
Tel: 01905 23428
E-mail: esther@huntingdonhall.com

Huntingdon Hall is Worcestershire's premier live music venue, staging an eclectic programme of live music, comedy and spoken word events.


Worcester Swan Theatre

The Moors, Worcester, WR1 3EF
Tel: 01905 27322 (box office)
E-mail: swan_theatre@lineone.net

350 seat theatre - great comic theatre, classic adaptations, the best stand-up comedy, magical Christmas shows, powerful drama & much more!

Autumn In Malvern Festival

42 Worcester Road, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 4AA
Tel: 01684 892289
Web: www.autumninmalvernfestival.co.uk

The Autumn in Malvern Festival is an annual event held at weekends during October, contrasting English Music with art and a different nation. The Festival offers quality events which give an illuminating and tangible experience to those attending. The week offers a series of exhibitions, talks, drama, film, literature and music giving as broad an insight as possible into the influences and connections between each culture. Advance brochure available in August from Great Malvern Tourist Information.  Details available August on Festival website.

Malvern Theatres

Grange Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3HB
Tel: 01684 892277    Fax: 01684 893300
E-mail: bookings@malvern-theatres.co.uk
Web: www.malvern-theatres.co.uk

Situated in the shadow of the Malvern Hills. Its three auditoria comprise two 800-seat theatres: one a traditional Victorian proscenium arch theatre, the other a modern theatre with adaptable seating. Also on offer, a 400-seat cinema.

Droitwich Theatre & Arts Club Ltd

Norbury House, Friar Street, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 8ED
Tel: 01905 795619
E-mail: website@norburytheatre.co.uk
Web: www.norburytheatre.freeserve.co.uk

The totally volunteer run amateur theatre situated in the heart of historic Droitwich Spa.

Palace Theatre

E-mail: paul.hughes@redditchbc.gov.uk
Web: www.redditchpalacetheatre.co.uk

Closed until April 2006 for refurbishment.

Evesham Arts Centre

Victoria Avenue, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 4QH
Tickets for most events are available from:
Evesham Book Centre, 62 High St. (01386 45567) or
Almonry Heritage & Tourist Information Centre, Abbey Rd. (01386 442348)
Web: www.eveshamartscentre.co.uk

Recent shows include everything from films & ballet to pop, rock & brass bands through plays and musicals to stand-up comedy, poetry & storytelling. Evesham Arts Centre has a modern 300-seat theatre and a 60-seat studio space plus a large foyer with licensed bar. We're a few minutes walk from Evesham town centre, bus & rail station and have a free car park.

Oldbury Rep

Barlow Theatre, Spring Walk, Langley. B69 4SP
Tel: 0121 552 2761
E-mail: info@olburyrep.org
Web: www.oldburyrep.org

Sandwell's only purpose built community theatre, with licensed bar, coffee shop, and exhibition area.

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Autumn In Malvern Festival

42 Worcester Road, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 4AA
Tel: 01684 892289
Web: www.autumninmalvernfestival.co.uk

The Autumn in Malvern Festival is an annual event held at weekends during October, contrasting English Music with art and a different nation. The Festival offers quality events which give an illuminating and tangible experience to those attending. The week offers a series of exhibitions, talks, drama, film, literature and music giving as broad an insight as possible into the influences and connections between each culture. Advance brochure available in August from Great Malvern Tourist Information.  Details available August on Festival website.


49 - 55 Friar Street, Worcester, WR1 2NA
Tel: 08712 240240    Fax: 01905 612901
E-mail: customerservices@vuemail.com
Web: www.myvue.com

Multiplex offering the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Birmingham Great Park

Bristol Road South, Rubery Great Park, Rednal, Birmingham, B45 9JL
Tel: 0871 2002000
Web: www.ugccinemas.co.uk

Multiplex offering the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Malvern Theatres

Grange Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3HB
Tel: 01684 892277    Fax: 01684 893300
E-mail: bookings@malvern-theatres.co.uk
Web: www.malvern-theatres.co.uk

Situated in the shadow of the Malvern Hills. Its three auditoria comprise two 800-seat theatres: one a traditional Victorian proscenium arch theatre, the other a modern theatre with adaptable seating. Also on offer, a 400-seat cinema.


UCI 10 Cinemas, The Merry Hill Centre, Brierley Hill, Dudley, West Midlands, DY5 1SY
Tel: 0871 22 44 007
E-mail: www.odeon.co.uk

Multiplex screening all the latest Hollywood blockbusters.


Famous Mercians From Worcestershire
Alistair McGowan
Cedric Hardwicke
Charles Dance
Conrad Waddington

Edward Elgar

Fay Weldon

Geoffrey Hill

John Vane
Laurence Housman
Lord Nuffield 
Mary Sherwood

Mrs Henry Wood
Philip Gosse

Sheila Scott
Sir Rowland Hill
Stanley Baldwin


Offas You Cant Refuse
A Horse my kingdom for a horse

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