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Facebook is suing a company called Teachbook  , which operates a social networking site for teachers, apparently because it has "book" in its name and "competes" with Facebook. Teachbook is described as "a professional community for teachers". Sounds like a threat to Facebook's existence doesn't it?  Well we know of a book that predates Facebook and tells us all about Nottinghamshire. Yes "The Doomsdaybook! The Domesday Book was commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066. The first draft was completed in August 1086 and contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees (the border with Scotland at the time). Read about Nottinghamshire in The Doomsday Book
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Mercia, sometimes spelled Mierce , was one of the kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, in what is now the Midlands region of England, with its heart in the Trent valley and its tributary streams. This site shows  places of Interest & Events in  Nottinghamshire . 
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The Angles Have Landed
The Angles came here for a visit 1515 years ago and liked it so much they have stayed.
According to sources such as the History of Bede, after the invasion of Britannia, the Angles split up and founded the kingdoms of the Nord Angelnen (Northumbria), Ost Angelnen (East Anglia), and the Mittlere Angelnen (Mercia).  Confirmation is afforded by English and Danish traditions relating to two kings named Wermund and Offa of Angel, from whom the Mercian royal family claimed descent and whose exploits are connected with Angeln, Schleswig, and Rendsburg. Danish tradition has preserved record of two governors of Schleswig, father and son, in their service, Frowinus (Freawine) and Wigo (Wig), from whom the royal family of Wessex claimed descent. During the 5th century, the Anglii invaded Great Britain, after which time their name does not recur on the continent except in the title of Suevi Angili.
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The county was settled by Angles around the 5th century, and became part of the Kingdom, and later Earldom, of Mercia.  In the 6th century Nottinghamshire was border country and one of the battlegrounds between Northumbria and Mercia. A battle on the Idle and another on the Trent are recorded in 616 & 679 respectively. Most famous though is the battle of Heathfield in 633 in which Penda of Mercia defeated and killed Edwin of Northumbria, which was near Cuckney between Mansfield & Worksop. The battle of Heathfield secured Mercian suzerainty over Nottinghamshire and Lindsay (Lincolnshire).

However, there is evidence of Saxon settlement at Oxton, near Nottingham, and Tuxford, east of Sherwood Forest. The name first occurs in 1016, but until 1568 the county was administratively united with Derbyshire, under a single Sheriff. In Norman times the county developed malting and woollen industries. During the industrial revolution canals and railways came to the county, and the lace and cotton industries grew. In the 19th century collieries opened and mining became an important economic sector, though these declined after the 1984-5 miners' strike.

Until 1610, Nottinghamshire was divided into eight Wapentakes. Sometime between 1610 and 1719 they were reduced to six – Newark, Bassetlaw, Thurgarton, Rushcliffe, Broxtowe and Bingham, some of these names still being used for the modern districts. Oswaldbeck was absorbed in Bassetlaw, of which it forms the North Clay division, and Lythe in Thurgarton.

Brian Clough StatueNottinghamshire is famous for its involvement with the legend of Robin Hood. This is also the reason for the amount of tourists who visit places like Sherwood Forest, City of Nottingham and the surrounding villages in Sherwood Forest.

Nottinghamshire contains the ancestral home of the poet Lord Byron, Newstead Abbey, which he sold in 1818. It is now owned by Nottingham City Council and open to the public. The author D. H. Lawrence was from Eastwood in Nottinghamshire. The North of the County is also noteworthy because of its connections with the Pilgrim Fathers. William Brewster, for example, came from the village of Scrooby and was influenced by Richard Clyfton who preached at Babworth church. William Morthole is a current resident as well.

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club is a first class cricket club who play at Trent Bridge in West Bridgford. They won the County Championship in 2005. Nottingham Forest is a Championship football club and Notts County and Mansfield Town are in League Two. Other notable teams are Nottingham Rugby Football club and Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Club.


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02 May 2010 Napoleonic Association Weekend

03 May 2010 1940’s Knees-up
29-31 May 2010 City Pulse
19 Jun 2010 Outdoor Theatre - The Secret Garden
26-27 Jun 2010 Armed Forces Weekend
01 Jul 2010 Outdoor Theatre - An Ideal Husband
03-04 Jul 2010 Caribbean Carnival
04 Jul 2010 Music for Everyone Promenade Concert
10-11 Jul 2010 One World Festival
10-11 Jul 2010 Outdoor Theatre - Romeo and Juliet
11 Jul 2010 Mela
18 Jul 2010 Outdoor Theatre - The Tempest
24 Jul-07 Aug 2010 Nottingham Riviera
24-25 Jul 2010 Splendour
28-30 Jul Outdoor Theatre - A Midsummer Night’s Dream
31 Jul-07 Aug 2010 Nottingham Children’s Festival
31 Jul 2010 Pride
06 Aug 2010 Riverside Festival

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 Ashfield District Council , Urban Road , Kirkby-in-Ashfield , NG17 8DA  Tel: +44 (0) 1623 450000
Email: d.g.hill@ashfield-dc.gov.uk  Website: http://www.ashfield-dc.gov.uk

Hucknall visitor information point

Hucknall Library, Market Place, Hucknall NG15 7BSe: sanda8@tiscali.com   Visit the The Hucknall Tourism and Regeneration Group websiteOpening times: open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 7.30pm. Wednesday and Friday 9am - 5pm. Saturday 9am - 4pm. Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays. Or call 08444 77 5678 for local tourist information

Mansfield District Council

 email: tourism@mansfield-dc.gov.uk   Visit Mansfield website  Opening times: Mansfield operates a telephone helpline service from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Call 08444 77 5678 for local tourist information.Mansfield Museum & Art Gallery (for visitor literature) Leeming Street, Mansfield NG18 1NGOpening times: weekdays and Saturday 10am to 5pm. Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays. Or call 08444 77 5678 for local tourist information

 The Gilstrap Centre , Castlegate , Newark , NG24 1BG  Tel: +44 (0) 1636 655 765  NEWARK & OLLERTON CLICK

 Galleries of Justice , High Pavement , Nottingham , NG1 1HN  Tel: +44 (0) 115 915 9244
Email: sward@profilenottingham.co.uk  Website: http://www.visitnottingham.com

Nottingham (Smithy Row)

 1-4 Smithy Row , Nottingham , NG1 2BY  Tel: UK calls 08444 77 5678   overseas calls +44 115 915 5133
Website: http://www.visitnottingham.comThe centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10am to 4pm. They'll be happy to provide information, make bookings on your behalf and you'll get the chance to browse our new improved range of merchandise.

Ollerton tourist information centre

Sherwood Heath, Ollerton Roundabout, Ollerton, Newark NG22 9DR  e: sherwoodheath@nsdc.info   Visit Ollerton (Newark and Sherwood) website Opening times : open seven days a week 9am - 4pm, including Bank Holidays, from October - March. Open seven days a week 9am - 5pm, including Bank Holidays, from April - September. Or call 08444 77 5678 for local tourist information NEWARK & OLLERTON CLICK 

 40 Grove Street , Retford , DN22 6LD Tel: +44 (0) 1777 860 780   e: retford.tourist@bassetlaw.gov.uk   Visit Retford website   Opening times: Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5pm (from 1 April - 31 October opening times extend to 5.30pm) Saturday 9.30am - 3pm. Open Bank Holidays from 10am - 3.30pm. Or call 08444 77 5678 for local tourist information

Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

 Edwinstowe, Mansfield email: sherwood.forest@nottscc.gov.uk   Visit Newark and Sherwood website Opening times: seasonal - please telephone before visiting. Call 08444 77 5678 for local tourist information

Southwell visitor information point

 The Minster Centre, Church Street, Southwell NG25 0HD  email: southwelltourism@btconnect.com 

 Worksop Library , Memorial Avenue , Worksop , S80 2BP  Tel: +44 (0) 1909 501 148e: worksop.tourist@bassetlaw.gov.uk Opening times: Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5pm (from 1 April - 31 October opening times extend to 5.30pm) Saturday 9.30am - 3pm. Closed on Sunday. Call 08444 77 5678 for local tourist information

 Bed and breakfast accommodation in Nottingham University 

Staying in Nottingham University accommodation is a convenient and affordable way to stay in Nottingham.  With centrally-located bed and breakfast (B&B) rooms from £20, it is a cost effective alternative to staying in a hostel or a hotel. Rooms are mainly available in the Christmas, Easter, and summer vacation periods (July, August, September), when students clear their rooms.  Rooms typically become available two to three months in advance, so please revisit the website within that period if nothing is available now.

Click here for Bed & Breakfast at Nottingham University

Newark and Notts Show 2008

Description of event:

The Showground is situated two miles north east of the historic market town of Newark, which is an attractive market town situated along the river Trent. It offers you a wealth of history, interesting buildings and museums. Its most famous period in history was during the Civil War in which it was a Royalist stronghold and withstood three sieges. Many reminders of that period can still be seen in the town, including its imposing 12th century castle.

Start date:


End date:




Web Link:


Contact telephone:

0870 2241035

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Sutton In Ashfield
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Bagthorpe and Underwood

The pleasant villages of Underwood &   Bagthorpe  on the Derbyshire border are all worth a visit, offering country walks, a wealth of heritage and history as well as gentle pastimes and eating places to suit everyone.

Felley Priory

Felley Priory was founded in 1156. The Priory has close links with Annesley Hall because the church at Annesley (the Old Church) was given to the Canons of Felley in 1158 to save it from destruction. There is an enchanting garden, started in 1976, which contains a large selection of new and interesting plants. All the plants and shrubs sold there are grown in the garden so they can be seen flowering before purchasing.In the spring the whole of the orchard is carpeted with an incredible variety of daffodils and is really worth a visit. Refreshments are always available and the site is only a 3-minute drive from Junction 27 of the M1 on the A608.
At the end of Felley Mill Lane North is Felley Mill Farm and Pond, which is denoted as Strelley Mill in DH Lawrence's novel 'The White Peacock'. At one time a watermill on this site was used by the monks of Felley Priory. Felley Mill Farm is the ideal starting point for an attractive walk around the area.

Off Mansfield Road,
Open All year - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 12.30pm.
Also open March-October: second and fourth Wednesday in the month, 9am to 4pm
Phone: 01773 810230
One of the most famous writers of the 20th century was DH Lawrence, whose groundbreaking novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover changed English literature for ever. When Lawrence was growing up in Eastwood, this part of Nottinghamshire was dominated by the coal mining industry.
The town is very different these days, but take a peep into the past at Durban House, the former headquarters of the Barber Walker Mining Company. The D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum is a just short walk away.


D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum
This is the house where D.H. Lawrence was born in 1885, and the first of the family's four Eastwood homes. Through a guided tour, you will be able to learn about his family life and the type of working class home and mining community that shaped his formative years. The tour includes the parlour, kitchen and bedrooms as well as the outdoor washhouse. In the adjoining building there is the chance to watch a D.V.D on Lawrence and visit our exhibition space, which houses several original Lawrence paintings and personal items such as his traveling trunk.
DH Lawrence birthplace
8a Victoria Street, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, NG16 3AW

DH Lawrence Memorial
DH Lawrence Memorial

DH Lawrence Memorial Stone
David Herbert Lawrence's ashes are buried in a shrine on the Kiowa Ranch, San Cristobal, Taos County, New Mexico, USA. There is also a memorial stone for him in Eastwood Cemetery 
Memorial Stone

Durban House Heritage Centre
As a boy, D.H. Lawrence would pick up his father's wages from this impressive building, which was the offices of local coal owners, Barber, Walker & Co. Today a thriving heritage centre, a visit here complements the tour of the museum through its permanent exhibition, depicting community life for the young Lawrence and introducing you to some more of the early influences on his life. The Heritage Centre also includes a contemporary art exhibition space, the Rainbow Gallery, and has a restaurant on the ground floor, with a choice of refreshments.
DH Lawrence heritage Durban House Heritage Centre
Mansfield Road
NG16 3DZ | View map
Tel: +44 (0)1773 717 353
Fax: +44 (0)1773 713 509
The Blue Line Trail follows the footsteps of Lawrence through Eastwood, and links his four family homes with other Lawrence related sites. Or, if you want to go further afield, the local area still has much of the charm and locations that inspired Lawrence, which can be explored on foot or by car.

Hucknall, a historic mining and textiles town, where the graceful River Leen dissects the undulating landscape. Hucknall is a thriving market town, with a bustling market on a Friday and a flea market on Thursday evenings.The town boasts a number of famous sons including Byron, his daughter Ada Lovelace, who worked with Charles Babbage on the first computer, Eric Coates, composer of the Dambusters theme tune and Ben Caunt, champion boxer of all England, after whom the Big Ben bell at Westminster was reputed to have been named. All these famous people are buried in the graveyard at St Mary Magdalene Church. Every July the town hosts the International Byron Festival. See the Ashfield District Council events diary for detailsIn the evening there are many pubs and restaurants and you can even catch the 'flicks' at the Byron Cinema on the High Street. The town also boasts a modern Leisure Centre with swimming pool and fitness centre. There is a town trail available around the sites of interest in the town, which was recently used as a location for the British hit film, 'Once Upon a Time in the Midlands.'A visitor information point is located in the town centre's library, where visitor's and residents can find that all important information to enable them to have an enjoyable and interesting day. This is open during normal library hours.Hucknall is situated on the Robin Hood Line, just a 15 minute ride from Nottingham and 20 minutes from Mansfield. From 2003 the new Nottingham tram will terminate at Hucknall. The National Cycle Network runs through Hucknall from Nottingham on its way to Newstead Abbey and Sherwood Forest.
Hucknall Market
Tourist Offices

Hucknall Library, Market Place,

 Hucknall NG15 7BS

email: sanda8@tiscali.com  

Visit the The Hucknall Tourismand

 Regeneration Group website

Opening times: open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 7.30pm. Wednesday and Friday 9am - 5pm. Saturday 9am - 4pm. Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays. Or call 08444 77 5678 for local tourist information

Tel: 08444 77 5678

Mill Lakes and Bestwood Country Park

Mill Lakes once used to power the textile mills, and is now an attractive recreational area, rich in wildlife and a gateway to Bestwood Country Park. Bestwood, once a Deer Park, is now a 650 acre park including woodlands, heath, grasslands and wetlands as well as formal gardens. The park also hosts the Winding House, to commemorate the industrial heritage once prevalent in what is now an area for conservation.

Mill Lakes
Off Wigwam Lane, Hucknall
Tel : Rangers Office 0115 927 3674

St Mary Magdalene Church

Dating back to Saxon times, St. Mary Magdalene Church is most famous for being the burial place of the romantic poet Lord Byron, his body was returned to his native Hucknall from Messolonghi in Western Greece. On view are many Byron memorials including a marble slab given by King George I of Greece in 1881, which is laid above Byron. At her own request his daughter, Ada Countess of Lovelace, was buried beside her father in the family vault in 1852. The Church also has the largest collection of stained glass windows from the studios of CE Kempe, perhaps the greatest of the Victorian stained glass artists, along with several wall mosaics in pre-Raphaelite style. There is a Visitors' Centre in the Church and a sensory garden in the Churchyard. Visits and tours can be arranged by telephone.
St Mary Maddalene Hucknall
Market Place, Hucknall, Notts
Open: 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm Monday to Friday and 10am-12pm Saturday morning.
Sundays during and after service times.
Phone: 0115 9635850
The One4all Group
Buggyland 2 and Commando Paintball are part of the One4all Group.LKQC is the only indoor go karting circuit in Nottingham. With a 450m of championship indoor karting track Ideal for team building, corporate events, stag parties and hen parties in Nottingham as well as group bookings.Buggyland 2 at the National Water Sports Centre Nottingham is ideal for Corporate Events and Team Building and includes activities such as Quad Biking, Off Road Mud Buggies and White Water Rafting or Water Skiing.Commando Paintball is Nottingham's closest Paintballing site. Only 10 minutes from Nottingham City Centre, with 52 acres of broadleaf woodland and multiple game zones.
0ne 4 all
South Hangar, Langar Airport, Harby Road, Langar,
Notts. NG13 9HY
Tel 01949 86 11 55
 Naturescape is a novel family-run business engaged in the production of wildflower seeds, plants, native trees and shrubs. The wildflower farm and visitors centre has 40 acres of wildflower crops grown for seed, wildlife hedgerows totalling a mile in length and a wildflower garden comprising different habitats, demonstrating wildflower and cottage garden plants to prodive ideas to take home. A pleasant cabin provides an attractive sales area and tasteful tearoom serving home-made fayre. There is a woodlandwalk, large dragonfly pond, picnic area and a one-acre wetland meadow.
Lapwing Meadows
Coach Gap Lane
NG13 9HP |  View map 
E-mail: sales@naturescape.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 1949 860 592
Fax: +44 (0) 1949 869 047
Mansfield & Area
Mansfield is said to have derived its name from the little stream called the Maun, which runs gently through it.
Ambitious regeneration projects in recent years have transformed Mansfield in terms of retail, leisure, housing and industry. The bustling 700-year-old open market is the hub of the town, complemented by shopping centres, retail parks and department stores along with boutiques and specialist stores. Family attractions within the district range from the ultimate in swimming fun at Water Meadows, local heritage at the Museum and Art Gallery, to innovation at Making It!.Unique visitor attractions such as White Lion Yard are tucked away off the busy streets of Mansfield.  The site is home to caves and buildings, most of which have been used since the early 18th Century, and one which dates back to Tudor times.
Market Square Mansfield
Tourist Offices

  email: tourism@mansfield-dc.gov.uk   

Visit Mansfield website  

Opening times: Mansfield operates a telephone helpline service from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 

Tel: 08444 77 5678


Edwinstowe is a village in the heart of Sherwood Forest Its name means Edwin's resting place because King (and Saint) Edwin of Northumbria's body was hidden in the church after he was killed in the Battle of Hatfield Chase,   in 633. References to Edwinstowe can be found in the Domesday Book. Legend has it that Robin Hood married his sweetheart Maid Marion in St Marys Church,Thoresby Colliery serves as Edwinstowe's main source of employment. However, since the downfall of the British coal industry, tourism is now becoming a major influence on the local economy due to the popularity of the Robin Hood legend and the alleged location of his base at the Major Oak.(See The Statues of Robin & Marion here)

Robin & Marion
Edwinstowe's home page
Fancy yourself as a bit of a Tarzan? Then this is the challenge for you. Go Ape is a high wire forest adventure course of rope bridges, tarzan swings and zip slides. Go ape and trek tree to tree through the forest canopy. You get three hours of adrenaline-fuelled fun, laughter and adventure for your money, so swing on by and give it a go. They even encourage corporate days, so get the whole office down there for some team-building exercises. You know you always wanted to see your boss dangling on the end of a rope...
Go Ape
Sherwood Pines Visitor Centre
Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Nr. Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, NG21 9JL
Tel: 0870 444 5562
Kirkfields Equestrian Centre
Riding Schools, Livery Stables & Equestrian Centres


 Kirkfield, Calverton Road, Blidworth, Mansfield Notts NG21 0NW


Tel: 01623 794831
  Mansfield Town Football Club
Formed in 1897 this is now a League Division 2 team.

Mansfield Town FC

Field Mill Ground
Quarry Lane
NG18 5DA
 General enquries e-mail: info@mansfieldtown.net
Tel:  0870 7563160
Fax: 01623 482 495
Making It! Discovery Centre
Hands on interactive exhibits based around the process of making things. Modern exhibits, computer technology, The Idea, Design, Testing, Marketing, Advertising, Waste Management and making a kit with component parts to take home.Choose from Rocket, Ball Launcher, Live Wire Challenge, Plane Launcher, Torch, Clock, Bug, Buggy, motorised buggy and others - print your own front page of the newspaper.

Making It
NG18 1AH | Contact | View map
E-mail : info@makingit.org.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 1623 - 473297
Fax: +44 (0) 1623 - 473201
Mansfield Museum and Art Gallery
This museum and discovery centre is primarily designed for children and is a great day out for a family. It allows visitors to have the experience of actually making things through a series of interesting interactive exhibits. The industrial and technological are explored in an easy to understand and fun way at this colourful and exciting museum.
Mansfield Museum
Tourist Offices
Leeming Street
NG18 1NG | Contact | View map
All year, Mon-Sat, 1000-1700. Closed all Bank Hols
Tel: +44 (0) 1623 - 463088
Fax: +44 (0) 1623 - 412922
Palace Theatre, Mansfield
The Palace opened in 1910 as the Electric Palace presenting Cine-Variety. In 1950 there were signs of a partial refurbishment of the Palace which would have seated around 600 in stalls and balcony, there were just plain side walls, a very small stage and the follow spotlights were, unusually, operated from a projection room at the rear of the Stalls .Direction was in the hands of Will Collins, this would have been the well known agent Joe Collins who often used his Father's name in business matters. Joe was the father of Joan & Jackie Collins. In 2010, the Mansfield Palace Theatre will be celebrating its 100th birthday! The year will consist of events and celebrations to mark such an achievement.
Palace Theatre Palace Theatre, Leeming Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 1NG
Tel: 01623 633133
Tel: 01623 633133

Sherwood Forest Art and Craft Centre
is situated in the former Coach House and Stables of Edwinstowe Hall in the heart of the legendary Sherwood Forest. In this idyllic location the buildings have been converted into one of the most creatively designed craft centres in the country.There are eleven studios enclosed by a glazed atrium ensuring that even the most inclement weather cannot spoil your visit. Outside the main building there are five more studios centred around another courtyard with a small picnic area nearby.
Alternatively, you can choose one of the mouth-watering dishes freshly cooked to order in the café. The Centre is a working art and craft centre with an extensive variety of arts and crafts where you can see craft workers putting the finishing touches to those unusual gifts that you have been searching for or you can choose from a wide range of practical items eminently suitable for the home or garden.

Sherwood Art & craft Centre
Sherwood Forest Art and Craft Centre is in Edwinstowe next to the Youth Hostel just off the A614 and is close to the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

Opening Times: Summer (1st April to 30th September) 10.00 - 17.00 Tuesday -Sunday n.b some studios may be open mondays.

Winter (1st October to 31st March) 10.00 - 16.00 Wednesday to Sunday

Sherwood Forest Country Park & Visitor Centre
Former Royal Hunting Forest and legendary home of the world’s most famous outlaw – Robin Hood. Visitor Centre with exhibitions, two shops and Forest Table Restaurant for light snacks and meals. See the famous Major Oak and enjoy woodland trails. Lively year-round programme of events, including summer Robin Hood Festival.
Sherwood Edwinstowe
Tel: 0871 716 2251
Sherwood Forest Farm Park
Visit Sherwood Forest Farm Park for a good old-fashioned day out in the countryside. The picturesque valley setting is home to a variety of weird and wonderful animals, among them some of the most endangered species of farm animals in Britain today.You are sure to be greeted by a very warm welcome at the farm park. New arrivals are usually a feature and often include baby piglets, playful lambs, fluffy baby rabbits and goat kids.Among the many facilities at the farm park are a tearoom, gift shop and picnic spots, play areas for every age group including ball pools and adventure playground, beautiful water gardens and a lovely bird enclosure.A miniature railway, under separate ownership, operates daily during the season (small extra charge payable).

Sherwood Forest Farm Park
Lamb Pens Farm
NG21 9HL  | View map
Tel: +44 (0) 1623 823 558
Sherwood Forest Fun Park
A family operated children's fair in the beautiful Sherwood Forest. An inexpensive day out for all the family. Located at entrance to Sherwood Country Park, Amusements, Rides, Food, Discounts for parties of 20 or more
Sherwood Forest Fun park
Sherwood Forest Country Park
Edwinstowe Mansfield
NG21 9QA | View map
1 Mar-31 Oct, 1000-dusk, weather permitting.
Tel 01623 823536
Sherwood Pines Forest Park
Way-marked walks, Cycle routes, Visitor centre, Cycle hire, Off-road area for mountain bikes, plenty of wildlife to see.
Sherwood Pines Forest Park

Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Forestry Commission, Edwinstowe, Nottingham,

NG21 9JL 

Tel 01623 822447
Whaley Thorns Heritage Centre Museum
Following a major refurbishment of the Methodist Chapel, the Langwith Whaley Thorns Heritage Centre is open to the public.
A focal point of the village, the Heritage Centre tells the story of the area. From the agricultural beginnings and the dramatic impact of industrialisation, to the consequences of the colliery closure in 1978. The Heritage Centre tells how the local history has helped shaped lives today.

Whaley Thoms
Cockshut Lane
Whaley Thorns
NG20 9HA | View map
General Enquiries : heritagecentre@mail.com

Tel: +44 (0) 1623 742525
Fax: +44 (0) 1246 813200
Mattersey Priory
The remains, mainly the 13thcentury refectory and kitchen, of a small monastery for just six Gilbertine canons – the only wholly English monastic order

Mattersey Priory
Open All Year

Tel: 0871 716 1941
Newark & Area
Situated on the banks of the River Trent, Newark is a picturesque town steeped in history. The ruins of Newark Castle have had a huge influence on the unique character of the town. Though the current remains were built in the early 12th century, there has been a castle on the site since 1068. Left in ruins by a turbulent history,  the grounds were landscaped in 1887.

Newark’s market place is overlooked by the Georgian Town Hall. The town has become famous for its six annual antiques fairs, held at Newark County Showground, and thousands of antique hunters from across the world descend on the fair’s 4,000 stalls in search of a bargain.Other attractions in the town include the Newark Air Museum – home to 65 aircraft and cockpit sections. Nearby North Clifton is also home to a relaxing meditation centre and Japanese garden.And of course renowned for being the home of Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels.

Tourist Offices
 The Gilstrap Centre , Castlegate , Newark , NG24 1BG 
 Tel: +44 (0) 1636 655 765
Newark Treasure Hunt
No prior knowledge of Newark on Trent is required as all clues are solved by observation.  Both young and old will be fascinated whilst getting out for a couple of hours seeing the sites and solving the clues. Children will enjoy beating adults to solve the clues!  We even supply a map just in case you get lost.  The answers are at the back of the book so you can check any unsolved ones before you leave.The hunt starts at the Tourist Information Centre , Castlegate, Newark on Trent, NG24 1BG.From Newark on Trent or just visiting, you will be surprised at how much you walk past without even noticing. We so often walk around blinkered without appreciating the great features which make our towns and cities fabulous. By following our hunt these things will be highlighted rather than hidden away.Our Newark on Trent treasure hunt packs contain all the necessary elements for you need including maps, clues, answer sheet, and tips on how to get things going.
Newark Treasure Hunt

Amen Corner Karting

We are an established outdoor kart circuit located at Rufford, about 12 miles north of Nottingham. It all began about 17 years ago with two small fun tracks providing arrive and drive for all ages. After many years of plotting and planning we decided to get serious with a new 550m pro-kart circuit which opened in 1999 alongside the other tracks.  A brand new 4000 sq ft corporate building with an office, shop, meeting room and workshops plus a 5000 sq ft roof over the prokarts pits area was added a few years ago.

Amen Go-Carting
Amen Corner, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9DB
7 Miles from Mansfield
Tel :01623 822205

Fax: 01623 824552
Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre
When it opened in September 1995, it was Britain's first dedicated Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre.  It was called Beth Shalom, the place of peace.  It soon became a place of education, a place of memory, a place of testimony, a place of art, a place of academia, and much more besides.  The Centre was created in the grounds of a former farmhouse, in the village of Laxton on the edge of Sherwood Forest in North Nottinghamshire.  The surrounding countryside provides a peaceful setting and the Centre itself is set in two acres of beautiful landscaped gardens.
Beth Shalom
NG22 0PA   | View map
8 Jan-30 Nov, Wed-Sun, 0900-1700.

Tel: +44 (0) 1623 836627
Fax: +44 (0) 1623 836647
British Horological Institute

In 956, one hundred and ten years before the Norman conquest, King Edwy donated the land on which the present Upton Hall now stands, to Archbishop Oscytel of York. The record of a Hall on the site cannot be found before 1335 and this Hall was occupied by one Robert Bagenham. During the time of the Civil War, circa 1645, Martin Oglethorpe was Squire of Upton and lived in Upton Hall; a small part of Oglethorpe's Elizabethan Hall can still be seen in the present structure. By 1795 the land was owned by the then Lord Carrington.The main part of the present Hall was built in 1828 by Thomas Wright (1773-1845) a banker who was also High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire in 1811. He employed W J Donthome to design a tall stately building exhibiting neo-Greek characteristics in smooth stucco with low pitched slate roofs behind corniced parapets, with a central leaded dome and tetrastyle Ionic portico with pediment.In 1895, John Warwick, a brewer of the Newark firm 'Warwick & Richardson' which used to be in Northgate, Newark, purchased the Hall for his family home. He added a large West Wing incorporating a Ballroom, a Billiards Room, and six further bedrooms with their accompanying dressing rooms. He remodelled the interior of the late Georgian building adding Jacobean style decoration to the Main Hall.In 1936 Sir Albert Ball, one time Mayor of Nottingham and father of the famous holder of the VC, bought the property but never actually took up residence.The Institute bought the Hall from St Joseph's Roman Catholic Theological College in 1972. Since 1952 the Hall has been a listed building and more recently it was classified Grade II* which places it within the top 5% of all listed buildings in the United Kingdom.

Upton Hall
Upton Hall
NG23 5TE  | View map
Tel: +44 (0) 1636 - 813795
Fax: +44 (0) 1636 - 812258
Kingshaugh Camp: Ancient Monument and House
Ancient Monument and historical house on site museum displays evidence of pre-historic flints,stones,roman, bronze & Iron Age pottery. The restored house is open with handcrafted gifts for sale. Guided walks showing the sites history are available.

Lincoln Road
NG22 0TP | View map
Tel: +44 (0) 1777 871870
Meditation Centre and Japanese Garden
The beautiful Japanese garden, repeatedly one of the finest in the world, that reflects harmony of nature and inner purity of man providing a place for relaxation and reflection for visitors. The meditation centre offers you the opportunity to find your inner peace and your true self through simple meditation that Maitreya has been teaching for thirty years.

Japanese Garden
North Clifton
NG23 7AT | View map
All year, Tue-Fri, 1030-1730, Sat, Sun, 1000-1730.
Tel: +44 (0) 1777 228567
Fax: +44 (0) 1777 228567
Millgate Museum of Social and Folk Life
We have a rich museum collection of over 70,000 items that contains Archaeology,Costume, Natural History, Art, Photographs, Social History, Civil War and Military items. A small selection of objects from all of these areas are on display at the Museums in our Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions, so come along and have a look at Newark Millgate Museum as there is always something changing and always something new to look and marvel at.As well as exhibitions, the museums also offer an exciting programme of events ranging from children's workshops and competitions to hands on activities and reminiscence sessions for older people.

Newark Millgate Museum
48 Millgate
NG24 4TS |  View map 
Mon-Fri 1000-1700, Sat, Sun 1300-1700, Bank Hol, 1300-1700. Last admission 1630.
Tel: +44 (0) 1636 - 655730
Fax: +44 (0) 1636 - 655735
Newark Air Museum
Newark Air Museum is located on the former World War Two airfield of Winthorpe in eastern Nottinghamshire. Its diverse collection of fifty-nine aircraft and cockpit sections cover the history of aviation, the aircraft on display include 10 National Benchmark aircraft; 29 Significant aircraft and 18 Noteworthy aircraft as listed in the National Aviation Heritage Register.
Nearly half of the aircraft are displayed inside and the museum is currently seeking Lottery Funding for a second Aircraft Display Hall.In addition the aircraft the museum displays a diverse display of aviation artefacts and a collection of more than thirty aero engines. On site there is an excellent Café and an extensive Shop, which was once described as "An Aviation Enthusiasts Dream!"Each year the museum organises and hosts a diverse range of Special Event Days, details of which are regularly updated on the museum's website.

Newark Air Museum
Winthorpe Showground
NG24 2NY |  View map
Tel: +44 (0) 1636 707 170
Fax: +44 (0) 1636 707 170
Newark Castle
Standing proudly on the banks of the River Trent in the pretty market town of Newark, the Castle was bulit in the 12th century and is said to have the finest gatehouse in England. The grounds have recently been restored to Victorian splendour. Guided tours of the Castle are available from the Castle Ranger - for further information call 07971 486324 or enquire at Newark TIC. Take a guided tour of the Castle’s hidden places and uncover the secrets of its turbulent past.Grounds open throughout the year.No admission charge.

Newark Castle
NG24 1BG |  View map
Castle gardens open all year, daily, 0800-dusk.
Centre open 1 Apr-30 Sep, Wed, Fri-Sun, 0900-1800 
Tel: +44 (0) 1636 655765
Fax: +44 (0) 1636 655767
Newark Indoor Bowls Centre
The Showground
Lincoln Road, Winthorpe
NG24 2NY

Newark Town Treasures & Art Gallery
The town treasures are housed in Newark’s Georgian Town Hall, which includes the Mayor’s Parlour and elegant Assembly Room. Collections consist of Civic Plate, regalia, furniture and fine art. Paintings include work by William Nicholson, Stanley Spencer and notable local artist, in particular Robert Kiddey.Temporary exhibitions in the soptlight gallery. Family Activities throughout the year. Situated in the Market Place, close to bus and railway stations, A1 and A46. Disabled access. Admission Free
Wheelchair access

Newark Town Hall
Newark Town Hall
Market Place
NG24 1DU |  View map
 All year, Mon-Fri, 1400-1630
Apr-Oct, Sat, 1300-1600.
Closed Bank Hol(s).
Tel: +44 (0) 1636 680333
Fax: +44 (0) 1636 680350
Ollerton Watermill
This early 18th Century Water Mill has stood virtually unchanged for three centuries, and an exhibition and audio visual presentation add to the spectacle. Guided tours can be arranged, and the coffee shop offers excellent home made food.
Ollerton Watermill
Market Place, Ollerton, Newark,
Nottinghamshire, NG22 9AA
Tel: 01623 822469
Tel: 01623 822469
Pasture Farm and Victorian Carriages
are a working horse drawn carriage driving centre that are located in the medieval village of Kirton. The attractions of a great day out include:
  • A tea room (Winners of the best Nottinghamshire tea)
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Horse riding
  • Horse drawn carriages
  • Pasture Farm
    Main Street
    NG22 9LP
    Tel : 01623 836291
    Rufford Abbey & Country Park
    Founded in 1147 by Gilbert of Ghent, the Cistercian Abbey of Rufford later became home to the Lords Savile who developed the building as a country residence. Although many of the buildings were destroyed, those remaining have undergone restoration, and now house an internationally-respected ceramics and craft centre, a restaurant and café. A display explaining monastic life can also be found in the dark, and reputedly haunted, abbey undercroft. The sculpture garden continues the artistic theme into the wooded country park and there are formal gardens as well as a 25-acre lake.
    Rufford Abbey
    NG22 9DF | View map 

    Tel: 0871 716 2251
    Rufford Craft Centre
    Rufford Craft Centre, situated in the stable block at Rufford Abbey, is internationally famous for its ceramics centre - the first in Britain devoted to the display and study of studio pottery, including the work of Bernard Leach, William Staite Murray and Michael Cardew. The ‘Earth and Fire’ summer ceramics fair, attracts hundreds of people every year. The gallery features ever-changing art and craft exhibitions and is complemented by a craft shop on the ground floor.
    Rufford Craft Centre
    NG22 9DF | View map 
    Tel: 0871 716 2251
    Thoresby Exhibition Centre: Thoresby Gallery
    Thoresby Estate was originally the seat of the Earls and Dukes of Kingston. The imposing Grade I–listed Hall we see today was not the first mansion to be present on the estate, but was designed by the revered Victorian architect Anthony Salvin to be a romantic palace in an ‘Elizabethan style’ for the 3rd Earl Manvers. In recent times the Hall became empty and was put on the English Heritage ‘at risk’ register. However, Warner Holidays acquired the Hall and renovated it and it is now a luxury hotel. Non-residents can take a stroll through the picturesque parkland, visit the courtyard shops and gallery (read more about this) [internal link] and pop into the Bay Tree Café for a bite to eat. Parts of The Hall, such as the vivid and ornate ‘Blue Room’ are accessible to the public, as they have been converted into dining areas.

    Thoresby Park
    Thoresby Park
    NG22 9EJ | View map
    All year, winter, Tue-Sun, 1400-1700; summer daily, 1030-1700
    Tel: +44 (0) 1623 822365
    Fax: +44 (0) 1623 822315
    UK Superbowl
    12 bowling lanes

    Ten Pin Bowling
    Newark Leisure Centre,
     69 Castle Gate, Newark, Notts, NG24 1BE.
    Tel: 01636 677772
    Vina Cooke Museum of Dolls and Bygone Childhood
    Thousands of dolls, toys, prams, costumes, handmade dolls, dolls' hospital, shops, tea-room. Free Parking. Groups welcome day and evening by appointment.
    Vina Cooke Museum
    The Old Rectory
    NG23 6JE | View map
    1 Apr-30 Sep, daily, except Fri, 1030-1200, 1400-1700;
    Tel: +44 (0) 1636 - 821364
    Walks of Life Heritage Centre
    From a milk pram to a knifegrinder's cart, from an East End costermonger's barrow to an undertaker's bier, this unique collection of old trade handcarts is social history on wheels

    Walks of Life Heritage Centre
    33 Lincoln Road
    NG22 0HR | View map
     1 Apr-31 Oct, Wed, Sun, Bank Hol, 1400-1800.
    Tel: +44 (0) 1777 870427
    White Post Farm Centre
    A working farm with over 3000 animals including: chicks, piglets, cattle, deer, llamas, reptiles and lambs (all year!). Large indoor play barn with a new soft play area ideal for the under 8's! Beach Barn, Afternoon Tea Gardens, gift shop, pet shop and farm amusements. Large Indoor Sledge Run. NEW large outdoor play area including trampoline and pedal go-karts. A great family day out with exciting events throughout the year! Over 3,000 animals to see, feed and hold. For further information please visit our website.
    White Post farm Centre
    Mansfield Road, Farnsfield, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 8HL
    E-mail: admin@whitepostfarmcentre.co.uk
    Tel: 01623 882977     Fax: 01623 883499
    Winkburn Hall
    Winkburn Hall dates from the late 17th century; the attic storey was added in the late 18th century

    Winkburn Hall
    NG22 8PQ | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 1636 636465
    Fax: +44 (0) 1636 636717
    Wonderland Pleasure Park
    Attractive 30 acre park, large tropical house with exotic butterflies, reptiles, etc, large indoor play centre, maze, bouncy castles, trampolines, huge adventure playground, slidemania, golf, 7.25 gauge railway, junior rollercoaster and more. Cafe and picnic areas.
    White Post, Ireland, Farnsfield, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 8HX
    E-mail: wonderland@btconnect.com
    Tel: 01623 882773    Fax: 01623 883559
    Nottingham & Area

    Nottingham is relatively unusual among big manufacturing cities in Britain in having a mediæval and pre-industrial past of equal importance to its more recent one. The first evidence of settlement dates from pre-Roman times, and it is possible that the Romans also lived in the area.
    In Anglo-Saxon times, around 600 AD, the site formed part of the Kingdom of Mercia, when it was known in the Brythonic language as "Tig Guocobauc" meaning "a place of cave dwellings", until falling under the rule of a Saxon chieftain named Snot, whereby it was dubbed "Snotingaham" literally, "the homestead of Snot's people" (Inga = the people of; Ham = homestead). Snot brought together his people in an area where the historic Lace Market in the City can now be found.Nottingham was captured in 867 by Danish Vikings and later became one of the Five Burghs - or fortified towns - of The Danelaw.

    Tourist Offices
       1-4 Smithy Row , Nottingham , NG1 2BY
     The centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10am to 4pm. They'll be happy to provide information, make bookings on your behalf and you'll get the chance to browse our new improved range of merchandise.

     Tel:+44 115 915 5133
    Frequently asked questions about Nottingham
    Useful facts

    1) what transport links does Nottingham have?

    •   less than 10 miles from three motorways and 14 miles from East Midlands Airport, the city's also served by a comprehensive network of buses and a modern tram system. Nottingham railway station provides access to a wide variety of destinations. You can even buy a direct ticket from Nottingham to Paris

    1) Nottingham is home to the world’s smallest public cinema. The Screen Room on Broad Street has just 21 seats

    2) is the Nottingham tourism centre open on Sundays?
    •   yes, it's open seven days a week. Opening times are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5.30pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday and Bank Holidays 10am - 4pm

    2) Nottingham Council House is home to ‘Little John’ a 10½ tonne bell which is claimed to have the deepest tone in the country

    3) does the Nottingham tourism centre offer internet access?
    •  yes, four computers, including one with disabled access, are available for public use. You'll be charged £1.50 for 30 minutes, £3 for one hour and 30p per sheet for printing

    3) Nottingham was the first city to install Braille signs in its shopping centres to increase access for visually impaired people

    4) can coach trips be booked at the Nottingham tourism centre?
    •   yes, bookings are taken for trips offered by Nottingham City Coaches, Premier Travel, Skills and Sharpes

    4) the first ever football match to feature a referee’s whistle took place at Nottingham Forest in 1878

    5) can I buy tickets for events from the Nottingham tourism centre?
    •   yes, tickets are sold for venues including the Theatre Royal/Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham Playhouse, Mansfield Palace Theatre, Galleries of Justice Museum and City of Caves. We're also agents for Ticketmaster and often sell tickets for other events. Telephone 08444 77 5678 for details

    5) Viv Anderson (MBE), the first black football player to play in a full England international match, was born in Nottingham and started his career at Nottingham Forest Football Club

     No prior knowledge of Nottingham is required as all clues are solved by observation.  Both young and old will be fascinated whilst getting out for a couple of hours seeing the sites and solving the clues. Children will enjoy beating adults to solve the clues!  We even supply a map just in case you get lost.  The answers are at the back of the book so you can check any unsolved ones before you leave. The hunt starts at the Tourist Information Centre , Smithy Row, Nottingham, NG1 2BY. From Nottingham or just visiting, you will be surprised at how much you walk past without even noticing. We so often walk around blinkered without appreciating the great features which make our towns and cities fabulous. By following our hunt these things will be highlighted rather than hidden away. Our Nottingham treasure hunt packs contain all the necessary elements for you need including maps, clues, answer sheet, and tips on how to get things going.

    Nottingham Treasure Hunt

    Local stockists of single hunts

    The Tales of Robin Hood



    Alley Cafe
    This café and exhibition centre is a popular fixture at the heart of the city. There are regular exhibitions held here that cross a variety of different genres of art and sculpture. The venue is a great place to spend an afternoon, relaxing and soaking up the rich cultural atmosphere that this part of the Nottingham arts scene.
    Alley Cafe
    Lang Row West, Nottingham NG1 6JE
    Phone: +44 (0)115 9551013
    Angel Row Gallery
    Angel Row Gallery is a modern, stimulating space in the heart of Nottingham City centre. We show the best in national and international contemporary art as part of a rich and varied exhibition programme. Admission is FREE all year round. Please phone or e-mail for further details.
    Angel Row
    Central Library Building, 3 Angel Row, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 6HP

    Phone: +44 (0)115 9152869  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 9152860
    Annesley Castle
    is a large earthwork motte and bailey fortress, built high on a ridge. The large flat bailey has a dividing rampart and ditch running across the middle, to make two equal wards. Although the bailey is clear, the surrounding dense cover of trees makes it best viewed in winter.
    Anneslley Castle

    Annesley Castle is located south of the village in Annesley Plantation, off Annesley Road. 9 miles north of Nottingham, on the A611.
    The site is visible from the road.

    Car parking is by the side of the road.

    Aspley Library
    This centrally located library is one of the most well known and best loved cultural and social hubs in the city of Nottingham. The collection within the library is large and covers a massive range of subjects and time periods, including an extensive collection that is based around the history of the city. From time to time small scale exhibitions are held here.
    Nuthall Road, Nottingham NG8 5DD 
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 5700  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 915 5700
    Bakersfield Library
    This interesting library is one of the main places of culture and learning in the community. It contains a large collection of modern books, video and audio material as well as many maps and other documents related to the history of the area. Throughout the year the library plays host to a variety of events that include art shows and craft fairs, amongst many others
    Watson Avenue, Bakersfield, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG3 7BN
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 0199
    Basford Library
    One of several excellent reference facilities in Nottingham, this library carries a large collection of information on the local area as well as the usual books, audio and visual pieces that you would expect from a lending library. A social and cultural hub, a number of events are held at the library throughout the year, as well as exhibitions of art and other works by local and visiting artists.
    Library Vernon Road, Basford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG6 OAR

    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 5797  -  Fax: +44 (0)845 330 4435
    Bestwood Country Park
    Explore woodland heath, meadow and modern conservation in this 650 acre country park. Miles of footpaths - ideal for birdwatching, group camping and outdoor activities. Special events throughout the year from teddy bears picnics to ''hands on'' conservation days. Open daily. Admission free.
    Bestwood Country Park
    Alexandra Lodge, Northern Drive Park Rd, Bestwood Village, Nottingham, NG6 8TQ
    Tel: 0115 9273674
    Bestwood Library
    Bestwood Library is located in the suburban area of Bestwood, close to the centre of Nottingham city centre. It contains a great many interesting texts that are related to the history of not only the suburb and village, but the history of Nottingham itself. It is a fully operational lending library that also has a full range of reference and loan facilities, as well as handy interactive terminals available.
    Library 516 Arnold Road, Bestwood, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG5 5H
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 5799
    Bilborough Library
    Bilborough Library is the centre of the cultural and social community in this suburb of the city. As well as carrying an extensive range of interesting texts, maps and documents related to the locality, the library is often used as an exhibition space for visiting artist’s works. There is also a large collection of books, video and audio media on display for lending and reference.
    Library Bracebridge Drive, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG8 4PN
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 5795
    Brewhouse Yard Museum of Nottingham Life
    The Brewhouse Yard is a museum dedicated to the history of the people of Nottingham. The city has of course had a long and interesting political history, and although related, this museum is primarily dedicated to studying the way that the normal persons life has developed in the community. There are a great deal of interesting pieces on display which range from personal artefacts to costumes and pictures.
    Brewhouse Yard
    Castle Boulevard, Nottingham,
     Nottinghamshire NG7 1FB
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 3600  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 915 3653
    Bonington Gallery
    This art gallery represents one of the finest collections in the city and is part of the university. It offers a range of excellent pieces that cross a significantly diverse range of art and sculpture. The main thrust of the collection is based on the works of artists who are based in the local area or are influenced by the region. However, there are regular visiting shows on display.
    Bonnington Gallery
    Dryden Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 4GG
    Phone: +44 (0)115 848 6131  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 848 6132
    Bottesford Library
    This library represents a community hub for this small community on the edge of Nottingham. It is housed in an attractive old school building and carries a large range of books, audio and video material that is available for loan and reference. The library also acts as an exhibition space for local artists and visiting shows from further a field.

    Library Grantham Road, Bottesford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG13 0DF Phone: +44 (0)1949 842696
    Brewhouse Yard
    The Brewhouse Yard is a museum dedicated to the history of the people of Nottingham. The city has of course had a long and interesting political history, and although related, this museum is primarily dedicated to studying the way that the normal persons life has developed in the community. There are a great deal of interesting pieces on display which range from personal artefacts to costumes and pictures.

    Brewhouse Yard
    Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG7 1FB
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 3600  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 915 3653
    Brian Clough Statue
    Nottingham - home to his beloved Notts Forest football club - is where the memorial has pride of place after the club's supporters led a fund-raising campaign to pay for it. The outspoken, controversial boss nicknamed Old Big 'Ead led the unfashionable, provincial side to a league title, two European Cup wins and other honours.  He had previously led equally unheralded Derby County to a league title.
    The statue, designed by sculptor Les Johnson, is in Old Market Square, where it was unveiled by his widow.Barbara Clough said: "All we can think is how amazed Brian would be at the very idea of a statue. He'd be so touched, he really would." Clough, who also managed Hartlepool, Derby, Leeds United and Brighton, died in Derby City Hospital in 2004 at the age of 69.
    About Brian Clough
    The  statue is at the junction of
    King Street and Queen Street in the centre of Nottingham
    Near Old Market Square


    Bridlesmithgate Caves
    These 13thC workings and artefacts are thought to be medieval underground caves for commercial and domestic use. There is a unique domed store cave, an ice house and also butcher's caves.
    Apocathary's Cave
    52 Bridlesmithgate
    NG1 2GP | View map
    Tel : +44 0115 915 5330
    Bulwell Library
    Bulwell Library is an important part of the local community and stands at the heart of this suburb of Nottingham. The centre houses a large collection of books and audiovisual media which are available for loan to members as well as a large research and reference gallery. The library is often used to stage speakers who are visiting the area and to host a variety of art and craft exhibitions.

    Library Highbury Vale, Bulwell, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG6 9AE
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 5708  -  Fax: +44 (0)845 330 4435
    Burntstump Country Park

    An area of scenic beauty, Burntstump Country Park is a beautiful melange of woodland and grassland glades. It makes an excellent location for woodland walks and observing native flora and fauna.Situated in the park is the Burntstump Inn, providing licensed drinking and food.Other attractions include an ornamental pond and the chance to watch a lazy afternoon's cricket. During winter the grassy slopes are transformed into a sledging dream!

    Picture please!
    Mansfield Road
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 901 3603
    Fax: +44 (0) 115 901 3928
    Calverton Folk Museum
    Calverton Folk Museum is a great place for a family day out. There is a long and interesting story to be told about this region, focussing on the social history of the community rather than the political history. There are many fine pieces on display including costumes, instruments, documents and tools that would have been used by normal people over the last few centuries.
    Calverton Folk Museum
    Main Street, Calverton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG14 6FG

    Tel: 0115 965 2836
    fax: 0870 137 0332
    Carlton Road Library
    Carlton Road Library is the centre of this small community on the edge of Nottingham and represents one of the best used public facilities in the region. The library is home to a large collection of audio and visual materials as well as many books that cross a great many subjects. The library is occasionally used for art exhibitions and as a venue for visiting speakers.

    Library Carlton Road, Nottingham,
    Nottinghamshire NG3 2FN
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 1399
    Caves of Nottingham (The)
    Discover a hidden world beneath the streets of Nottingham. Explore this fascinating subterranean attraction and see the only remaining underground medieval tannery in the UK. Take cover in the WWII air raid shelter. Find out about Nottingham's legendary ale in the pub cellar. Learn about the appalling living conditions in the Victorian slum. Situated beneath the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, visitors experience over 750 years of Nottingham's history told through this unique man-made sandstone cave system.
      Upper Level, Drury Walk, The Broad Marsh Centre, Nottingham, NG1 7LF
    E-mail: info@galleriesofjustice.org.uk
    Tel:  0115 9881955
    City Arts
    City Arts is one of the main galleries in the heart of Nottingham and has gained a reputation for being one of the most prestigious galleries in the region. The gallery carries a large collection of works that has been gathered from artists across the region and country as well as many pieces from abroad. Rotated regularly, the visiting works are themed and arranged in both group and individual shows.

    City Arts
    Provident Works, Newdigate Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG7 4FD
    E-mail : info@city-arts.org.uk

    Phone: +44 (0)115 978 2463  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 942 4644
    Clifton Library
    This local library is a really important part of the community and serves as a cultural hub for all those looking for education and learning in the community. The library is well stocked with a large collection of books crossing a variety of genres, as well as having a good-sized reference collection. There are local history pieces on display as well as maps and documents that relate to the growth of the region.

    Library Clifton, Nottingham,
    Nottinghamshire NG11 8AB

    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 2945  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 915 2948
    Colwick Park
    A haven for wildlife formed from former gravel workings with grassland and water course which offer fishing, water sports and many other leisure activities.

    Colwick Park
    The Fishing Lodge
    Mile End Road
    NG14 5BW | View map

    Tel: +44 (0) 115 987 0785
    Dukes Wood Oil Museum
    In the modern world, probably the most valuable commodity, and certainly the most talked about has to be oil. It is strange how we have come full circle from a smash and grab raid to divide up the oil in the earliest discoveries, to people worrying about where it will come from next. This museum is dedicated to the study of oil, how it is tapped, and what will happen next in the global industry. It is also a wildlife area that is standing on the site of the first oil field in the country, paid for by the industry.

    Duke's Wood Oil Museum Lecture
    Dukes Wood, Nottingham,
     Nottinghamshire NG4 5WE
    Phone: +44 (0)1623 882446
    Ferry Farm Country Park
    Welcome to Ferry Farm Nottinghamshire. Whether you are looking for Family days out, a fun indoor activity centre, go karting or just a family restaurant in Nottinghamshire, Ferry Farm is the ideal place.
    Our new and amazing indoor activity centre is suitable for all ages and great fun in any weather. This indoor activity centre is perfect for birthday parties, with food served in the adjoining party room.
    Ferry Farm
    Ferry Farm
    Boat Lane
    NG14 7HP | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 966 5037
    Funky Pots
    Children will love painting pottery at this craft cafe in the heart of Nottingham. Paint your own pottery in our air conditioned, professional studio. Cafe - Enjoy delicious refreshments & lunches. Birthday Parties.

     270 -280 Huntingdon Street, Nottingham, NG1 3NA,  
    Tel: 0115 959 8866
    Galleries of Justice
    Travel with us through time and experience the atmosphere of 300 years of crime and punishment. Witness a real trial in the authentic Victorian courtroom before being sentenced and ‘sent down’ to the original cells and maze of medieval caves. Real life prisoners and gaolers will act as your guides as you too become part of the dramatic history of this unique site. Visitor attraction of the year. Family attraction of the year.
    Galleries of Justice
    Tourist Offices
    Shire Hall, High Pavement, Lace Market, Nottingham NG1 1HN
    Phone: +44 (0)115 952 0555  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 993 9828
    Greasley Castle
    was originally a large medieval fortified manor house, founded by Hugh fitz Ralph. In 1340, Nicholas de Cantilupe founded the stone castle, when he was granted licence to crenellate but sadly the site has now been completely dismantled. An 18th century house, with the remains of an underground passage in the basement, stands on the site of the upper ward. In the lower ward, incorporated in later farm buildings, are the only substantial masonry fragments. Defended by a wide ditch, with a counterscarp bank, stands a length of curtain wall, which was flanked by a round angle tower. To the south of the main wards, is a large banked and ditched enclosure, with a series of large rectangular fish-ponds. 
    Greasley Castle

    Greasley Castle is located in the village centre, off the B1345. 7 miles north-west of Nottingham, on the A610-B600.

    The site is visible from the road.

    Car parking is by the side of the road

    Green's Mill
    The Windmill is as Grade 2 Listed building and one of the few working inner city windmills in Britain. It was once home to the 19th century miller, George Green. Tour the mill (especially on a windy day!) and discover the process of turning grain into flour, just as George Green the miller would have done two centuries ago. George Green was also a mathematical genius and he developed a new form of mathematics which has helped scientists to understand the world around us. Test your brain power with the hands-on experiments in the Science Centre, which explore electricity, magnetism and light.

    Green's Mill
    Windmill Lane
    NG2 4QB | View map

    Tel: +44 (0) 115 915 6878
    Fax: +44 (0) 115 915 6875

    Greenwood Bonsai Studio

    This attractive bonsai nursery is one of Britain's longest established bonsai centres, drawing visitors from all over the world.Greenwood is set in 12.5 acres of attractive countryside, with the site once being owned by Nell Gwynn, the mistress of Charles II. Offers courses and workshops on all aspects of bonsai.

    Ollerton Road (A614), nr Arnold
    Phone: 0115 920 5757
    Holme Pierrepont Hall
    Holme PierrePont Hall set in 30 acres of private parkland, the house is 3 miles from Trent Bridge and 5 miles from the centre of Nottingham. Still lived in by descendents of the Pierrepont family, the house was built in 1500 and is the oldest brick building in the county
    Holme Pierrepoint Hall
    Holme Pierrepont
    NG12 2LD | View map
    20,21 Apr, 1400-1730.
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 933 2371
    Fax: +44 (0) 115 933 2371

    Holme Pierrepont National Water Sports Centre

    The National Water Sports Centre is located in 270 acres of Country Park, just 5 minutes outside Nottingham City Centre, we can combine the most exciting and unique activities with the best possible facilities at the highest level of service. The National Water Sports Centre is the perfect environment to carry out a wide range of events, such as corporate events, Conferences, endless water sports and any event can be tailor made to suit. In addition to accommodating the public and local community the Centre actively supports elite British athletes in their build up to National and International events such as the Olympics. On site facilities include; 2000m Regatta lake, 700m Slalom Course, 270 acre country park, Full Conference facilities, White Water Rafting, Canoeing, Kayaking.

    National Water Sports Centre
    Adbolton Lane
    West Bridgford
    NG12 2LU
    Email: hppsales@leisureconnection.co.uk

    Tel: 0115 9821212
    Fax: 0115 9455213
    Hyson Green Library
    Hyson Green Library is a community facility that serves the people of this suburb of Nottingham. Containing a good sized collection of work that crosses a wide range of subjects, the library has a loan collection of texts as well as audiovisual material. The collection of local history is extensive and good for those looking to find out more about the area and its development.
    Library Hyson Green, Nottingham,
    Nottinghamshire NG7 6BE
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 2483
    John King Workshop Museum
    The Museum is dedicated to history of Pinxton and South Normanton Parishes and the Industrial, Social and Family history. The Museums presentations and displays are related to the success of Local people, Local Industry and Recongnised and Established Landmarks. Visual display of Untensils from farming, Mining and Craft Untensils. Photo's relating to past and present days of the Parish are displayed in the museum. Tea & Coffe are available on request, average visit duration is between 30-60 Minutes. Museum is opened between March - November Sundays 2.00pm - 4.30pm

    John King Workshop
    Victoria Road
    NG16 6LR | View map
    Mar-Nov, Sun 1400-1630.

    Tel  : +44 (0)115 915 5330
    The Jumicar driving experience - a safe, fun and educational activity. 

    There can be no better introduction for kids to learn the skills of the roads than with jumicar on its exciting real mini road circuit.
    On arrival we brief them on:-

    the rules of the road -the one way system -the workings of the cars

    On completion:-all new drivers receive a free provisional driving license

    All cars have seat belts and some cars can even take passengers. So Mum and Dad, Grandma or Grandpa can help the little ones to drive and experience jumicar too.

     Farnsfield Nottinghamshire NG22 8HX
    tel:0115 966 9000
    Lace Centre (The)
    The Lace Market Centre, in the heart of a protected heritage area of the city of Nottingham, tells the story of an industry, and it’s people through a series of visual aids, archive videos, machinery, exhibitions and demonstrations of hand made lace and lace machine. There is a large lace shop plus tea and coffee facilities. The centre has disabled access but unfortunately no disabled toilets. We are open 10am to 5pm seven days a week and admission is free.
    Lace Market Centre
    Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 1HF

    Lakeside Arts Centre, Djanogly and Weston Galleries, Nottingham

    The Lakeside Arts Centre encompasses the Djanogly Art Gallery, The Djanogly Theatre, the Djanogly Recital Hall and the Weston Gallery.The Djanogly Art Gallery shows temporary exhibitons, ranging from themed historical shows to the newest contemporary work.The Weston Gallery has been specially designed to accomodate fragile archive material and will offer a rolling programme of historical exhibitions.
    Lakeside Arts
    University Park, Nottingham,
     NG7 2RD I VIEW

    Telephone: 0115 951 5797

    Malt Cross
    Welcome to the Malt Cross Café-bar, found on St James' St, just off the Old Market Square in Nottingham City Centre. We're a friendly, relaxed kind of venue based in an old Victorian Music Hall (built in 1877 don't you know!), offering quality coffee / juice / beer (all of our juice and coffee is fairtrade) and great food.Check out the 'What's on' page for upcoming gigs & exhibitions and browse the 'Photo Galleries' to get a feel for this lively old place.Oh and we do a great Sunday Lunch on ........er sundays.

    Malt Cross

    16 St James's Street, Nottingham NG1 6FG

    If you have any enquires about nights/gigs/exhibitions/events,  please email tom@maltcross.com


    Tel : 0115 9411048
    Meadows Library
    The Meadows Library is one of several that make up the Nottingham libraries network. This collection of books and audiovisual material is one of the best in the local area and is constantly open to the public. The library also has a large reference and local history section where you can learn more about the way that this part of the city has developed throughout the years.
    The Meadows, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG2 2DR

    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 9279
    Nottingham’s largest indoor laser game adventure centre with video games, pool tables and football tables.

    22 Cranbrook Street
    NG1 1ER | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 958 9178
    Fax: +44 (0) 115 924 3450
    Moot Gallery, Nottingham

    Unit 3, The Factory, Dakeyne Street, Sneinton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,  
    Open :  Thursday-Saturday 12-6, Sunday 12-4
    Tel :  07771 866 822
    National Ice Skating Centre
    Opened in 2000 by Olympic Champion Jayne Torvill, the £43 million National Ice Centre was the first twin Olympic-sized (60m x 30m) ice rink facility in the UK. Situated in the city’s fashionable Lace Market, the NIC is just a short stroll from the Old Market Square and provides top class facilities and coaching staff for a whole range of ice sports from Free Skating and Ice Dance to Synchronized Skating, Ice Hockey and Short Track Speed Skating. The Nottingham Panthers also train here and use the venue for their home games.The National Ice Centre is also the home of Nottingham Arena – East Midlands hottest concert venue hosting the very best live music & sporting events to audiences up to 10,000.
    National Ice Centre

    National Ice Centre
    Bolero Square
    The Lace Market
    NG1 1LA


    Tel: 0115 853 3000
    Nottingham Brass Rubbing Centre
    A selection of replica brasses moulded from original brasses from various churches including the Willoughby Brass of Wollaton.

    St Mays St Mary's Church, High Pavement
    The Lace Market
    NC1 1NF | View map

    Tel: +44 (0) 115 958 2105
    Nottingham Industrial Museum
    The Midlands has been one of the powerhouses of the country since heavy industry was developed in Britain. This museum looks at the way that people of this city and the county that surrounds it have worked in various industries throughout the decades and centuries. Some of the most popular displays here include a fully operational analogue telephone network, Basford steam engine and many working examples of local engineering.
    Nottingham Industrial Museum
    Wollaton Park, Nottingham,
    Nottinghamshire NG8 2AE
    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 3910  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 915 3910
    Nottingham Castle
    Nottingham Castle commands spectacular views over the city and once rivalled the great castles of Windsor and the Tower of London. Totally destroyed after the civil war, it was replaced by a magnificent ducal mansion which now houses: spectacular fine and contemporary art galleries, decorative art displays, regimental museum and children’s gallery. There are caves to explore, an award-winning café and children’s playground.
    Nottingham castle
     Nottinghamshire NG1 6EL

    Phone: +44 (0)115 915 3687  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 915 3653
    Nottingham Central Library

    The Central Library is spread over 5 floors :

    Ground Floor -Floor 1 - Sound & Vision Library

    Floor 2 - Floor 3 - Floor 4 - Local Studies Library

    Library Nottingham Central Library , Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HP, Nottinghamshire, England
     Open :  Mon-Fri 9.00 - 19.00 Sat 9.00 - 13.00
    Closed :  Sat after 13.00
    Tel :  0115 915 2828
    Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club

    Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club is one of the 18 major county clubs which make up the English domestic cricket structure, representing the historic county of Nottinghamshire. Its limited overs team is called the Nottinghamshire Outlaws.The club plays most of its home games at the attractive Trent Bridge Ground in West Bridgford, just outside Nottingham, which is also a venue for Test matches. The club has also played games around and outside the county at Worksop, Cleethorpes and Newark.
    drawing with each other in the last round of matches.In the 2005 season, Notts won Division One of the County Championship, this being the club's fifth title since 1890. However, in 2006, they were relegated from the County Championship First Division after an innings and 245 run defeat to Sussex combined with Yorkshire and Durham Notts were close runners-up in the 2006 Twenty20 cup, losing to Leicestershire after a thrilling finals day at Trent Bridge

    Trent Bridge
    Trent Bridge, Nottingham,
    NG2 6AG
    Email: administration@nottsccc.co.uk

    Tel: +44 (0)115 982 3000
    Fax: +44 (0)115 945 5730
    Notts County Football Club

    Notts County Football Club is a football club based in Nottingham,  , and the oldest of all the clubs that are now professional.The club currently plays in Football League Two of the Coca-Cola league section of the English football league system. "The Magpies" play their home games at the Meadow Lane stadium in black and white striped shirts, which were the inspiration for Juventus's strip of the same design, after an English player at the club brought over some Notts County shirts from England.The club have had several spells in the top division of English football, the most recent in 1991–92, when they played in the last season of the old First Division before creation of the Premier League.

    Meadow Lane
    Nottingham Forest Football Club

    Nottingham Forest Football Club is an English professional football club based at The City Ground in West Bridgford a suburb of Nottingham,  . The club is currently in League One of the Coca-Cola Football League and has an illustrious history which encompasses winning two consecutive European Cups, along with the domestic title, two FA Cups and four League Cups.Nottingham Forest takes its name from the Forest Recreation Ground just north of the city centre which is where the team first played and is now the site of the annual Nottingham Goose Fair. The club is often referred to simply as Forest (not to be confused with the entirely unrelated older amateur side, Forest F.C., which is better known as The Wanderers F.C.), the name the club carries on its badge.Notts is the correct abbreviation of Nottinghamshire (hence Notts County), but not of Nottingham itself. Therefore Forest fans dislike the club being referred to as Notts Forest. The appropriate abbreviation of Nottingham Forest is Nott'm Forest. Relegation to English football's third tier made Forest the first European Cup-winning club ever to fall into its country's third division. Many of today's footballing rules and features, including floodlighting, shinpads, and even lettering on the stands have been pioneered by Forest.

    City Ground
    City Ground , Nottingham, NG2 5FJ
    Tel: 0115 9824444
    Nottingham Ghost Walk
    We lead you around the older parts of the City near the Castle, where the street plan is almost 1000 years old, and tell you lots of ghost stories. Not just where ghosts haunt, but something of why they haunt and the different types of ghosts that exist. A bit of history, the odd gory execution, a graveyard (of course!). You may even encounter the real ghost who has been seen on several occasions during our tours!
    Ghost Walks

      Maid Marion Way, Nottingham
    Tel: 01773 719490

    Tel: 01773 719490
    Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Club
    The old Nottingham Ice Stadium, now a fading memory, was home to the Panthers from the team's inception up to the turn of the millenium but the saga of the Panthers did not start with the opening of the old barn. Instead of sticks and pucks the completion of the old building coincided with the war and she housed guns and bullets as a makeshift munitions dump.
    A couple of years later plans for the first ever team took shape and a policeman on his rounds in Canada got to hear about the try-outs. Even drafty, damp digs in Nottingham had more appeal than walking the beat in Winnipeg and Les Strongman and eleven colleagues boarded the SS Aquitania on a journey that would change not only their lives but those of thousands of sports fans in a city made famous by a legendary outlaw who robbed the rich to feed the poor. Certainly Les Strongman and his team mates fuelled the imaginations of the sell-out Nottingham crowds and the city soon became a hockey hotbed."Nottingham Panthers supporters are the best in the world and always have been. Even now, 54 years after playing in the opening season in Nottingham, I still see some familiar faces at the home games," said Les, who still lends a hand to try to encourage and develop local wannabe hockey stars of the future.

    Nottingham Panthers
    Nottingham Arena
    Bolero Square
    The Lace Market
    NG1 1LA

    Tel: 0870 121 0123
    Nottingham Playhouse

    The Nottingham Playhouse  was first established as a repertory theatre in the 1950s when it operated from a former cinema. Directors during this period included Val May and Frank Dunlop.The current Modern movement theatre was opened in 1963. The architect was Peter Moro. It was initially controversial as it faces the gothic revival Roman Catholic cathedral designed by Augustus Pugin. Despite the modern external appearance and the circular auditorium walls, the theatre has a conventional proscenium layout, seating an audience of 770. Since 1996, it has been a Grade II* listed building and in 2004, the theatre was sympathetically restored and refurbished with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The sculpture Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor was installed between the theatre and the adjacent green space of Wellington Circus in 2001. It is one of the main features of the 160 seat patio area of CAST Restaurant and in autumn 2007 won the Nottingham Pride of Place in a public vote to determine the City's favourite landmark.

    Nottingham Playhouse

    Wellington Circus, Nottingham, NG1 5AF

    Tel: 0115 9419419
    Nottingham Racetrack
    Set in 280 acres in Colwick Park just 2 miles from the city centre, Nottingham Racecourse has a rich 100-year history, hosting Flat racing only for the first time in 1996. It now has 21 days racing from March through to November and is becoming increasingly popular after significant improvements to its facilities in recent years.
    Nottingham Racetrack Colwick Park,
    NG2 4BE
     0870 850 7634
    Nottingham Princess
    The Nottingham Princess operates all year round allowing you to take in the changing seasons and breathtaking countryside in pleasant surroundings. Facilities onboard include two fully stocked bars (one per deck) Tea/Snack Bar, Dance Floor, Open air viewing deck/dance floor (Summer). Individual & Group Bookings or Private Charter are available to cater for Theme Evenings/Fancy Dress, Cabaret Cruises, Disco/BBQ Nights, Hen Nights, Special Occasions, Corporate Entertainment. Relax, let your hair down and enjoy the party atmosphere aboard one of our deluxe river cruisers. You can dance the night away to your favourite sounds, relax with a drink from the bar or just enjoy the enchanting floodlit atmosphere of the river by night. For more details see website.
    Nottingham Princess
    Endeavour Trent Ltd, Park Yacht Inn, Trent Lane (South), Colwick, Nottingham, NG2 4DS.
    E-mail: endtrent@aol.com

    Tel: 0115 910 0400     Fax: 0115 910 0403
    Nottingham Rugby Football Club

    Nottingham Rugby Football Club are a rugby union club representing Nottingham, . The club are currently members of National League One.Nicknamed the Green & Whites in reference to the club's kit, the first XV play at Meadow Lane, the home of Notts County. The club has new facilities at Lady Bay in the West Bridgford area of Nottingham, having played at Ireland Avenue in Beeston until the end of the 2005/06 season.
    The club was established in around 1877 by Alexander Birkin after returning from Rugby School where he was introduced to the sport. The Birkin family later purchased the land at Ireland Avenue that would be the home of the club until 2006.
    The club's heyday was in the late 80s with a number of top international players representing the first XV.

    Nottingham Rugby

    Nottingham Rugby, The Bay, 1 Holme Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5AA. 

    email: enquiries@nottinghamrugby.co.uk
    Tel :0115 907 0070
    Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre
    The Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre is the home of the preserved Great Central Railway in Nottinghamshire and is based in Ruddington alongside Rushcliffe Country Park. The Centre and Park make a fantastic day out for all the family. Take a look around - enjoy your stay at our website and come and visit us soon!

    Mere Way
    NG11 6NX | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 940 5705
    Fax: +44 (0) 115 940 5905
    Papplewick Hall
    Papplewick Hall dates from the early 1780s and is probably the work of William Lindley of Doncaster 
    The Hall is open on the first, third and fifth Wednesday of every month, 2-5pm, throughout the year, and also by appointment.If your group is more than five people, we would prefer that you contact us in advance to arrange an appointment.
    Papplewick Hall
    NG15 8FE | View map 

    Tel: +44 (0) 115 963 3491
    Papplewick Pumping Station
    Britain’s finest working Victorian water pumping station with a range of buildings, cooling pond, covered reservoir and landscaped grounds. Ornate Engine House and Boiler House contain original beam engines and boilers, further engines on site plus a model railway and model boat club. In steam on special days throughout the year. Education service, special events, catering and private functions.
    Papplewick Pumping Station
    off Longdale Lane, Ravenshead, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG15 9AJ
     Papplewick Pumping Station Click
    Phone: +44 (0)115 963 2938  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 963 2938

    Patchings Farm Restaurant & Arts Centre 

    Patchings has been described by The Artist Magazine as 'one of the foremost art centres in the country'. Restored farm buildings set within 60 acres contain art and craft galleries with monthly exhibition changes, art materials, framing and licensed restaurant. There is a range of resident artists working in textiles, pottery and various painting mediums.A full Art School programme for all levels and an annual 4-day Art and Craft Festival takes place each June.Patchings is open daily throughout the year apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day from 9.00am to 10.00pm. Free admission. Grounds are open

    Patchings Farm
    Patchings Farm, Calverton
    Phone: 0115 965 3479
    Portland Park and Visitor Centre

    The Visitor Centre, opened in October 1994, is an environmentally friendly building and a centre of excellence for energy conservation.
    As well as the outstanding walks within the Park the centre is an ideal starting point for the Three Centres Trail, plus the many other adjoining walks. The centre and many of the park's routes are accessible to wheelchairs, and an electric scooter is available for hire.

    Portland Park
    Lindleys Lane
    NG17 9AL  | View map
    All year, daily, dawn-dusk.
    Visitor Centre open Tue-Fri, 1000-1400, Sat, Sun, 0900-1500. Closed 25 Dec
    Tel: +44 (0) 1623 721617
    Fax: +44 (0) 1623 721412
    Rock City
    Rock City is a live rock venue in the heart of Nottingham, run by Daybrook House Promotions. With a capacity of 1900, the club is renowned for its intimate atmosphere. The likes of Def Leppard, U2, REM, Slipknot, Madness, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Nirvana and The Stone Roses have all performed here.
    Rock City
    8 Talbot Street, Nottingham,
    Nottinghamshire NG1 5GG
    Phone: +44 (0)871 3100 000  -  Fax: +44 (0)115 9418438
    Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum
    The museum is located in a unique restored 19th Century workshops, cottages and frameshops containing the collection of handframes, which can be seen working daily. There is also a working collection of circular sock machines on which you can try out your knitting skills. Experience the sight and sound of working machinery and gain a fascinating insight into the life and labour of a 19th Century framework knitting community.
    Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum
    Chapel Street, Ruddington, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG11 6HE
    Phone: +44 (0)115 984 6914
    Rushcliffe Country Park

    Set in the beautiful south Nottinghamshire countryside - about half a mile south of Ruddington - Rushcliffe Country Park is an ideal place to get away from it all. With a network of over 8 kilometres of footpaths, grassland, conservation and landscaped areas, the park is excellent for walking, jogging, cycling, spotting wildlife and exercising your dog (please don't forget your poop scoop!).Bring your family and a picnic and encourage your children to let off steam either by visiting the extensive play area, which has some 20 pieces of modern and exciting equipment, or simply use the open spaces to fly a kite.

    Rushcliffe Country Park
    Mere Way
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 921 5865
    St Barnabas church
    is the Roman Catholic cathedral just opposite the Albert Hall and Nottingham Playhouse. Walk to the top of Maid Marian Way and it is on your right at the bottom of Derby Road.
    St Barnabas

    St Mary's church,

     the largest in Nottingham, is one of the three city centre Anglican churches offering a range of forms of worship from formal to informal. This is Nottingham's mother church and was founded before the Doomsday Book. Look out for the leaning pillars! The colourful Lion and Unicorn at the back of the church show the long history of use for official celebrations. Robin Hood is said to have come to St Mary's to challenge The Sheriff. Much dates from the 15th century including the tower, vaulting and windows. The church is along High Pavement in the Lace Market area and close to the Galleries of Justice.

    St Mays

    St Nicholas church,
     re-build in 1673, is the least formal of the three churches and is the “Lively Evangelical church”. It may not be open during the week, but all are warmly welcomed on Sunday at 9.00am, 10.30 am and at 7.00 pm. The church is on Maid Marian Way, not far from the castle.
    The original church was demolished in the civil war to prevent Royalist troops firing on the castle from the tower.
    St Nicholas Churc
    79 Maid Marian Way,
    NG1 6AE
    email: office@stnics.org
    Telephone: +44 (0)115 952 4600
    Fax: +44 (0)115 952 4624
    St Peter's church
    is a mediaeval building in the middle of the main shopping area with its worldly bustle. The tower and spire date from the 14th century and the roof of the nave from 1480.
    St Peters

    St Peter's Square
    NG1 2NW
    VIEW Map-
     in the centre of Nottingham, next to Marks & Spencer's.
    Tel. 0115 948 3658
    Tales of Robin Hood
    Young outlaws love our exciting adventure ride with the sights and smells of Medieval England. Step back in time with Robin Hood, England’s best loved outlaw and his archenemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham. The days when good was good and evil were most foul. After the adventure try your hand at archery and brass rubbing or relax in the Greenwood café.
    Tales of Robin Hood
    30-38 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 6GF

    E-mail: enquiries@robinhood.uk.com

    Phone: +44 (0)1159 483284  -  Fax: +44 (0)1159 501536
    Trent River Cruises

    Trent River Cruises are the owners of ''The Trent Lady'', a riverboat that has graced the waters of the Trent since 1991. ''The Trent Lady'' sports two fully stocked bars with disabled access and is licensed to carry seventy-four passengers. This figure represents the maximum passengers we are permitted to carry but in the interest of comfort we recommend a maximum of between fifty to sixty five. It is our policy to ensure that any party of thirty-five or more is given exclusive use of the boat, but we do however reserve the right to mix parties below that number should we be required to do so. ''The Trent Lady'' is available 52 weeks of the year.

    Trent River cruises
    Trent Lane South, Colwick, Nottingham, NG2 4DS
    E-mail: info@trentcruising.com

    Tel: 0800 9521152

    Tumble Town, 

    Great fun but can get a bit crowded, especially when there are multiple birthday parties going on. They have a safety gate at the entrance so no little ones can escape - very good! Great for birthday parties too - great party bags for all children, present for the birthday child and staff take the children and play. They have a wide range of food and best of all no cleaning up - all for a great price. no worries!

    107 High Street,Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7DS Tel: 0115  967 1161
    fax: 0115 967 1161
    Wheatcroft Garden Centre
    The Wheatcroft Garden Centre is situated in the south of Nottingham on the A52 ring road.

    The Garden Centre has a great horticultural heritage and was formally operated by the world famous rose grower, Harry Wheatcroft's son, Christopher.The centre offers a unique gardening experience with an extensive range of gardening accessories, plants, furniture, barbecues, gifts and lifestyle ranges and our Gourmet range of locally sourced produce.

    Wheatcroft Garden Centre
    Landmere Lane
    NG12 4DE   | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 921 6061
    William Booth Memorial Complex
    Number 12 Notintone Place is the house where William Booth was born on 10 April 1829. The plan of NOTTINGHAM of 1827 (immediately on the right as you enter the museum) shows the three houses standing independently as they do today. In the 1830s they became part of a terrace of three-storey houses, which were eventually demolished in the city redevelopment schemes of the late 1960s. The three original houses, numbers 10,12 and 14, were retained and restored and the site around developed by The Salvation Army to include an elderly persons' home and a goodwill community centre, thus becoming a living memorial to the life and work of William Booth, Founder and first General of The Salvation Army.
    William Booth Memorial Complex
    14 Notintone Place
    Sneinton Road
    NG2 4QG | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 - 950 3927
    Fax: +44 (0) 115 - 959 8604
    Wollaton Hall

    Standing on a natural hill 3 miles west of Nottingham City Centre, Wollaton Hall is a flamboyant 16th century Robert Smythson building set within 500 acres of historic park. Wollaton Hall is one of the finest Elizabethan houses in England and is now home to Nottingham‚s Natural History Collection.The Hall holds the Natural History Museum whilst the Wollaton park 18th Century Stable is home to the Visitors Centre, Industrial Museum and the Yard Gallery. The Yard Gallery is a vibrant exhibition space with a changing programme for visual arts exhibitions exploring art, science and the environment.The park is home to a diversity of habitats and species. Where herds of free-roaming red and fallow deer. Visitors have the choice of a variety of walks or can simply stroll around the lake or relax in the formal gardens.

    Wolatton Hall
    Wollaton Park
    NG8 2AE | View map
    Tel: 0871 716 2146
    Woodthorpe Grange Park
    Woodthorpe Park is a park of horticultural excellence. A landscape rich in mature trees, ornamental gardens, historical features and enjoyable walks. Included in the attractions are the plant nursery, tropical house, herbaceous borders and picnic areas.

    Woodthorpe Grange
    Woodthorpe Drive
    off Mansfield Road
    NG5 4HA |  View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 115 915 2072
    Fax: +44 (0) 115 915 2084
    Yard Gallery
    A vibrant exhibition space with a changing programme of exhibitions exploring art and the environment with many nationally acclaimed exhibitions displayed since its debut exhibition in late 1996.

    Courtyard Buildings
    Wollaton Park
    NG8 2AE | View map
    E-mail : wollaton@ncmg.org.uk

    Tel: +44 (0) 115 - 9153900
     Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
    This is reputedly the oldest inn in England. The inn dates back to 1189 when the crusaders rested here en-route to the Holy Land. Serves drinks and food and is worth a visit.
    Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem
    Brewhouse Yard
    Nottingham England
    NG1 6AD

    The Trip (as it is known locally)
     is at the foot of Castle Rock in city centre
    Tel: 0115 947 3171.
    Ravenshead & Area
    Ravenshead is an affluent area of the East Midlands with higher than average property prices and diverse population of professional people, elderly people and skilled workers. Farming was the main occupation in the area until the arrival of the local shops and schools. The only other industry in Ravenshead was sand quarrying, the first of which was opened in 1919 for building sand for Nottingham and Hucknall. Present day occupants of Ravenshead tend to commute out to Mansfield or Nottingham, or are retired.

    The Hutt at Ravenshead

    Built opposite Newstead Abbey, the original building was recorded in 1400 as one of the Royal Huts put up in Sherwood Forest by King John, used to house the men patrolling the forest to protect the King's deer.A tunnel leading from the Hutt to Newstead Abbey was used during the late 17th Century and it is said that the ghost of a monk remains who travelled through the tunnel before being chained to a wall and left to perish!Today the Hutt is a pub and restaurant but still has traditional character and charm - a perfect place for those seeking refreshment and relaxation.

    Hutt at Ravenshead
    Nottingham Road, Ravenshead, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire  NG15 9HJ  
    Phone: 01623 792325
    Longdale Craft Centre
    Recreated Victorian Streets are the settings for the workshops at the craft centre in Ravenshead where you can observe artists working on a whole range of crafts. Longdale Craft Centre is reputedly Britain's oldest and first 'real' craft centre and has now become a craft centre of international reputation, incorporating workshops, a museum and a gallery. A gift shop and licensed restaurant are also available.

    Longdale Craft Centre
    Longdale Lane, Ravenshead
    Phone/fax: 01623 794858
    Newstead Abbey
    Newstead Abbey is a beautiful historic house converted from a monastery, set in extensive formal gardens and parkland. It is the former home of the poet Lord Byron, and many of his possessions can still be seen. We are off the main A60 between Nottingham and Mansfield. The grounds are open all year round (except the last Friday in November), and the house is closed in the a.m. and October-March.
    Newstead Abbey
    Newstead Abbey Historic House & Garden, Ravenshead,
    Nottinghamshire NG15 8NA


    Phone: +44 (0)1623 455900  -  Fax: +44 (0)1623 455904
    Retford & Area
    The ancient market town of Retford was granted its first charter (the right to hold a fair) by Henry III in 1246. This was extended by Edward I in 1275 to holding a Saturday market: a tradition that continues today. The town features fine Georgian buildings, a spacious square, and two theatres – the Little Theatre on Wharf Road and the Majestic on Coronation Street. The town played a remarkable part in the story of the Pilgrim Fathers, who fled to America in 1620 after being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Explore their story on the Mayflower Trail, a circular tour starting at nearby Babworth

    Retford Town Hall
    Tourist Offices
    40 Grove Street , Retford , DN22 6LD Tel: +44 (0) 1777 860 780   e: retford.tourist@bassetlaw.gov.uk 
     Visit Retford website

    Tel: +44 (0) 1777 860 780
    Children's Quad Bike, 4x4 and Apache Rally Karts parties - Yorkshire or UK wide. If you have space we visit you. Great Family Fun Days and Corporate Events where children are attending
      Eel Pie Farm, Markham Moor, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0QX, 
    Tel 0845 390 0845
    Tel 0845 390 0845
    North Leverton Windmill
    North Leverton Windmill was first built in 1813. Originally it started by being a very low tower to enable the common sails to have the cloth put on from the ground. Each sail was turned round to the bottom in turn. A major refit in 1884 lifted the tower several feet, and new patent sails and working parts were fitted into the cap now at it's higher present level. The three-storied mill is built of brick and coated with tar to keep out the weather.

    North Leverton Windmill
    North Leverton
    DN22 0AB | View map
    Some Sundays 2pm – 5pm

    Tel: +44 (0) 1427 880573
    Sundown Kiddies Adventureland (Pets Garden)
    This attraction is aimed at children up to the age of ten. Based on storybook characters with indoor and outdoor activities, it includes fairy castles, a witches cave and Father Christmas. Tractor, Train and Water Boat rides.
    Sundown Kiddies Adventureland
    Treswell Rd, Rampton, Retford,
    Nottinghamshire, DN22 0HX
    Tel: 01777 248274
    Wetlands Waterfowl and Exotic Bird Park

    Wetlands primary objective is to enable people of all ages to view and get close to animals they wouldn’t normally have the chance to see. Our 23-acre parkland also provides a fantastic location for a relaxing stroll in the countryside.

    Off Loundlow Road
    DN22 8SB | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 1777 818099
    Southwell & Area
    Southwell has many elegant Regency houses but its architectural jewel is the Minster church, boasting some of the best medieval stone carving in England. Just outside town is the Workhouse, an authentic 19th Century institution restored by the National Trust. Find out what life was really like for Victorian paupers in this starkly atmospheric building.
    Ironically for the location of an attraction about poverty, the Nottingham Evening Post recently declared Southwell Nottinghamshire’s millionaire capital. In fact, this prosperous small town of 6,000 has never been short of admirers. Lord Byron once claimed that “I shall never be so happy again as I was in old Southwell.” Centuries on, Sir John Betjeman reported that “the Georgian elegance of Southwell ensures that few small towns are as unspoilt.”
    Saracens Head where Charles 1 captured
    Tourist Offices

     The Minster Centre, Church Street, Southwell NG25 0HD 

    email: southwelltourism@btconnect.com

    Reg Taylor's Swan and Wildfowl Sanctuary
    Reg Taylor's Garden Centre
    Hill Farm Nurseries
    NG25 0PR | View map
    All year, Mon-Fri, 1000-1730, Sun, 1030-1630.
    Closed 18-21 Apr, 25,26 Dec.
    Tel: +44 (0) 1636 813184
    Fax: +44 (0) 1636 815407
    Southwell Leisure Centre
    At Southwell Leisure Centre our aim is to provide high quality, affordable leisure facilities in a welcoming and friendly environment.

    Whether you are a serious sports person, an occasional visitor or looking for family fun, Southwell Leisure Centre is the perfect place to visit.

    25m Main Pool with viewing area and  10m Teaching Pool
    Sauna (included with Swimming) and Sun Bed
    50 Station Fitness Suite
    4 Court multi-use Main Hall and nearby  Social Hall
    4 Squash Courts 
     House of Fun children's softplay area
    Shokk Gym for young people
    5 a side Synthetic Outdoor Pitch
    Southwell Leisure centre
    Nottingham Road
    NG25 0LG
    Location Map

    E-mail southwell@nsdc.info


    Telephone 01636 813000
    Fax 01636 816096
    Southwell Minster
    Although Christian worship has taken place on this site for over 1000 years the present Romanesque building celebrates its commencement 900 years ago in 2008. Southwell Minster became the Cathedral Church of the Diocese in 1884. As the Cathedral Church of Nottinghamshire it seeks to serve diverse communities from the farms of the Dukeries in the north, with mining and ex-mining towns, and in the south the colourful city of Nottingham with its industry, universities and teaching hospitals of international repute. This stunning place still brings visitors to their knees in wonder and awe to glimpse the glory of God.

    Southwell Minster
    The Minster Office
    Bishop's Drive
    NG25 0JP | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 1636 812649
    Fax: +44 (0) 1636 815904
    The Workhouse
    Atmospheric 19th-century workhouse

    The best-preserved workhouse in England -Explore the workshops and dormitories of this imposing early 'welfare' institution - Meet 19th-century inhabitants with our audio guide - Interactive displays chart poverty through the ages - Play 'The Master's Punishment' game

    The Workhouse
    Upton Road
    NG25 0PT t | View map
    Tel: +44 (0) 1636 817250
    Fax: +44 (0) 1636 817251
    Tel: +44 (0) 1636 817250
    Fax: +44 (0) 1636 817251
    Sutton-in-Ashfield & Area
    The area was first settled in Saxon times and the Saxon suffix "ton" means "an enclosure or fenced in clearing". The town appears in the Domesday Book as "Sutone". There are also documents from 1189 showing that Gerard, son of Walter de Sutton, gave two bovates of land and the church at Sutton to Thurgaton Priory.
    The main tourist attraction in Sutton-in-Ashfield, is the largest sundial in Europe. It is located in the middle of Portland Square, adjacent to the Idlewells Shopping Centre and Sutton Centre Community College. Another tourist attraction in Sutton-in-Ashfield is The Ashfield Show, held in August on Sutton Lawn, and includes everything from fairground rides, local businesses and services showing their presence, live music, classic cars and steam engines and much more.A further local attraction stands on the former site of Silverhill Colliery close to the scenic village of Teversal on the North West edge of Ashfield. The area has been transformed from the colliery to a woodland, which features several walks for all abilities and also features the highest point in Nottinghamshire. At the highest point stands a monument to all the miners whom have worked in the areas coalfields.
    Sutton in Ashfield

    Brierley Forest Park and Visitor Centre
    Brierley Forest Park Visitor Centre was opened in December 1999 and is located at the end of Skegby Road in Huthwaite.
    The Centre has full access for disabled people including free wheelchair hire. Information on some beautiful routes around the park suitable for wheelchair users is available.The Park, 100 hectares (250 acres), provides many trails, nature conservation areas, recreation facilities (such as a golf club and a football pitch), art and sculptures, and areas of local historical interest. The Park was launched in May 1994, marked by the pit wheels from Sutton colliery installed in the park.The most outstanding feature of Sutton colliery was the pit tip that smouldered and glowed red at night time. Buried deep under the spoil heap was Brierley Pond once alive with minnows, sticklebacks, newts, tadpoles and frogs. Take a walk up Rooley Lane towards the site of the old railway bridge and the former mine. The miners would walk this route each day up to Sutton Colliery.
    Brierley Forest
    Skegby Road
    NG17 2PL   | View map
     1 Apr-30 Sep, daily, 1100-1600
    1 Oct-31 MAr, 1100-1500.
    Closed 25 Dec 
    Tel: +44 (0) 1623 550172
    Kings Mill
     is a large reservoir and area of natural beauty on the Sutton-in-Ashfield and Mansfield border.A medieval mill pond expanded in the 1830s it acted as a head of water for a dozen mills along the River Maun, along with water meadows several miles away. It is now a spectacular wildfowl sanctuary with a pleasant 1.5 mile walk around the perimeter.
    The newly opened visitor centre offers refreshments, exhibitions and toilet facilities in an idyllic location. Kings Mill is home to the Sutton-in-Ashfield Sailing Club and The Mill Adventure Base for young people (contact 01623 556110 for The Mill). The area is a birdwatchers paradise being abundant with a wide variety of land and water species, but don’t forget to look at all other aspects of the outstanding natural history alongside the walks. At the northern end of the reservoir you will discover England’s oldest railway viaduct.
    Kings Mill is the start of the Timberland Trail and overlaps on the Maun Valley Trail both of which present walkers with idyllic settings, including several heritage ponds along the river.
    Kings mill Reservoir
    Sutton-in-Ashfield Sailing Club
    Kings Mill Reservoir
    Tel : 01623 559605
    Sutton Leisure Centre
    A diverse centre providing facilities such as a fitness suite, indoor bowls hall, ice rink, and Sutton's only theatre. Also home to Sutton Community College.
    Sutton Leisure Centre
    Sutton Leisure Centre
    High Pavement,
    Nottingham NG17 1EE

    Tel:01623 457 700
    Teversal Trails Visitor Centre
    The Visitor Centre first opened in 1993, and has wheelchair access to the centre, the toilets, and parts of the trail.The Teversal Trail Visitors Centre is located at an ideal access point to the Pleasley Trails network and other walks,offering a wide variety of local information on both the trails and other attractions in Nottinghamshire. There is ample free parking directly outside the Centre, and the extensive surrounding grassland areas are ideal for picnics and recreation.
    Thieves Wood Visitor Centre
    Carnarvon Street
    NG17 3HJ | View map
     1 Apr-30 Sep, daily, 1100-1600, exept Tue 1100-1500
    1 Oct-31 Mar, daily, 1100-1500.
    Closed 25 Dec
    Tel: +44 (0) 1623 442021

    Thieves Wood Visitor Centre

    Hundreds of years ago trees from these woods provided timber for the construction of Nottingham Castle. Since that time they have virtually remained untouched until 1976 when the violent storms destroyed thousands of mature trees. A large scale replanting followed this disaster in subsequent years and acres of woodlands were gradually replenished
    Thieves Wood Visitor Centre Thieves' Wood car-park is 12 miles north of Nottingham on the Mansfield Road (A60). Before entering Mansfield, take the Kirkby road shortly after Newstead Abbey. After 500 metres turn right into the B6139 (Coxmoor Road) and park in the first car park, on the right, or the second, on the left.

    Thrumpton Hall

    Ideally situated for easy access, Thrumpton Hall is an exquisite Jacobean stately home 4 miles from Nottingham East Midlands Airport.Tranquil and elegant, Thrumpton retains the magical atmosphere of a private family home. Flexible and friendly, the Thrumpton team are ready to help advise you on how to make the most of it.

    Thrumpton Hall
    Thrumpton Hall
    NG11 0AX
    Tel: 0795 855 6442
    Worksop & Area

    Believed to have been in existence since Anglo Saxon times, this unique market town in the north of Nottinghamshire is aptly dubbed the ‘gateway to the Dukeries’. This influence is even reflected in the town centre. At Bridge Street and Bridge Place – the heart of Worksop’s thriving retail community – coloured stone is set into the paving on the pedestrian streets, depicting the local heraldic crests. There is also a paved maze featuring a heraldic lion and unicorn, giving the town a sense of real historical character.The Augustian Priory of St Cuthbert and St Mary was founded in 1103 and the surviving part consists of the nave, western front and twin towers, built in the late 12th century.


    Tourist Offices
     Worksop Library , Memorial Avenue , Worksop , S80 2BP    worksop.tourist@bassetlaw.gov.uk


    Tel: +44 (0) 1909 501 148e:
    Clumber Park
    One of the largest country parks in Europe, covering over 3800 acres, Clumber Park was once the seat of the Dukes of Newcastle-under-Lyme. The grand house built in 1770 was demolished in 1938, though the stable block (now used as a café), walled garden and dramatic gothic chapel remain. The National Trust now owns the estate and, through a careful management programme, ensures that the diverse landscape of heathland, woods and parkland is preserved for the public. Highlights of the Estate include the vast lake and the beautiful 'Lime Tree Avenue' - a sight not to be missed in Autumn.

    Clumber Park
    S80 3AZ | View map
     All year, daily, dawn-dusk.
    Closed 25,26 Dec.

    Tel: +44 (0) 1909 - 476592
    Fax: +44 (0) 1909 - 500721
    Creswell Crags Visitor Centre
    Creswell Crags is a limestone gorge honeycombed with caves and smaller fissures. Stone tool and remains of animals found in the caves by archaeologists provides evidence for a fascinating story of life during the last Ice Age between 50,000 and 10,000 years ago. Creswell Crags was among the most northerly places on earth to have been visited by our ancient ancestors, a story that is unique on a European and World scale. All of the caves are protected by metal grills to preserve the rare archaeological deposits that remain inside. At the east end of the gorge is the Museum and Education Centre. The gorge is part of the Creswell Heritage Landscape Area.

    Cresswell Crags
    Crags Road
    S80 3LH | | View map
     1 Feb-31 Oct, daily, 1030-1630
    1 Nov-31 Jan, Sun, 1030-1630
    Tel: +44 (0) 1909 720378
    Fax: +44 (0) 1909 724726
    Harley Gallery

    The award-winning Harley Gallery has a national reputation for excellence and innovation. Situated on the Ducal estate of Welbeck in North Nottinghamshire, this free entry venue offers a unique mix of contemporary exhibitions, craft shop and museum.The diverse programme of events and exhibitions includes displays of contemporary craft, visual art, photography and design; Christmas Art Market, Open Studio Days; Lectures and Practical Workshops, aiming to appeal to all audiences from family groups to those with specialist interests.Additional attractions on site include The Lime House cafe with its sleek interior and stylish menu, The Portland Collection of fine and decorative arts on show in the Harley Museum and work for sale by leading British craftspeople in the Harley Craft Shop.

    Harley Gallery
    S80 3LW |  | View map
     1 Feb-24 Dec, Tue-Sun, Bank Hol Mon, 1000-1700.

    Tel: +44 (0) 1909 501700
    Fax: +44 (0) 1909 488747
    Hodsock Priory Gardens

    Hodsock Priory is the home of Sir Andrew and Lady Buchanan. The 5 acre garden and adjacent 12 acre wood are uniquely only open in the winter with a magnificent display of carpets of snowdrops, hellebores and many other winter flowering plants and shrubs.

    S81 0TY |  View map
    Feb - Mar for 5 weeks only

    Tel: +44 (0)1909 591 204
    Fax: +44 (0)1909 591 578
    Mr Straw's House
    Fascinating 1920's tradesman’s home. This modest semi-detached Edwardian house was the family home of well-to-do grocers William and Florence Straw from 1923. It is remarkable because the Straws’ two sons preserved it almost unaltered till it came to the National Trust in 1990. The interior with its 1920s wallpaper, heavy Victorian furniture and household objects provides a rare glimpse into interwar middle-class life.
    Mr Straws House
    7 Blyth Grove, Worksop, S81 0JG
    Tel: 01909 482380
    E-mail: mrstrawshouse@nationaltrust.org.uk

    Tel: 01909 482380

    Worksop Priory and Gatehouse

    Priory church dating back to 1103 with 14th century Gatehouse. Nottinghamshire County Council regularly gives advice and has a close involvement here.

    Worksop Priory
    Worksop Priory Church of Our Lady and St. Cuthbert Priorswell Road
    Priory open Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday 9.00-12.00 and open daily for service.

    Tel: +44 (0)1909 472180
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    A Horse my kingdom for a horse

    Campsites in Nottinghamshire


    The Anchor Inn Certificated Site
    he site owners have advised that this is a club member only site

    80 Main Street
    NG14 7EU
    Tel: 01159 663291
      Borrowside Farm Calverton

    The site owners have advised that this is a club member only site

    Bonner Hill
    Tel: 01158 418118
    Carlton Manor Caravan Park
    Ossington Road
    Carlton on Trent
    NG23 6NU
    Tel: 01530 835662

    Clumber Park
    There's a great feeling of spaciousness here, for the site is on 20 acres within 4000 acres of parkland where you can walk, cycle or ride. The Site has a popular play area and enjoys an attractive setting surrounded by woodland. Children will enjoy Clumber Park as it is part of what was once Sherwood Forest, and there are plenty of reminders of the Forest's most famous resident, Robin Hood. Call at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, 10 miles drive from the site, to find out all about him, and to see the Great Oak where he is said to have hidden, and then visit Nottingham to experience a most imaginative audio/visual exhibition called 'The Tales of Robin Hood'. You are involved in scenes including a horse ride and a rescue - the children love it. http://www.caravanclub.co.uk/Planning+Your+trip/UK+Trips/Site+Search+and+Book/Club+Sites/Site+Detail.htm?csid=CLUMBER+PARK
    Clumber Park
    Lime Tree Avenue
    Clumber Park
    S80 3AE
    Tel: 01909 484758
    Greenacres Camping and Caravan Site
    Lincoln Road
    NG22 0JN 
    | View map
    01777 870264
    Hallcroft - Retford
    Hallcroft is situated on the outskirts of the old Market Town of Retford which is located close to Sherwood Forest in the county of Nottinghamshire, the home of Robin Hood.There are many attractions to visit within a comfortable driving distance and apart from the fishing on site there are golf courses a short drive away. There is plenty of open space on the site for touring vans or tents.There are electric hook-up points which are situated within 50yds of Reed Pool and 100 yds of Moat Pool. Hardstanding hook-up points are also available.http://www.hallcroftfishery...
    Hallcroft Hallcroft Road
    East Retford
    DN22 7RA
    01777 710448

    Heronbrook Certified Location Cotgrave

    The site owners have advised that this is a club member only site

    Peashill Lane
    NG12 3HD | View map
    Tel: 0115 989 9285
    Lakeside Touring Caravans
    The Chestnuts
    NG23 7DL
    Tel: 01522 703412

    Landmere Camping and Caravan Park

    Situated along the banks of the River Trent, this beautifully scenic camping and caravan site is the ideal place to take a break. Offers fabulous country walks yet close to the city for a day's shopping. Landmere Camping and Caravan Park is an ideal place to take the family and friends. Recently modernised with all the facilities you would expect from a modern camping and caravan site. * Clean and modern shower/toilet facilities * Kids indoor and outdoor play areas * A lovely shop selling local produce from nearby farms This 8 acre site is open from April to October and easily found once entering Nottingham

    Landmere Camping and Caravan Park

    Landmere Lane,
    NG11 6LA

    T:084 5009 3911
    Little Acres Newark

    A Caravan Club Certificated Location. 5 vans with electric (10 amp). Newark is very well sited with links along the A46 to Nottingham/Leicester and Lincoln, with the A1 North and South.The CL is about 5 minutes travelling time from the A1.Fishing on the Upper Witham in season, adjacent to site. Hard standing area with water and electric (10amp) Also flat lawned paddock with electric and water. NO TOILET/ SHOWER BLOCK.  http://www.little-acres.co.uk/
    Little Acres
    Mill Lane
    NG23 5AH | View map
    Tel: 01636 626337
    Manor Farm Caravan Site
    Manor Farm
    NG11 0AX
    Tel: 0115 9830341

    Manor House Caravan Park

    RETFORD Manor House Caravan Park
    DN22 0NJ  | View map
    01777 228428

    Manton Forest Farm
    Clumber Park
    S80 3AX
    Tel: 01909 472717

    Milestone Caravan Park

    Our site is a pleasant, level, landscaped 20-acre park set in the heart of Robin Hood Country. The landscaping has been sympathetically done and encourages a huge variety of wildlife into the park. We have a number of well established mature trees and we are continually planting to extend the large range of wild flowers making the site an enjoyable experience for the naturalist. Walking, cycling and fishing are pastimes well catered for and can be followed by excellent refreshments served at local country pubs and restaurants.http://www.milestonepark.co.uk

    North Road NR NEWARK Milestone Caravan Park
    NG23 6JE
      | View  map
    01636 821244

    Moor Farm

    Moor Lane
    Calverton, Nottingham, NG14 | View map
    0115 965 2426
    National Water Sports Centre Nottingham

    Set in a Country Park at the National Water Sports Centre http://www.nationalwaterspo...

    Holme Pierrepont
    NG12 2LU | View map
    Tel: 0115 9821212
    New Hall Farm Edingley

    New Hall Farm Touring Park - a 25 pitch easy access caravan site on a working stock farm. Well elevated and spacious with panoramic views across open rolling countryside http://www.newhallfarm.co.uk/
    New Hall Farm
    New Hall Lane
    NG22 8BS | View map
    Tel: 01623 883 041
    Orchard Park Touring Caravan & Camping Park Tuxford

    Situated in a quiet unspoilt location, on the outskirts of the old market town of Tuxford, Orchard Park is just one and a half miles away from the main A1 trunk road, making it an excellent overnight stop, or base for visiting the many attractions around Sherwood Foresthttp://webpro.touchnottingh...
    Orchard Park
    Marnham Road
    NG22 0PY |  View map
    Tel: 01777 870228
    Redbrick House Hotel Mansfield Woodhouse Redbrick House
    Peafield Lane
    Mansfield Woodhouse
    NG20 0EW | View map
    Tel: 01623 846499

    Red Hill

    Redhill Marina offers you a friendly and thoroughly professional boating service at the heart of the East Midlands waterway network that ranges from riverside and marina mooring to chandlery, marine storage, boat hire and boat sales.But waterway navigation is only part of Redhill Marina’s potential attractions - you may choose to stay in our caravan and camping park, rent a residential mooring, invest in a superb riverside village home or even select one of our building plots to construct your dream lifestyle from scratch.For more information please contact us on 01509 672770 or email mark@redhill-marine.co.uk http://www.redhill-marina.co.uk/

    Ratcliffe On Soar
    NG11 0EB | View map
    Tel: 01509 672770
    Riverdale Park Gunthorpe
    Gunthorpe Bridge
    NG14 7EY | View map
    Tel: 01332 810818

    Riverside Caravan Park

    Riverside Caravan Park, known locally as Worksop cricket club, is set in the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside and offers a peaceful location for those wishing to explore the area. This picturesque, family friendly park accomodates approximately 60 level, mixed caravan and camping pitches on a riverside location with good on site facilities. As well as the superb surrounding countryside, there are many local places of interest worth visiting, including Newark Castle, Sherwood Forest and Clumber Park. Fishing is also available in the adjacent canal.

    Riverside Caravan Park Worksop Cricket Club
    Central Avenue
    S80 1ER | View map
    Tel: 01909 474118
    Sawley Marina Caravan Park
    Long Eaton
    NG10 3AE
    Tel: 0115 973 4278

    The Shannon Caravan & Camping Park

    The Shannon Caravan & Camping Park is set in open countryside. All pitches are level and measure 8m x 12m and are on hard standing with electric hook-up. It is a well-equipped site with a modern toilet block and good facilities throughout. There is a separate area for tents and we now have small holiday caravans for rent. We are situated 0.5m from Ollerton and on the edge of the village of Wellow and in the middle of Robin Hood country. Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, Rufford Park, Clumber Park, Newark and Nottingham are all within easy reach. DIRECTIONS: From the A1, take the A614 signposted Nottingham. At Ollerton roundabout turn onto the A616 signposted Ollerton. At the next roundabout turn right on the A616 signposted Newark. The site is 1 mile on the left.
    The Shannon Caravan & Camping Park Wellow Road
    NG22 9AP | View map
    Tel: 01623 869002
    Shardaroba Caravan Park Teversal

    This caravan park is set in six acres of beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside and offers the opportunity to explore, or simply relax.

    Silverhill Lane
    NG17 3JJ |  View map
    Tel: 01623 551838
    Shelford Nurseries Caravan Park
    Only 12 miles or 20 minutes to the Newark Showground so ideal for the UK Motorhome and Caravan Spring Fair on 15th & 16th of March
    A small park in a traditional farming village.Campers enjoy the wildlife and the peace and quiet that is still only 8 miles from Nottingham.
    We have two hard standings and 9 hook ups. A small shower block with free hot showers and unlimited bird song.Shelford is small quiet and peaceful, a traditional farming village. There is a playing field on West Street with a childrens play area and football goal. There is a pub, at the other end of the village, The Earl of Chesterfield serving drinks.
    Shelford Hill, Shelford
    NG12 1ED 
    | View map
    Tel: 0115 933 3433

    Sherbrooke Scout Camp

    Sherbrooke is a District Site belonging to Central Notts. Scout Association. It comprises of approximately 25 acres of undulating open grassland. The campsite is situated just off the B6386 to the A614 due north of Calverton Village, Nottinghamshire. Adjoining the Campsite is a 5-Acre Wood, which can be used for a variety of activities such as Walking, Tracking, Wide Games, Bird Watching and Nature Studies.
    We have camping areas that cater for Patrol, Troop, Group and District events with plenty of space for activities. If you have visited Sherbrooke before and have a favourite camping area, this can be reserved on a first come first serve basis.

    Sherbrooke Scout Camp NG14 6HP

    Sherwood Forest Caravan Park,

    Landscaped along the Maun Valley in the heart of Robin Hood country over 25 years ago, this secluded site offers the perfect venue for an overnight stay, a quiet weekend, or a longer holiday.http://www.sherwoodforestca...

    NG21 9HW
    | View map
    01623 823132
    Smeatons Lakes- Newark
    Situated just outside the historic market town of Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, Smeaton‚s Lakes is the ideal place for your fishing and touring needs.Opened in 1996, this family run business has gone from strength to strength. Set in 80 acres, the site is open all year round, with the security and service that CCTV and a resident warden providehttp://www.smeatonslakes.co...
    Great North Road
    Newark, Notts
    NG23 6ED
    | View map
    Tel:01636 605088

    Tall Trees Park - Mansfield

    Old Mill Lane Forest Town Mansfield
    NG19 0JP
    0162 326 503
    Teversal Camping And Caravanning Club Site
    Set in six acres of beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside, Teversal is situated in the East Midlands on the Notts / Derbys border, enjoying a tranquil atmosphere which becomes evident as soon as you enter the park.Adjacent to the camp site is a recently developed country park featuring footpaths, bridlepaths and an ideal family picnic area where hundreds of trees have been planted and if you walk to the top of the hill you will reach the highest point in Nottinghamshire, where on a clear day it is possible to see five counties.On-site facilities include Summer and Winter seasonal pitches, hard standings as well as grass, electric hook-up points, prestine toilet and shower blocks and calor gas sales. All our pitches are well spaced out and are within easy reach of water and refuse bins.http://www.siteseeker.co.uk/siteseeker/aspx/details.aspx?id=9015
    Teversal Caravan Park
    Silverhill Lane
    NG17 3JJ
    Tel: 01623 551838

    Thornton's Holt Camping Park Radcliffe-on-Trent

    Thornton's Holt occupies 14.5 acres of attractive pasture land at Stragglethorpe - a scattered hamlet of farms and cottages situated about 3 and half miles south east of Nottingham, between the villages of Radcliffe-On-Trent and Cotgrave.The location is ideal for campers wishing to enjoy the charms of the Trent Valley, the Vale of Belvoir and Sherwood Forest, or the cultural and recreational attractions of Nottingham.
     The camping area occupies about eleven and a half acres of sheltered, landscaped, level grassland and orchards.It has normal capacity of 155 caravans or tents which result in a density of about 14 pitches per acre.

    Thorntons Holt
    Stragglethorpe Road
    NG12 2JZ   | View map
    Tel: 01159332125
    Tophouse Farm Nottingham

    Set in rural Nottinghamshire, yet only 5 miles from Nottingham City Centre, Tophouse Farm Caravan Club CL is a back to basics haven. The site is a two-third acre flat, well-drained grass site with five pitches and 360 degree rural views. Access is through a 25 ft wide gateway off a privately owned tarmac lane. This quiet CL is surrounded by farmland and overlooks horse paddocks to two sides with magnificent views of the recently converted Victorian Bestwood Pumping Station, now comprising private fitness facilities with public bar and restaurant just 600 yards away. Local facilities include riding stables, Bestwood Country Park, local walks, Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak. Historic sites include Newstead Abbey, former home to Lord Byron, Chatsworth House, and Rufford and Clumber Parks. The site is ideal for those wishing to visit students at the acclaimed Nottingham University, and the National Water Sports Centre is just 7 miles away. Rallies Welcome.www.caravancampingsites.co.uk/nottinghamshire...
    Tophouse Farm
    Lamins Lane
    Mansfield Road
    NG5 8PH | View map
    Tel: 01159 670089
    Trentfield Farm Camp Site Retford

    Trentfield Farm Camping and Caravanning. A small, professionally run and friendly camping and caravan site servicing the needs of both national and international visitors. We are ideally situated for visiting the World Famous area of Sherwood Forest, The Cathedral City of Lincoln, Beautiful Clumber and Rufford Parks and the surrounding areas.http://www.trentfield.co.uk/
    http://www.merciatouristboard.org.uk/Trentfield Farm Camp
    Church Laneham
    DN22 0NJ | View map
    Tel: 01777 228651
    Kirklington Robin Hood View Park 01623 870361 map
    Mansfield Bridleways Holiday Homes (Statics only) 01623 635725 map
    Newark Wildwood Touring Park 01522 778806 map
    Worksop Clumber Park Camping & Caravanning Club Site 01909 482303 map
    prepared by Lance Publications, Park House, Park Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3DL
    email: info@showmans-directory.co.uk  website: www.showmans-directory.co.uk
    The full  Directory is available from them.This section is included in memory of the late Alec Davey of R.Bromley & Co. Ltd- the wine  merchants, to commemorate his 25 years entertaining all at the major events (1962-1987). Read about him CLICK HERE
    Alec Davey

    Sammy Gee
    A Horse my kingdom for a horse













    Long Eaton Park Croquet Club
    West Park Leisure Centre
    Wilsthorpe Rd
    Long Eaton
    NG10 4AA
    0115 9461 400
    Lawns: 1 website
    Nottingham Croquet Club
    Croquet Pavilion
    University Park
    University Boulevard
    NG7 2QH
    0115 925 3664
    Lawns: 5
    Southwell Croquet Club
    Arthur Radcliffe Sports Pavili
    Cooks Lane
    Morton cum Fiskerton
    Southwell, Notts
    NG25 0UT
    01636 831026
    Lawns: 3
    Free Fishing UK 
    If you are looking for a bit of Free Fishing
    in the UK Click on Picture to left


    Mercia Golf
    National County Card
    Buy a National County Card Here
    Benefits for Golfers

        * Play over 1,000 courses at the members' guest rate or similar.
        * Get discounts at some of the top clubs - discounts that are often not available via any other scheme.
        * Support your Club - when you join, your golf club also receives £5* which can go towards either keeping membership fees lower or club development.
        * No more outlay on discount vouchers.
        * Full year card member benefits for only £24.95.
        * Our portfolio of clubs from all over the world is increasing daily.
        * Help golf clubs get more quality visitors and members and entice 'nomad' golfers to become full golf club members.

    Offas You Cant Refuse                       
    Sammy Gee
    A Horse my kingdom for a horse

    Beeston Fields,
    Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 3DD

    Brierley Forest,
    Main Street, Huthwaite, Sutton-in-Ashfield, NG17 2LG

    Bulwell Forest,
    Hucknall Road, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 9LQ

    Chilwell Manor,
    Meadow Lane, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 5AE

    College Pines,
    Worksop College Drive, Sparken Hill, Worksop, S80 3AP

    Cotgrave Place G&CC,
    Stragglethorpe, Nr Cotgrave Village, Cotgrave, NG12 3HB

    Coxmoor Road, Sutton-in-Ashfield, NG17 5LF

    Edwalton, Nottingham, Edwalton, Nottingham, NG12 4AS

    Hucknall Golf Centre,
    formerly Leen Valley Golf Centre,
    Wigwam Lane, Hucknall,
    NG15 7TA

    Kilton Forest,
    Blyth Road, Worksop, S81 0TL

    Mansfield Woodhouse,
    Leeming Lane North, Mansfield Woodhouse, NG19 9EU

    Central Avenue, Plains Road, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG3 5RH

    Coddington, Newark, NG24 2QX

    Norwood Park,
    Norwood Park, Southwell, NG25 0PF

    Nottingham City,
    Lawton Drive, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8BL

    Hollinwell, Kirby-in-Ashfield, NG17 7QR

    Oakmere Park,
    Oaks Lane, Oxton, NG25 0RH

    Dewberry Lane, Cropwell Road, Radcliffe-on-Trent,
    NG12 2JH

    Ramsdale Park Golf Centre,
    Oxton Road, Calverton, NG14 6NU

    Brecks Road, Ordsall, Retford, DN22 7UA

    Ruddington Grange,
    Wilford Road, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6NB

    Rufford Park Golf & Country Club, Rufford Lane, Rufford, Newark, NG22 9DG

    Stocking Lane, East Leake, Loughborough, LE12 5RL

    Serlby Park,
    Serlby, Doncaster, DN10 6BA

    Sherwood Forest,
    Eakring Road, Mansfield, NG18 3EW

    Southwell Racecourse, Rolleston, Newark, NG25 0TS

    Moor Lane, Calverton, Nottingham, NG14 6FZ

    Golf Road,
    Stanton-on-the-Wolds, Nottingham, NG12 5BH

    Trent Lock Golf Centre,
    Lock Lane, Sawley, Long Eaton, NG10 2FY

    Wollaton Park,
    Wollaton Park,
    Nottingham, NG8 1BT

    Windmill Lane,
    Worksop, S80 2SQ

    Tennis & Raquet Clubs in Nottinghamshire

    Nottinghamshire LTA
    Tennis in Robin Hood's County
    Grantham [Lincs]

    City of Nottingham
    Boots Athletic The Park
    David Lloyd Nottingham Aspley
    Edge Highfields | Total Tennis site 
    Magdala Mapperley Park
    Mapperley Park
    Nottingham Tennis Centre Highfields | Total Tennis site

    The Park [formerly Nottingham]
    Vernon Park CTC Basford
    Wollaton Village

    Burton Joyce
    David Lloyd West Bridgford | Total Tennis site
    East Bridgford

    Keyworth & District
    Lady Bay [formerly West Bridgford Royal British Legion]
    Mansfield | Total Tennis sit

    Musters West Bridgford | Total Tennis site
    Sutton Bonington & District
    Upper Saxondale
    West Bridgford
    Wheatley North Wheatley

    Some Famous Mercians From Nottinghamshire
    Alan Sillitoe Alister Hardy Arthur Mee Catherine Gore Christopher Dean D. H. Lawrence Dale Winton
    Denzil Holles Donald Pleasence Doug Scott Frank Cousins George Green Godfrey Hounsfield Graham Taylor
    Harold Larwood Harold Shipman Henry Ireton Jayne Torvill Jesse Boot John Blow John Ogdon
    John Pye John Robinson Marshall Hall Paul Sandby Richard Beckinsale Richard Bonington Robert Lowe
    Samuel Butler Su Pollard Thomas Cranmer Thomas Sandby Thomas W Robertson Tom Browne Viv Anderson
    William Booth Lord Byron Henry Kirke White Robert Harris John Bird Leslie Crowther David Pleat
    Kenneth Clarke Stella Rimington Andy Cole Steve Hodge Stuart Broad Jermaine Jenas Samantha Morton




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